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Netflix’s Dogs Series Has A Trailer, And It’s Super Cute And Heartwarming

Netflix has excelled at shows about food, conspiracies, and the supernatural, but there aren’t many to be found about man’s best friend. That may soon change when the streaming service premieres the adorbs upcoming series Dogs, which recently revealed its first trailer and November premiere date. Anyone unprepared for super-cute doggos and heartwarming stories should get ready, because this video may cause viewers to throw treats at the screens to reward these sweet and brave pups.

Dogs has quite a lot going for it, based on that trailer, and most of it incredibly heart-warming. There’s also a tease of potential sadness when we see a dog trapped in a war-torn country, and the children with disabilities who need a four-legged companion. They’re all stories that look riveting enough to attract even those who don’t like dogs to tune in, although they may be dissuaded by the non-obscure title.

While Dogs will breach some “ruff” subjects, its Netflix description labels it as “inspirational journey” that explores the magical bond between dogs and humans. That hopefully means some of these sadder situations will get happy endings, although we have no guarantees that’ll be the case. That said, each story is supposed to highlight the love that humans and dogs share, so we’re optimistic there will be far more smiles than tears in the end.

This isn’t the usual kind of overarching dog documentary series that focuses on the general skills and attributes of different breeds, as Netflix intends to deep dive into some fairly heavy stuff with Dogs. Specifically, viewers will get to watch six different stories from around the world that focus on the various bonds between dogs and their upright mates.

Each story of Dogs is helmed by an acclaimed director or two, with Glen Zipper having developed the project. Dogs boasts three Academy Award-winning filmmakers in Undefeated‘s T.J. Martin and Daniel Lindsay, as well as Music By Prudence‘s Roger Ross Williams. 16 Acres‘ Richard Hankin, who was involved in the disturbing, Emmy-winning true crime series The Jinx, was behind one installment, as was noted Jesus Camp director Heidi Ewing. Deliver Us From Evil‘s Amy Berg will also helm an ep, in addition to serving as an executive producer alongside Zipper.

While each of those director’s noted projects dives into territory far removed and sometimes far darker than Dogs seems to be heading, there’s no denying this is a smorgasbord of top talent. With an all-star lineup of noted documentary directors like this, Dogs is a series that fans of the unscripted genre won’t want to miss. We’re certainly excited, and now also somewhat worried that a dog will belchingly confess to a murder, what with that Jinx editor being involved.

Dogs Season 1 will be available to stream in full on Netflix on Friday, November 16, at 12:01 a.m. PT. For a look at what else will be popping up on television around that time, visit our 2018 Netflix schedule and our fall premiere guide.

Why Disney Not Pushing Avengers: Infinity War For The Oscars Is A Huge Mistake

Superhero movies never were confused with Oscar contenders. Years ago, there was arthouse prestige and summer-blockbuster fare, and never the two ever met. But Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight started the change that conversation, while recent films such as Wonder Woman and Logan continued the push toward seeing a comic-book adaptation become a legitimate Best Picture contender. This year, Disney is putting a lot of its Awards Eggs into the basket of Black Panther, ignoring Avengers: Infinity War in the process, and I’m telling you, that’s a huge mistake.

We’re officially in the Oscar season — a time of the year that technically happens all year, but really ramps up in October, November and December. Films with Oscar aspirations, from Boy Erased and Green Book to If Beale Street Could Talk, start to arrive in theaters.

At the same time, studios mount For Your Consideration campaigns to remind awards nominators of the excellent films that came out earlier in the year that still deserve Oscar love. It’s here, on Disney’s official FYC site, that we learn of the categories it will campaign for on behalf of its films. And there’s a distinct disparity.

Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther — an excellent superhero film and an outstanding feature, period — will receive the complete awards push from Disney. The studio is lobbying for all of the expected technical categories (Visual Effects, Sound Mixing, Film Editing, Cinematography) as well as all of the above the line categories, from Actor and Director to Best Picture. Disney wants Black Panther to make a HUGE splash at the Oscars.

Meanwhile, across the proverbial aisle, Joe and Anthony Russo’s monumental achievement, Avengers: Infinity War, is being campaigned for one category: Best Visual Effects. That’s all. Nothing else.

