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Selena Gomez Loses Top Instagram Slot While Taking Hiatus From Social Media

Selena Gomez is reportedly having a tough time right now. The last time we checked in on the pop musician, she was checking herself into the hospital for a reported emotional breakdown, and she has kept a low profile in the days since that episode, allegedly focused on her health and mental well-being. In keeping with that low profile, Selena Gomez has also opted to take a step back from social media. That has affected Gomez’s high standing on one social media platform. As it is being reported today, Selena Gomez no longer holds the top spot on Instagram.

Per a report by by Billboard, Selena Gomez no longer has the most people following her on Instagram. That position has since been taken by athlete Cristiano Ronaldo. The switch happened yesterday, when the Portuguese soccer player found himself with 144,320,476 followers. In contrast, Gomez has 144,312,745. It’s obviously close, but the sports player currently has the pop musician beat when it comes to avid followers on Instagram.

Selena Gomez held the highest number of Instagram followers for over two years, before the upset from Cristiano Ronaldo occurred earlier this week. With Gomez currently not on Instagram as the singer focuses on her own health and concerns, she hasn’t responded to the change in followers.

I don’t expect the musician to make any statements about the Instagram update whatsoever, as Selena Gomez has other matters to focus on at the moment. As it was reported earlier, Gomez is currently checked into a mental health treatment facility as she hopes to focus on her depression and anxiety now.

While it must be a blow to lose quite a few followers on social media, there are obviously more concerning, pressing matters for Selena Gomez to focus on at the moment, and we hope she is recovering well as she spends this time concentrated on her mental health. Fans hope to hear more about her recovery process in the weeks to come, but they’ll hopefully get an update from the musician in the weeks to come– whenever she’s ready to talk.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to keep you posted on the latest celebrity news update and developments right here at CinemaBlend.

Voters Don’t Come out for Midterm Elections. But That Could Change This Year.

Here’s a fact: Americans aren’t that enthusiastic about voting in midterm elections. And the numbers prove it. When compared to presidential elections—which can feel more high-profile and dramatic—midterm election turnout is pretty, well, lousy.

Almost 74 million women and 64 million men voted in the 2016 presidential election, according to data crunched by the Center for American Women and Politics. That came out to about 63 percent of eligible female voters, versus just over 59 percent of males. In comparison, only 43 percent of eligible women and barely 41 percent of men reported voting in the 2014 midterms, per CAWP. It was the worst turnout in decades—remarkably weak even in a country whose off-year voting is typically low.

But will this year’s midterms be different? Everyone seems to be pulling out all the stops to get voters to the polls on Nov. 6. And women are at the center of attention this election season—not just because they clinched a historic number of nominations for the House, Senate, and governor. As Page Gardner of the non-profit Voter Participation Center tells Glamour, “If Democrats win the House, women will bring them there,” and specifically, “unmarried women will have a big, big, big, piece of that story.” (Married women, as NPR has noted, have been shown to vote Republican more than singles.)

Women are also the group to watch because they have voted more than men for decades. And there are certain groups of women who are traditionally reliable voters. Older women vote more than younger, for example. Black women have notably shown their clout at the polls: Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez personally thanked them for their role in 2017 wins in special elections in Alabama and Virginia.

But what makes would-be voters (yes, even women) stay away from the polls? The political climate and the players seem to matter: A Pew analysis of the 2016 election found that overall, 25 percent of people who didn’t vote said they didn’t like the candidates or issues. Another 15 percent lacked interest or felt their vote wouldn’t matter. Nearly as many, 14 percent, said they were too busy with work or school to cast a ballot. (One apparent issue: A 2016 study found younger voters three to four times likelier to have to wait in line to vote than Baby Boomers; the likelihood was higher for African-Americans and Latinos.)

“The sad reality is, in midterm elections, you typically see a depressed turnout — especially among groups that are sort of stretched and less likely to turn out anyway.”

As that lousy turnout in 2014 indicates, “The sad reality is, in midterm elections, you typically see a depressed turnout — especially among groups that are sort of stretched and less likely to turn out anyway,” says Marissa McBride, VPC’s executive director. Notably, McBride pointed out that whether single, separated, divorced, or widowed, “Unmarried women [are now] the majority of head of households. A lot of them work two or three jobs, so the idea they’re going to stand in line for two hours or miss work or are not going to be able to pick their kid up on time [in order] to vote — it’s just not a reality in their lives.”

