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Key Disney Executives Agree To Take Salary Cuts During Coronavirus Outbreak

Along with announcing their temporary pay cuts, Bob Chapek also told the other executives to continue taking the necessary precautions to help flatten the coronavirus curve, which includes working from home, social distancing and frequently washing one’s hands. Chapek concluded the email by expressing gratitude for the employees’ “dedication and resilience” during this difficult time, and he’s hopeful that those at the The Walt Disney Company will “come through this crisis stronger than before.”

Sam Smith Delays Third Studio Album, Says Timing ‘Doesn’t Feel Right’

Sorry, Sam Smith fans, but it looks like you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for the singer’s highly anticipated third studio album, which was previously scheduled for release on May 1, 2020. Smith took to Instagram this morning (March 30) to share the news, explaining that the title and release date no longer “feel right” given the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic around the world.

Smith began their note by wishing their followers well as we navigate this very confusing and uncertain time. “Firstly I want to send love and strength to everyone who has been affected by this situation,” they wrote. “I hope you are all alright during this incredibly weird, upsetting and unprecedented time.”

But like so many of us, Smith has had a lot of time to think recently — especially about his upcoming LP. “I have done a lot of thinking the last few weeks and feel that the time of my album and imminent release doesn’t feel right,” they continued. “I have come to the decision to continue working on the album and make some important changes and additions.”

While it remains unclear exactly what changes, if any, will be made to the actual music, Smith revealed that the title and release date are both being adjusted. “I will be renaming my album and pushing back the release date — both of which are to be confirmed at this time,” they added. “Don’t worry though, there will be an album this year, I promise!” The album was originally titled To Die For.

Smith also reassured fans that the delay on the full album doesn’t mean they won’t be getting new music before it officially drops. “Until then I am still going to bring out some new music over the next few months, which I’m incredibly excited about,” they wrote before signing off. “Thank you for always being by my side and for your understanding and patience. I always want to do right by you. Always.”

So far, Smith hasn’t revealed the new album title or its release date. But in such uncertain times, it’s nice to know that the album will be out sometime this year — even if it’s a little later than expected.

The Backstreet Boys Singing ‘I Want it That Way’ From Their Homes Is the Only Good Celeb Coronavirus Video

Social distance. Quarantine. The six-feet rule. Isolation. We’re so far apart from each other these days.

But no matter the distance, the Backstreet Boys want you to know, they will do what it takes to reach your heart. Including getting on Zoom.

Oh my thank god, they’re back again: The iconic boy band reunited to perform “I Want It That Way” from their five respective homes for iHeartRadio’s Living Room Concert for America, which aired on Fox on Sunday night, March 29.

The event, hosted by Elton John, did two important things: It raised money for Feeding America and for First Responders Children’s Foundation, and it modeled how celebrities can best release music videos during a pandemic.

Here are some best practices, as demonstrated by the Backstreet Boys: Show off your actual talents, directly raise money for a cause, invoke nostalgia, and just be honest if you live in a mansion with a giant pool.

As many celebrities are taking this time to rebrand as vloggers [LINK], a capella singers [LINK], and talkshow hosts [LINK], the Backstreet Boys gave us what we really wanted: a brief window back into the time when we were young and free and didn’t have the CDC’s website bookmarked on our phones. This is public service.

We open on Brian, who seems thrilled to see us. He lives in a home that has been decorated like a cruise ship ballroom and is dressed like he just woke up on a snow day. Later, he shows us his corner devoted to pinball machines. Personally, I forgive Brian for being richer than me, since he is using his wealth so charmingly.

Brian’s screen moves over to reveal AJ, who’s wearing a hat indoors. Good for you, AJ! We all need to take our small comforts where we can get them. Throughout the video, he takes us on a tour through his home. First we see a grand piano, and then a room with giant wall art and a child’s-size kitchenette, and then a closet full of luxury sneakers. Why has the concert to raise funds for Americans in need affected by coronavirus taken us to a 42-year-old’s walk-in sneaker closet? I don’t know, but I sure am glad it has.

Kevin really, really wants us to see his framed picture of a peace sign, which gives way to a fireplace so fancy that it is just a thin column of flame shooting out of an exposed brick wall.

How Much Money Theater Groups Are Devoting To Aid Struggling Theater Employees

Certainly, your average movie theater employee isn’t making a great deal of money in the job, and regardless of how much anybody working at a theater makes, the loss of that income entirely is almost certainly going to hurt. Theaters are going to want to keep as much of their staff as possible, having to train new people when theaters are able to open again is only going to add expenses and slow things down, but without income from ticket and concession sales, it’s going to be tough for many theaters to pay employees, even if they want to do so.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Originally Gave Leia Another Fight

While it ultimately wasn’t explored in the film, Leia’s conflict with her status as Darth Vader’s daughter has been depicted in novels and comics. Having some of this play out in the films, though, would have been a bold move. As previously stated, Leia was well liked among her peers in the rebellion, so having someone take issue with her connection to Darth Vader may have thrown her for a loop. This also could have had some serious effects on her psyche that could have been great for the late Carrie Fisher to play out on the big screen.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Just Shared Their Final Instagram Post

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have just about waved farewell to every aspect of their senior royal duties. They’ve wrapped up their final engagements and moved across the pond. Now, they’re saying goodbye to one last tether: their Sussex Royal Instagram account. (This, no doubt, is probably because of restrictions they now have on using the word royal in their professional endeavors.)