That’s a slap in the face.

It’s also a mistake, because from top to bottom, Avengers: Infinity War is a better film. Listen, we’re comparing an A+ to an A, and everyone’s opinions are going to be different. My take is that the Russos tackled, and accomplished, more in Infinity War in terms of storytelling, character arc and effects composition that Ryan Coogler was even asked to do in Black Panther. And to campaign for one but not the other is a short-sighted mistake.

We’ll get to why I think Disney’s choosing Black Panther over Avengers: Infinity War in a bit. For now, let’s discuss the other categories that SHOULD be on Disney’s FYC page for Joe and Anthony Russo’s masterpiece.

Seeing only one category on the page makes it look like a mistake. If Black Panther is lobbying for nominations in the tech categories of Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing, Best Costume Design, Best Sound Editing and more, why wouldn’t Avengers: Infinity War also contend for recognition in those fields?

The Marvel movies routinely compete in the Best Visual Effects category, with films such as Doctor Strange, Iron Man 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy landing in the Oscar category over the years. This one’s almost a given for Marvel Studios, the way Pixar expects to be in Best Animated Feature every year it has a movie in theaters.

Marvel has not been as successful in the Sound Mixing and Sound Editing categories, though these are often populated by blockbusters that are effects driven. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug are three like-minded blockbusters that received Oscar nominations in these tech categories, and Avengers: Infinity War has every right to throw its hat into the consideration ring for all of its technical achievements, not just Best Visual Effects.

Feeling more brazen? Get crazy. Mount a push for Josh Brolin in the Supporting Actor category, and try to make headway in the battle to recognize motion capture as actual acting.

Arguably, Avengers: Infinity War is Thanos’ movie. All of the action is structured around him — whether it involves his quest to obtain the Infinity Stones, or the heroes’ mission to stop him. And Brolin, using cutting-edge mo-cap technology, pours compassion and pathos into a genre-defining villain performance that raises the bar on the type of characters that can now exist in a blockbuster.

Josh Brolin, the actor, isn’t visible in Thanos as we watch the Mad Titan come alive on screen. And yet, without Brolin, there IS no Thanos. Just like there is no Caesar in the Planet of the Apes movies without Andy Serkis. I am not exaggerating when I say that the work put in by Brolin and his team to bring Thanos to life in Avengers: Infinity War is Oscar worthy. Disney not bothering to even campaign on his behalf is a mistake.

This is not a “Black Panther versus Infinity War” discussion. Currently, both movies are on my own personal Top 10 list of the year, and I’d be thrilled to see both movies go deep in the Oscar race (ahead of obvious Oscar bait like First Man).

My larger point is that Disney is going to campaign heavily in favor of Black Panther, why not also lobby for recognition for its equally impressive (I’d argue MORE impressive) Avengers: Infinity War?

So why is Disney choosing Black Panther over Avengers: Infinity War in the year-end Oscar race? Basically because it appears that they don’t want to compete against themselves in any of the major categories, and they believe that Ryan Coogler’s film has a better shot at overcoming the obstacles already associated with being a superhero movie at the Oscars, so it’s best to back one horse and hope its success floats all boats.

Signs would indicate that Disney’s correct, and that Panther has the better odds. Earlier this year, the Academy temporarily floated with the idea of creating a Popular Oscar category, freeing up the membership to recognize an audience-friendly film in a separate category, then grant the “real” Best Picture win to a traditional Oscar film. Whatever that may be.

At the time, the Popular Oscar category was jokingly called The Black Panther Oscar, since it was viewed as a blatant attempt by the Academy to recognize a financially successful popcorn film that also addressed the body’s need to attract and honor more diversity.

The category quickly died (as it should have), but the momentum for Black Panther did not. Many still believe that Ryan Coogler’s boundary pushing achievement still deserves all sorts of awards consideration, thereby resulting in Disney’s massive push to keep it on the radars of all awards-nominating committees.