So, for a lot of women, it’s not just a lack of enthusiasm or interest. Life can get in the way.

Christy McCormick, vice chairwoman of the federal Election Assistance Commission, told Glamour in an interview earlier this year how single women can see voting as critical in theory, but burdensome in practice: “When you are the single person [that’s] responsible for everything and you don’t have back-up, as married people do, it’s just another thing to add to the list… which is a shame, because it really is important for all of us to have a voice in our government.”

But, the tide may turn this election cycle. There’s titanic effort going into overcoming some of those obstacles that make it hard to vote—especially in low-profile races that don’t garner as much attention as salacious presidential elections—from coast-to-coast. Here are a few examples of that effort (and how you can get involved):

March on the Polls with…a Mariachi band: A joint project of progressive groups March On and Swing Left seeks to capitalize on the political passions that sparked the Women’s March—and got hotter during the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. “Women in this country have been saying ‘no’ in the streets—now we are saying it with our ballot,” March On Executive Director Vanessa Wruble said in a statement to Glamour. In Texas, Mariachi bands are leading people to early voting sites. In South Carolina, it’s marches to post offices to mail absentee ballots. A Facebook call to action in Trump’s hometown, New York, says Election Day plans can go from “serving coffee and donuts to creating a mini-parade… Have a marching band? Stilt walkers? It’s all up to you.”

Providing childcare: Childcare can be an issue for women voters, and groups from the YMCA to Care In Action, the political arm of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, are offering to keep an eye on the kids so moms can get to the polls.

Getting a ride to the polls: Uber is collaborating with the nonprofit groups #VoteTogether and Democracy Works to offer free rides to voters with limited access to transportation, as well as adding a “Get to the Polls” locator feature for app users.

Pushing for paid time off: Groups like are campaigning to convince businesses to offer their U.S. employees paid time off to vote. Already on board: Patagonia, Pinterest, Giphy, Dropbox, and Levi’s, to name a few. When it comes to giving workers excused absences, companies already “have to do it when people get jury duty, and they figure it out, so they can figure it out for one day [and] give people the opportunity to vote without having to be overly stressed about getting the kids to school and being late and missing an hour,” Levi’s Chief Marketing Officer Jey Sey, a mom of four, told Glamour.

Bring on the Merch: In another example of voting encouragement meeting entrepreneurship, Sara Berliner’s “Vote Like a Mother” gear caters to “time-strapped parents looking for a way to amplify their voice and make change,” with profits directed to organizations such as MomsRising, Moms Demand Action, and EMILY’s List. Shirts have been spotted on politically engaged celebrities such as Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin.”

But even with these efforts voting rights advocates are deeply worried that busy schedules may not be all that keeps Americans from the polls. And that’s something to be on the lookout for:

Voter suppression: In Georgia, where Democrat Stacey Abrams is battling Republican Brian Kemp to become the nation’s first black governor, the ACLU and other groups have gone to court with claims of discrimination against minority voters who sent in absentee ballots by mail. The lawsuits got filed after election administrators—including Kemp, who also oversees voting as Georgia’s secretary of state—rejected hundreds of ballots because they weren’t an “exact match” for information on the voter rolls, such as birthdate or signature.

Political bullying: And then, there’s messaging from the nation’s leaders. With the 2018 midterms being a major referendum on President Donald Trump’s policies and performance, he’s using his favorite bully pulpit, Twitter, to send an ominous message: “All levels of government and Law Enforcement are watching carefully for VOTER FRAUD, including during EARLY VOTING. Cheat at your own peril,” he warned. “Violators will be subject to maximum penalties, both civil and criminal!” It’s not out of character—Trump has a solid history of making evidence-free claims about voting: After blithely insisting he only lost the 2016 popular vote to Hillary Clinton because of millions of improperly cast ballots, he set up a special commission on “election integrity.” The panel sparked a national backlash after soliciting reams of personal voter data. Trump shut it down in under a year.

Voter ID laws: The president is also a fan of making voters show photo identification at the polls, which supporters say helps stop unqualified people from abusing the system and critics say have a disproportionate chilling effect on minorities, the elderly, and the poor. Trump once went so far as to suggest showing I.D. to vote is no big deal because it’s impossible to even buy groceries without one. (Fact check: Mostly not true, aside from certain items like smokes and booze.)