On March 30, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (yes, that’s still their titles, but you can just call him Harry) posted their final message on to IG. It’s worth noting that the comments have been disabled, likely with the knowledge that fans would have a very strong reaction.

“As we can all feel, the world at this moment seems extraordinarily fragile. Yet we are confident that every human being has the potential and opportunity to make a difference—as seen now across the globe, in our families, our communities and those on the front line—together we can lift each other up to realize the fullness of that promise,” the message, directly from the duke and duchess, began. “What’s most important right now is the health and wellbeing of everyone across the globe and finding solutions for the many issues that have presented themselves as a result of this pandemic.”

“As we all find the part we are to play in this global shift and changing of habits, we are focusing this new chapter to understand how we can best contribute,” they continued. “While you may not see us here, the work continues.”

They closed the statement by thanking their followers and promising they will be back in a new way, shortly. Of course, they didn’t say exactly when or how. “Thank you to this community—for the support, the inspiration and the shared commitment to the good in the world. We look forward to reconnecting with you soon. You’ve been great,” they wrote. “Until then, please take good care of yourselves, and of one another.” The couple signed the post simply, “Harry and Meghan.”

And for those of you, like Donald Trump, wondering what the couple’s move to Los Angeles means for the United States, they will not be requesting any special treatment from the U.S. government for security purposes.

“A spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex says they have no plans to ask the U.S. government for security resources,” royal correspondent Rhiannon Millshave tweeted on March 29. “Privately funded security arrangements have been made.”

Looks like they’re just your friendly, neighborhood Meghan and Harry now.

Zack Snyder Explains Batman V Superman’s Infamous Martha Scene

It’s a scene that divided audiences, but you can certainly see Zack Snyder’s comments reflected in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As Batman lifts his kryptonite spear to destroy Superman, he calls out for Martha. The Dark Knight sees vision of his own mother’s death in that moment, revealing himself to be the killer in this scenario. It’s exactly the wake up call Batman needed, and allows for the two heroes to eventually team up alongside Wonder Woman.

Everlane Sale: 16 Things You Should Buy From It’s First Sitewide Sale

Anyone due for a basics overhaul knows that an Everlane sale is the best place to start. The direct-to-consumer brand carries just about every wardrobe essential—white T-shirts, relaxed denim, and casual flats included—all made with a commitment to ethical production and sustainable materials. With trend-proof pieces that are always relevant, Everlane sales are rare—and a sitewide sale has never happened, until now.

For the first time ever, Everlane is offering 25% off everything. The promotion lasts until Friday, April 3, so you have a little over four days to get the pieces that will always have a home in your closet at a great price. You don’t need a code to take advantage of the sale, as the discount is already applied before you checkout.

A sitewide Everlane sale is truly unheard of—it’s best-known deal is its Choose What You Pay event, where the brand will curate overstocked items and offer them for a reduced price ranging from 15% to 50% off—which makes this blowout particularly enticing. And while we’d buy just about everything from the brand if we could, we narrowed it down to the 16 best Everlane items you should add to cart—including the jumpsuit Meghan Markle can’t stop wearing. Shop our picks, ahead.

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Machine Gun Kelly And Yungblud Hopped In The Studio After Juice WRLD Died

Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud are a match made in fiery tornado heaven, with their hit 2019 collaboration with Travis Barker, “I Think I’m Okay,” immediately declaring them a duo to watch.

For Kelly’s forthcoming fifth studio album, Tickets to My Downfall, there’s going to be a new collaboration between the two. In a new interview with MTV News — where MGK also talks about filming coming-of-age comedy Big Time Adolescence with Pete Davidson — Kelly explained how the collaboration came about, stemming from the “weirdest night.”

As Kelly puts it, their new joint song, called “Body Bag,” is “so sick,” even after they felt like they hit it out of the park on “I Think I’m Okay.” Another collab between the duo might make the album, too, one that was put together organically after the death of Juice WRLD in December. “Me and Yungblud got together to drink some beer after Juice had passed because we were just like, ‘Times are short. Let’s link up,'” he said.

“And the weirdest night happened and we went to the studio the next day and wrote a song about that,” he continued. “And that felt like a smash, too.”

Details on when Tickets to my Downfall is going to drop are pretty spare. Young Thug, Blackbear, and Trippie Redd have been revealed to be featured on the LP and, so far, two singles have been shared: “Why Are You Here” and “Bullets With Names,” which features Young Thug, Lil Duke, and RJMrLA.

Speaking on what to expect with the album, Kelly made it clear that he wants everyone to see the extent of his creativity. “More than anything, I just want people to listen to this album and hear me push the norm and really be inspired to break out of their box and potentially tap into something that’s great,” he said. “I’m the most proud of an album that I’ve ever been.”

Check out our full discussion with Kelly up above.

Matt Damon, Kate Winslet And Cast Of Contagion Now Spreading Covid-19 Message

The video comes together courtesy of the Colombia Public Health YouTube channel. If you’re one of the people who decided to rent Contagion recently, and there were apparently many, then you’ll recognize all the faces in the video. Though, those faces are all a bit older, and, probably like the rest of us, they’re looking quite casual. They’re all clearly exercising social distancing just like they recommend doing, which means all these clips are probably recorded by themselves, from their homes, where they’re not bothering to look the way we would normally see them on the red carpet. It certainly adds a feeling of authenticity to the whole thing.