I agree with them. Black Panther should contend for Oscars. But not at the expense of Avengers: Infinity War. Joe and Anthony Russo tackled a massive story with countless significant characters, shining the spotlight on a CGI villain who became a living, breathing threat to half of our planet’s very existence. Infinity War is a mind-blowing technical achievement, and a staggering entry in what’s already the Golden Age of comic book films.

To me, it’s the best Marvel Studios film released this year, and campaigning for one but not the other feels like a slight to the Russos, and a major mistake.

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Kylie Jenner and Baby Stormi’s Matching Costumes Just Won Halloween

If you woke up today thinking to yourself, “Wow, I really hope Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi wear matching costumes for Halloween,” then you’re in serious luck (and also maybe psychic). Yes, the makeup mogul and her 8-month-old baby decided to break the Internet by wearing mommy/daughter butterfly costumes in honor of All Hallow’s Eve. I won’t lie: The duo looks pretty darn cute. Take a look at the photos for yourself, below, and then we can discuss.

“My baby butterfly,” Jenner captioned a photo of herself and her smiling baby. Their choice in costume could be a hilarious nod to the theory from earlier this year that Jenner actually named her baby Butterfly. (Long story short: She had a bunch of butterflies around her house, and fans jumped to conclusions.)

Here’s a solo snap of Stormi, which will melt the heart of even the most cynical Kardashian-Jenner critic. How can you not smile? It’s a baby! In a butterfly costume!

And last but not least, a pic of Jenner in all her butterfly glory. “Butterfly Effect,” she captioned the pic.

Matching Halloween costumes can go either one of two ways: tragic or adorable, and these are definitely the latter. That’s probably because Jenner’s partner is an 8-month-old, but still! If this doesn’t bring a ray of light to your day, then, I don’t know, you must be afraid of butterflies or something.

In June, Jenner decided to delete all the photos of Stormi’s face off her social media accounts, but she’s slowly been sharing moments again. Here’s hoping this isn’t the only matching costume she has up her sleeve.

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Mammograms Don’t Have to Be Terrible, Thanks to This Breakthrough Screening Technology

As far as conversations about your breasts go, cancer screenings aren’t exactly the most fun topic. Mammograms are a powerful tool for catching breast cancer early, but they’re also, let’s be honest, extremely uncomfortable. According to current guidelines, women should be getting screened once a year starting at age 40, but even that’s too much for some of us—studies estimate anywhere from 25 to 46 percent of women skip their regular screenings.

To improve the exams, who better to ask for insight than women getting them? An all-female team of engineers at GE Healthcare did just that when developing their latest breast cancer screening technology. The goal: “How do we get patients to, quite frankly, not hate this exam?” Kathleen Schindler, global mammography clinical product leader at GE, explains.

Instead of an anxiety-inducing, awkward experience, they wanted to design a mammogram process created by females, for females. “Women are the ones who are having the exams done and women are [often] the people who are performing the exam, as well,” Schindler says. “If we’re going to really focus on why women don’t like having mammograms, then we should be talking to women. It’s an incredibly intimate and powerful exam—the patient should be involved, not just simply having the exam done to them.”

After talking to over 1,000 mammography technologists, radiologists and patients, the answer was clear: To make mammograms suck less, put the women having them in control.

Called “Senographe Pristina,” the resulting mammogram technology developed by GE’s team of female engineers allows you—the patient—to control the speed and intensity of the screening using a small handheld device called Pristina Dueta. After the mammography technologist positions your breast, you get to control the compression using plus and minus buttons. “You know where your limit is more than I do,” Schindler says, speaking as a former mammography technologist.

So, when exactly does getting a mammogram matter? “Women should begin screening mammography at age 40 and continue yearly mammograms as long as they are healthy,” says Laurie Margolies, M.D., system chief of breast imaging at Mount Sinai Health System. (Official guidelines vary: The American Cancer Society advices starting yearly screenings at 45.)

That said, there are a few risk factors that might prompt you to start screening in your 30s or even younger. “The most common risk factor for early screening is a family history in a first-degree relative (i.e., your mother, sister or daughter),” says Margolies. In these cases, doctors recommend you start getting mammograms 10 years before the age your relative was diagnosed. So, if your mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at 37, you’d want to start getting screened at 27.