Whether it’s excitement over particular candidates, a desire to pass judgment on Trump, or successful appeals to get out the vote, there are definite signs of enthusiasm, if the 2018 primary season is any indication. A Pew analysis released early this month found about 37 million registered voters cast ballots in this year’s House primaries—a big jump from the 23.7 million who did so in 2014. The surge in turnout was much bigger among Democrats than Republicans in House races. More people also voted in Senate and governor primaries, but the party gap wasn’t as big.

Millions of people are also not waiting until Nov. 6 to have their say. According to the United States Election Project, as of October 21, more than 4.9 million Americans had voted early. Voting, whether by mail or in person, has been heavy in Georgia, where the historic Abrams-Kemp contest has generated major excitement; and Arizona, where voters are deciding if GOP Rep. Martha McSally or Democratic Rep. Krysten Sinema should be the first woman to represent them in the Senate.

Michael McDonald, the University of Florida political science professor tracking turnout on the Elections Project site, says early voting is running at a record pace, but advises against jumping to conclusions. Surveying the landscape in mid-October, he offered two potential scenarios: Early voting rates could keep climbing, “leading to a modern midterm turnout record,” or maybe “we’re just seeing a rush by the politically engaged” and turnout will end up more in line with a typical year.

Whatever the case, you should know your rights when you hit the ballot. Because while it matters who decides to rally around Nov. 6, actually casting a vote is the real measure.

You can find more information on voting laws and how to protect your vote here.

Celeste Katz is senior political reporter for Glamour. Send news tips, questions, and comments to a pivotal election year, Glamour is keeping track of the historic number of women running (and voting) in the midterm elections. For more on our latest midterm coverage, visit

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First Clues About Game Of Thrones Prequel Have Surfaced

The final season of Game of Thrones is coming in 2019, but the fun is apparently just getting started on the epic’s first prequel spinoff project. We already know it will take place thousands of years before the events of GoT, and some casting information from the project has now surfaced which may provide some clues with its details. Here’s what the casting notices revealed, and what it could all mean for the prequel.

The prequel is searching for five series regulars, according to a casting call reported on by The notice asks for two men to play characters in their 50s, with one to be a black man, and the other to be a genuine Scandinavian, Germanic, or Eastern European actor. Another male regular is being sought out with that latter heritage description, but to play a character in his 30s.

Meanwhile, two Caucasian actresses are being called for, with one in her 20s and the other in her 30s. The in-development prequel is also casting a role for a Caucasian male, aged late-30s to mid-40s.

One or more entries seen here are believed to be based on a previously leaked casting call that was also lined with diverse characters. Such multi-racial character descriptions have led to speculation that the prequel will spend all or some of its screen time time in Essos, which is where Qarth, The Free Cities, and the Valyrian Penisula are located. If that’s not the case (even though the synopsis teased the “mysteries of the East”), it shows the prequel will initially feature a more sundry cast than Game of Thrones.

Other points of interest within this casting roundup are the possible characters specifically geared towards Scandinavian, Germanic, or Eastern European actors. Performers from that region aren’t rare in Game of Thrones, with Kristofer Hivju and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau both being notable examples. But with their characters being from wildly different parts of Westeros, it’s hard to say with certainty where these aforementioned new characters will be settled, or if they’ll be of any relation to Tormund or Jaime.

One of these castings could very well be a Stark from the past, or maybe a more extended look at the wildlings in their native elements? Perhaps even a Valyrian living in Valyria!

Granted, this story is supposed to uncover the truth behind the origin of White Walkers and all that, but it would be a shame if the series excluded the advanced Valyrian civilization. It would be great to see the kingdom in all its glory, given their society prospered for thousands of years before meeting its doom in 114 BC.

Another tidbit outside of the specific role information is that this casting process reportedly started on Wednesday, October 24, and will conclude on Saturday, November 17. This would indicate the prequel is looking to have some parts cast by the end of 2018, likely so it the pilot’s production can really take off in 2019. Filming was reportedly scheduled to begin in October, although the fact that parts are still being cast could mean just location shots have been handled so far.