To assess your individual risk, online tools like Bright Pink’s Assess Your Risk Quiz can help, but always make sure to talk to your doctor to create the health plan that makes the most sense for you and your breasts.

Halloween’s Karen Wears A Christmas Sweater And Now We Know Why

The new Halloween, by virtue of its name, is mostly focused on the holiday that sees kids dress up in costumes looking for candy. However, one of the characters, Judy Greer‘s Karen, seems to be celebrating a different holiday, as we see her wearing a traditional Christmas sweater throughout much of the movie. While never specifically referenced in the film, it seems that Karen’s upbringing as the daughter of Laurie Strode has led her to hate Halloween, and as such she starts celebrating Christmas a little early. According to Judy Greer…

The new Halloween takes place 40 years after the original film and sees that Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode has never truly gotten over the events of the original film. She has trained herself to fight in case Michael Myers ever comes back and she has also trained her daughter Karen to do the same, something Karen never truly accepted. One assumes that the anniversary of the attack on Laurie was never an easy time in the Strode household. As Karen eventually rebelled against her mother and has become somewhat estranged, it makes sense that Karen just doesn’t enjoy Halloween the way most of us do.

Judy Greer tells EW that the idea to have Karen skip Halloween entirely came from director David Gordon Green, but she embraced the idea whole-heartedly. While the movie never comes out and tells us why Karen is wearing a Christmas sweater, Judy Greer had a complete understanding of what’s going on in Karen’s head.

It’s a great little element that adds a bit of depth to the story. If you notice that Karen is wearing a Christmas sweater you might even be able to piece together in your own head why she might do that. Her rebellion against her mother and her feeling that there’s nothing to fear is made clear, even if her specific hatred of Halloween is not.

It seems that the new Halloween is simply littered with little ideas like this one. Recently, Jamie Lee Curtis spoke about how she decided that, in one early scene, Laurie Strode would be drinking strawberry milk because it’s the same thing she drank in the original Halloween, and Laurie Strode is still very much in the same mental apace as yer 17-year-old self. Again, the moment is never explained and attention isn’t really brought to it, just like the Christmas sweater, but it all makes sense if you think about it.

If Daddy’s Home 3 Happens, The Director Has A Really Fun Idea

Sean Anders is all about family, and he’s got three solid movies to prove it. One of those films, Instant Family, is poised to take on the Thanksgiving box office at the same time as the Fantastic Beasts franchise will try to win the day. But those two other films are the wildly successful Daddy’s Home franchise. While it sounds like all involved, Anders included, are moving on from those films, he did lay down the following prospect for a hypothetical Daddy’s Home 3:

Sean Anders spilled his guts on this potential scenario as CinemaBlend was invited to speak with him in promotion of his latest film, Instant Family, also starring Mark Wahlberg. While the co-writer/director does have a fondness for the Daddy’s Home films, it sounds as if he’s moved on from the series for the most part. This latest film lets him stretch some muscles we haven’t seen him use before, and it’s all for the better.

Just watching Instant Family, you can see that it’s a different animal than Daddy’s Home ever was in its two film cycle. While the films about competing step-dads are still very much rooted in Anders’ wheelhouse of family comedy, they’re played more for laughs than anything else.

Instant Family, on the other hand, walks the tightrope of laughs and heart a little more evenly, allowing more room for emotional beats. While the very same brand of comedy exhibited in Daddy’s Home is present in this film, it’s mixed in with more heart than ever before.

But even Sean Anders knows that as a franchise, Daddy’s Home has done quite well for itself. With both films being modest hits that furthered the Wahlberg / Ferrell comedy pairing, there’s probably someone in a Paramount office right now trying to figure out how a third film could come together. And quite frankly, this sounds like the best option when it comes to the return of Brad and Dusty; short of sending them on a road trip to recover their fathers after their trip to Vegas.

An older, but wiser pair of co-parents fussing over a big wedding sounds like the perfect way to cap off the two Daddy’s Home films that already exist. While there’s been plenty of wedding movies done before, complete with fretting parents and escalating slapstick, the prospect of Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell bringing their comedic sensibilities to the table, with Sean Anders at the helm, feels like it’d be something special.