We don’t know when or if the Game of Thrones prequel will arrive, but we do know the final Season 8 will air on HBO in 2019. For more information on shows that will be on television before that, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

There’s A Cut Nightmare Before Christmas Tim Burton Gag The Director Would Love To Put Back In

The Nightmare Before Christmas is required Haloween/Christmas viewing for many, but one of the film’s best moments never made it to the final cut. Director Henry Selick recently revealed that his original version of the classic film included a stop-motion model of the severed head of his producer, Tim Burton, that he was forced to cut, though he would love to put it back in if that’s ever possible. According to Selick…

When a producer suggested that Tim Burton wouldn’t appreciate having his skull used as a hockey puck, apparently director Henry Selick simply acquiesced to the idea and replaced the shot, something that was somewhat more complicated to do considering that The Nightmare Before Christmas was entirely a stop-motion animation production. Today, Selick thinks that Burton would actually love the joke, so much so that, if the original footage still exists, he’d like to put it back in the movie.

On the one hand, it seems unlikely that anybody would bother inserting a few seconds of “new” footage into The Nightmare Before Christmas, although, if the clip is sitting on a shelf someplace then it wouldn’t exactly require a lot of work to do, and Nightmare sees frequent re-releases in theaters every holiday season, so the replaced scene wouldn’t go unnoticed if it was done, as old and new fans find the movie every year.

You can see the final version of the scene with the pumpkin that replaced Tim Burton’s head in the clip below.

It does seem odd that Henry Selick never actually asked Tim Burton if he was ok with the joke. Of course, if Selick was led to believe that Burton wouldn’t like it, as he tells THR, then he probably didn’t want to ask, as that would make his producer aware of the joke. Still, it seems unlikely that the man behind movies like Beetlejuice or Edward Scissorhands would take issue with a slightly morbid joke at his own expense.

It’ the 25th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas this month, so give the film a re-watch and just pretend Tim Burton’s severed head is a hockey puck, as it was always meant to be.

What’s Happened To Ivan Drago Since Rocky IV, According To Dolph Lundgren

Creed II will follow Adonis Creed’s quest for closure following the events of Rocky IV, but he’s not the only one dealing with the repercussions of that movie. Dolph Lundgren reveals that the events of the 1985 film had a pretty devastating impact on Ivan Drago, as the new movie will see him as a man who has never overcome the loss to Rocky Balboa and has been suffering ever since. According to Lundgren…

If you’ve somehow been living under a rock and have never seen Rocky IV, the film sees Russian pro boxer Ivan Drago “accidentally” kill Apollo Creed in the ring during a bout, leading to Rocky Balboa taking on the dangerous individual and beat him in his home country. Creed picked up this story with Michael B. Jordan‘s Adonis Creed following in his father’s footsteps by becoming a boxer, with Rocky as his trainer. The sequel, Creed II will take a more direct approach to the Rocky IV story with Adonis going one-on-one with the son of Ivan Drago.

Adonis Creed’s quest for redemption and retribution is clear, but how many of us think about things from the perspective of the “bad guy?” The younger Drago is apparently looking for some retribution of his own. His father has apparently been suffering ever since his loss to Rocky, and so the son wants to defeat the protege of the man who defeated his father.

Dolph Lundgren tells Empire that while he hadn’t previously been interested in revisiting the character of Ivan Drago, as he’s gotten older his perspective has changed and so the idea of playing an older Drago that he can relate to is much more interesting.

It will certainly be intriguing to see what an emotionally damaged Ivan Drago looks like. In Rocky IV Drago was barely portrayed as human. The character was instead a nearly emotionless machine focused only on beating his opponent in the ring. He wasn’t supposed to be relatable, he was just a villain. Rocky IV is essentially a superhero movie where Sylvester Stallone gets to play Captain America in trunks.

However, in the much more realistic world of Creed II, we’ll see what happens when a boxer who finds his entire self-worth in winning in the ring gets beaten.

It will be interesting to see just how the Drago side of the story is handled. If Ivan is a really sympathetic character we could end up with some in the audience actually hoping to see Drago get his redemption against Creed, which might be a first for the entire boxing movie series. We’ll find out in a couple weeks when Creed II arrives in theaters.

Johnny English Strikes Again Review

For a franchise that started as a series of British credit card ads, Johnny English has had a pretty charmed life. With three installments, the franchise has had a stealthy legacy of being a low-key money maker for Universal. And from a quality perspective, the series had only gotten better with time. However, for the latest film, Johnny English Strikes Again, the only explanation for its existence is brand recognition, as this third act is a regressive let-down, scoring only minor laughs.

After a cyber-attack exposes MI7’s entire agent roster, the Prime Minister (Emma Thompson) brings England’s clumsiest super spy, Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) out of retirement. Tasked to investigate the recent digital terror attacks continuing to plague the country, English and his trusty sidekick Bough (Ben Miller) will travel Europe to suss out the origin of these attacks, and get into some comic mischief along the way.

Johnny English Strikes Again feels like a film that should have happened a long time ago, preferably before 2011’s Johnny English Reborn took the series to a higher level of comedy and action. Seeing this third adventure after a seven year gap, and a better sequel, feels like a regression to the first film’s slight charms. In fact, some of the same beats from that first film are recycled in this threequel, making its existence even more befuddling. Again, were this to be the first sequel out of the gate, it might be a little more excusable. But to see Johnny mix up the crucial video to prove that he’s not a raving maniac yet again just doesn’t have the same punch when we’ve seen him actually grow past that point as a spy.

Come to think of it, the plot to Johnny English Strikes Again feels like a clumsy grab-bag of Skyfall and Spectre’s villainous plots, thrown together with some comedic duct tape and very little fleshing out. With the massive data breach of the former, and the threat of data consolidation and manipulation of the latter both present in this film, there could have been a decent, bare bones plot in place to help keep this film’s serious bits moving along in the background.

While the formal plot to the film is a mess, and there’s still some things that don’t work about its comedy — particularly the script’s total waste of Emma Thompson’s talents in a reductive, alcoholic parody of Theresa May — Rowan Atkinson’s chops still get some time to shine. In fact, if there was any movie to make you thankful for Atkinson’s abilities as a comedian, it has to be Johnny English Strikes Again.

Through his trademark blend of physical comedy, absolutely deadpan awkwardness, and absurd levels of unawareness, Rowan Atkinson’s character maintains the freshness that he’s always had since frame one. And while the scripted material does fail the cast assembled to portray it, at the very least there is an air of fun being had. Even though Emma Thompson’s Prime Minister is a junk drawer of cliches, Thompson herself is still funny when the script allows her to be, making the audience wish that they could see more of her comedic talents in a better film.

If you’re a Johnny English fan, then Johnny English Strikes Again will score some easy points with you, even though it still comes up short in the franchise’s total canon. There’s certainly enough Rowan Atkinson magic that helps carry this almost hour and a half movie to the finish line. But if you’re uninitiated, or aren’t a particular patron of this character’s antics, you’re going to want to skip this one completely. While this series is still a minor box office win, Johnny English Strikes Again is indeed catering to a certain faction of fans, with very little interest of winning any new ones in its execution.

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This Backpack Changed My Adult Life—And Now I Can’t Live Without It

When I moved to Berlin in 2016, I had no idea about how to schelp my stuff for a full day in the city. I had been living in St. Louis, where everything I needed could be thrown in the back of my Honda CR-V. I could go between different neighborhoods, grabbing what I needed for each from the back seat. I had been spoiled by the convenience of having a car. But that wouldn’t be the case in Germany.

At nine times the size of Paris, Berlin is huge. And I’m a freelance writer with a Class Pass-style gym membership and a passion for finding the best flat whites to knock down while I work. That means that when I head out for the day, I head out—“swinging by” my apartment just to pick up something isn’t a thing.

For a year, I lugged around a New Yorker tote (I know), overflowing with gym clothes, a small bag of post-spin makeup, my laptop, my charger, a portable phone battery, a bulky European adapter, and an array of little things that I might need throughout the day. (Did you know that the approximate 6 lbs. a woman’s bag weighs on average?) I began to notice my posture take a hit—my left shoulder (which I carried the tote on) was always slightly slouched, and I often caught myself in a shrug position to counter the weight. Yoga helped for a minute, but by the following morning, it would all come back. So, I finally broke down: Fine. I’ll get a fucking backpack.