Mark Wahlberg kind of admitted something similar that same afternoon, as we ran the concept by him as we spoke to him about Instant Family. Sure enough, he sounded game for the idea, but on the following, specific conditions:

If Daddy’s Home 3 never happens, no one could fault Sean Anders. His focus is on heartfelt comedies that tackle important subjects like adoption with keen insight that only someone who’s familiar with the process could bring to the table. The result is not only admirable, but also feels like the type of film this world needs more of.

That said, if we are to get a third film in the Daddy’s Home universe, Anders just knocked it out of the park with the concept he’d love to use. So waiting 20 years or so for that sequel sounds pretty much worth the time spent.

For now though, you can see Sean Anders and Mark Wahlberg’s latest collaboration, Instant Family, when it hits theaters on November 16th.

Frank Grillo Gets Blunt About Avengers 4 Comments

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the biggest franchises of film history, so the pressure is on to deliver a satisfying blockbuster with each new release. Part of this process is surprising the audience with plot twists, which the studio and its actors must keep under wraps. But plenty of actors have accidentally spoiled plot points before, and Captain America: Winter Soldier actor Frank Grillo recently revealed that he has a flashback role in Avengers 4.

But now it looks like Frank Grillo might have been pulling our leg. That, or he got in trouble by the folks at Marvel. Shortly after he claimed Crossbones had a small role in Avengers 4, Grillo posted on social media, and he didn’t seem happy about the story going so viral. As he put it,

Well, that seems a bit more cut and dry. Despite all but confirming his return for Avengers 4, it seems that Frank Grillo is now backtracking on the comments, and claiming he was simply messing with his interviewer– and the fans. Now that’s what I call a villain.

Frank Grillo’s recent Instagram post is in stark juxtaposition to the picture he painted just days ago, which had the potential to spoil quite a few aspects of Avengers 4. Crossbones’ inclusion would be a major shocker for the fandom, especially considering his fate in Captain America: Civil War. He seemingly perished in the opening sequence of that blockbuster– and the fandom didn’t expect to see him again.

As if Crossbones’ possible role in Avengers 4 wasn’t enough of a surprise, Frank Grillo also gave some context to the rumored scene, which has the potential to have grave affects on the contents of the untitled movie. Specifically, Grillo claimed he was part of a flashback. This could hint toward time travel being used as a macguffin in Avengers 4, something fans have been expecting for quite some time.

The ending of Avengers: Infinity War saw Josh Brolin’s Thanos succeed in his in collecting the Infinity Stone, and promptly wiping out half of the galaxy with the snap of a finger. It’s currently unclear how the surviving heroes will continue to fight Thanos, and hopefully bring back the fallen characters in the process. But if time travel is on the table, as Frank Grillo had previously hinted, it might be the key to stopping the Mad Titan once and for all.

All will be revealed when Avengers 4 arrives in theaters on May 3rd, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

How to Wear the Orange Blush Trend

I’m no blush expert; expertise requires wearing it regularly, and I’ve applied it to my face a grand total of one time. Thanks to a natural permaflush that’s been attached to my face since birth (it’s either a sign of good health or mild rosacea), I just haven’t felt the need. The closest I ever got to making it a part of my beauty routine was when a former boss, shocked at my revelation, hurled a tiny Korres pot at me and melodramatically screeched, “You’d better wear this tomorrow!” And I did—for one day—before going back to my old, blush-free ways.

But that was until images of orange blush started permeating my feeds and dare I say it’s the first time I actually considered wearing it on my own. At face value, “orange blush” doesn’t sound like something a beginner would dive right into—actually, it doesn’t even sound like something people who wear blush on the regular might consider putting on their face. According to Pinterest’s 2018 Global Beauty Report, though, blush in all shades of orange is becoming increasingly popular (searches are up 250 percent, based on their data). The fall trend has also been a mainstay on Japan’s beauty scene for quite some time now.

After going down a rabbit hole of reference photos, you can definitely see the appeal; the color stands out more than red or pink, yet lends a surprisingly flattering glow to any skin tone.