I had honestly never thought of wearing backpacks as an adult. I still felt haunted by the paranoia that my backpack was making the back of my skirt ride up and I was accidentally flashing people. Plus, to me, they always felt much too sporty for my typical look (dark lipstick, Doc Martens, floral wrap dresses.) I still feel ambivalent about athleisure. But looking around Berlin, it seemed like everyone had embraced backpacks—Germans are all about health and practicality, and a ton of people ride bikes, so it makes sense for the lifestyle. I started looking around on the subway, eyeing the tags on the backpacks I liked to educate myself on brands. Then, one day, I went to my favorite I-want-everything homeware store in Kreuzberg, and left with a $95 backpack from Rains that I’ve been wearing ever since. Approximately half of the people in my neighborhood also own my Rains backpack of choice—seriously, I can’t go anywhere without spotting someone with the same style.

I love that its matte black finish is both stylish (it goes with everything) and practical (waterproof.) I never have to worry about my laptop getting wet or lost, and the outer is super easy to wipe clean. It holds several days’ worth of groceries, or enough clothes for a 10-day trip—I know from experience, since I’ve brought it with me on trips to New York, Sydney, Abu Dhabi, London, Reykjavík, and southern Italy. Minus a slightly bent strap-latch, it’s held up remarkably well.

I’m not alone in my conversion: According to a recent Forbes report, women are buying fewer handbags (8 percent less in 2017 than the year before) and, seemingly more backpacks (purchases by women are up 15 percent, while they’re down 5 percent among men and and 15 percent among children.) Sure, sometimes the backpack life can be frustrating—like when I forget my keys in the bottom and have to unpack everything in the stairwell of my apartment to get into my flat—but that’s a me-problem, not a backpack-problem. My dress doesn’t ride up, because I’m no longer a fresh-eyed 13-year-old trying to wear their backpack low like the cool kids (so that was the problem!); instead, I’m a jaded 28-year-old with the posture issues of someone of more advanced years. This backpack is my savior; this backpack can do no wrong. And yes, my shoulders are feeling much, much better.

Shop the backpack that changed it all for me and nine like it, ahead.

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Kevin Feige Reveals Whether Or Not Deadpool Survived The Snap In Avengers: Infinity War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been going strong for a decade, but its currently on the precipice of major changes. In addition to Avengers 4 completing many actors’ contracts, the impending merger between Disney and Fox has the potential to bring in new characters to the shared universe. Chief among them is Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, who has become massively popular since the first film arrived in 2016.

Cinephiles and comic book fans are eager to see Wade Wilson cross over with the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, although there’s no timeline or set plan for how/when that might occur. Kevin Feige was recently asked if Deadpool survived Thanos’ finger snap of death from Avengers: Infinity War, to which the studio head said:

Well, that’s no fun. Despite fans wanting Wade Wilson to finally come face to face with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, it looks like he wasn’t affected by Thanos’ finger snap. Mostly because he’s in an entirely different shared universe… for now, at least.

Deadpool might not be in the right universe to be affected by Thanos’ Infinity War ending, but that doesn’t mean the Merc with a Mouth won’t be referencing the events of Avengers: Infinity War. The Deadpool franchise has always leaned on its protagonist’s ability to break the fourth wall, and make endless jokes about the superhero genre.

As such, Wade Wilson’s next appearance will almost definitely talk about Thanos’ finger snap, especially since the stakes have been so high for the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the Mad Titan showed up. And since Josh Brolin is playing both Thanos and Cable, the possibilities for jokes are endless.

While Deadpool wasn’t affected by the finger snap of death, there’s still hope that he and the X-Men will finally be able to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe proper, and therefore become involved in serialized storytelling and massive crossover projects. As Kevin Feige told Variety his conversation about Deadpool:

The general moviegoing public might be in the dark for the foreseeable future, but it’s clear that the folks at Marvel Studios have big plans in mind, possibly with the inclusion of Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds’ franchise has made an insane amount of money at the box office, so it seems like a match made in heaven. There’s just one question: will Deadpool still be an R-rated hero?

Thanos’ snap will be addressed with Avengers 4 arrives in theaters on May 3rd, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Arrested Development Will Probably Be Cancelled On Netflix After Season 5

Despite over half of its run being considered upper-echelon TV comedy, Arrested Development hasn’t had the most successful go at it since returning for Netflix audiences in 2013. In fact, Arrested Development almost appeared destined to not return for Season 5, what with scheduling difficulties and multiple off-set controversies. Now, star David Cross claims the remaining episodes will very likely be the show’s final installments. In his words:

Stand-up comedian David Cross obviously can’t speak for the entirety of Netflix and/or the rest of his Arrested Development cast members. If he’s not optimistic about Season 6’s chances, though, then diehard fans should probably take that to be as close to gospel as possible. Cross was one of the stars who talked the most about getting everyone back for Season 5.

Considering the size and popularity of Arrested Development‘s main cast, it’s a wonder the show managed to ever come back. (And Season 4’s standalone nature had many professing it shouldn’t have.) It was the stars’ love of the material played a large part in bringing everyone together to make it happen at Netflix, and not just once, but twice.

Of course, that was all prior to the two incidents that nearly torpedoed Season 5. For one, Jeffrey Tambor was mired in sexual harassment accusations on his Amazon comedy Transparent, which he got fired from, though no criminal charges were ever brought against him. Then there was that wildly revealing New York Times interview, in which Tambor’s domineering behavior on the comedy’s set came to light. (Particularly his treatment of co-star Jessica Walter.)

It’s always possible that Arrested Development‘s fandom could prove to all involved that Season 6 would be a necessarily welcomed addition to Netflix’s lineup, but I wouldn’t put the Bluth family’s checkbook on it happening. For what it’s worth, Season 5 was viewed as far more accessible and genuinely funny than Season 4. As well, the remixed and extended iteration of the fourth season did wonders to turn skeptical fans around. So the interest is there.

It may come down to what the responses are like after the back half of Season 5 gets released. Netflix hasn’t put an official premiere date on it, but David Cross told the Late Night with Seth Meyers podcast that the next eight episodes could arrive when 2019 rolls around.

David Cross also worked with Netflix for the excellent limited series W/ Bob & David, which brought together the old Mr. Show cast and crew for more sketch comedy fun. He also released his 2016 stand-up comedy special David Cross: Making America Great Again! on the streaming platform. So even if Arrested Development truly does go away soon, Cross probably won’t be done with Netflix forever.

Remember to mark those calendars (in blue, of course) for Early-ish 2019, when Arrested Development will return to Netflix for the second half of Season 5. While waiting to hear more about this being the final season or not, keep current with everything else hitting Netflix in 2018, as well as all the great shows yet to premiere elsewhere this fall.

The Rock Drops First Look At Vanessa Kirby’s Hobbs And Shaw Character

The Rock’s Fast and Furious spinoff is currently filming, and the man has brought us our first look at another new character. Previously we got a look at how Idris Elba will look when he takes the screen as the villain of Hobbs and Shaw, but now we have a look at somebody else a little more “in the family.” Vanessa Kirby will be playing the sister of Jason Statham‘s Deckard Shaw. Meet Hattie.

It seems that if you’re a member of the Shaw family, you’re destined to be involved in the law, either enforcing it or breaking it. While Deckard Shaw and his brother Owen entered the world of the Fast and Furious series as criminals, Hattie Shaw is actually an MI6 agent. Based on the fact that the Shaw matriarch, as played by Helen Mirren in The Fate of the Furious also has a tenuous relationship with honesty, it makes it seem like Hattie Shaw may be the black sheep of the family, potentially making her the most interesting member of the Shaw clan.

It seems that while Hattie Shaw may be related to Deckard, she’ll have a closer relationship with Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs, something that won’t sit well with Deckard. Clearly, this is where some of the film’s more humorous elements will come in. While Hobbs and Shaw will be working together in the new movie that is named for them, it seems clear that, like in The Fate of the Furious, this will be a relationship of convenience, not something either party is all that thrilled about.

Hobbs and Shaw’s chemistry in the previous film came from the way the two were so entertaining in the way they hated each other. The two might respect each other, but that doesn’t mean Deckard will enjoy the fact that his sister is hanging out with Hobbs.

Vanessa Kirby is looking great in Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram picture. She stole her portion of the show earlier this year in Mission: Impossible – Fallout as a woman on the other side of the law, so seeing her playing one of the good guys in a similarly action-heavy franchise should be just as much fun.

Of course, the tables may be turned in the movie as well, as we’ve heard that Hattie Shaw won’t be the only sibling that we’ll meet in the new film. The word is Hobbs’ mother and brothers will also play into the story in some way. Maybe Shaw will end up paling around with them as a way to drive his partner equally nuts.

Hobbs and Shaw will hit theaters next year as a sort of stopgap for the Fast and Furious franchise, as the already planned ninth entry in the series was originally set to be released in 2019, but has been delayed.