Ready to confirm my conclusions, I set out to put the trend to the test with a little phone-a-friend help from celebrity makeup artist Ralph Siciliano, who has somehow mastered the ability of making every shade of the rainbow look stunningly wearable. “I just did an orange blush look minutes ago,” he informed me when I texted for help. Coincidence? Or it’s just that much a thing now? Either way, it was perfect timing.

Eager to dive right in, I kicked things off with the fiery 515 Tangerine HD Cream Blush from Make Up For Ever. While the name sounds subtle, the neon shade is so bright that it almost pulsates in the pan. (For a powder equivalent, I love MAC’s Bright Response.)

When I asked Siciliano on advice for choosing the best orange for my skin tone, he kept it simple: “Usually, the first orange I grab is the one I’m drawn to and I just make it work.” As my eyes were immediately drawn to the blush that screamed “ORANGE!” the loudest, I too was determined to make it work. I sheered it out on my cheeks using a double-ended brush from the same brand, picking up the cream formula with the densely packed contour side, then flipping it over to the blush brush side to blend everything out.

“Placement really depends on the look I’m going for,” Siciliano says. “But for everyday, it’s best to just smile and hit the apple of your cheek where you’d naturally blush.” I followed his instructions with my best cheesy smile and spent the next 10 minutes admiring the results from multiple angles.

Since the cream formula had worked out so well, I decided to step things up a notch and go for a darker orange in a powder formula. Siciliano told me that the orange he gravitates toward depends on his mood at the moment, as well as the vibe he wants to create. “I often go for matte—Kevyn Aucoin makes a good all-around matte orange blush that works for most skin tones,” he says. “But you can use any orange.”

Taking the second part of his advice to heart, I erased my Tangerine glow with a makeup wipe and went in with Nars Taj Mahal. If you haven’t tried Nars blushes before, know that they’re pigmented and proceed with caution. The burnished orange powder, flecked with golden microshimmer, was the most intense of all the shades I tried—intense, but beautiful.

“The trick is to apply it with a super light hand,” Siciliano warned me. “Use very little product and pressure on the brush and build it from there. As long as it’s light, it won’t look ridiculous in real life.” If you’re looking for something that’s almost impossible to overdo, he recommends a mineralized formula: “They have less pigment usually, and they give a great dewy effect with less color payoff.”

Another option to keep things subtle is to search out shades of orange that “make the cheeks look fresh and sunkissed.” On my complexion, this translated to paler peach tones with a touch of shimmer. I layered one coat of Make Up For Ever’s Artist Face Color in B306 Mandarin under Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Stick in Moon Beach for an orange highlighter-blush hybrid that made me look incredibly dewy.

Having discovered a newfound love of blush (when it’s orange), I texted Siciliano a final time to ask what he recommended pairing it with. “If you want to wear it alone, go for it,” he replied. “If you want to wear it with a nude lip or a dark lip, go for it. Or go monochromatic and match it with your eyeshadow or lipstick.” I ended up wearing all four shades with my usual winged liner, mascara, and brushed-out brows. The one constant that I found really made the color shine was a smooth base. While I usually can’t be bothered to wear foundation, a thin layer of Nars Foundation in Vienna acted as the ideal canvas.

I loved every single shade I tried for this experiment, but there’s no need to buy four new pans of blush if you’d rather work with what you already have—or want to test-drive the color before fulling committing. Lipsticks and eyeshadows can easily pull double duty; I found that Catrice’s $15 Paradise Desert palette contained plenty of options that wore well as both blush and eyeshadow.

I leave you with Siciliano’s most helpful piece of advice, which successfully ended my existential crisis over which orange blush to try first: “The only rules are that there are none.”

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The First Text Nick Jonas Ever Sent Priyanka Chopra Was Hilariously Formal

The origin of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s relationship is still a mystery. We know they first connected at the 2017 Met Gala and, after a whirlwind Labor Day weekend in 2018 that included baseball games, concerts, and boat hang-outs with Chord Overstreet, got engaged. But how did this union go from 0 to 100 so quickly? Well, according to a new interview Chopra did with Entertainment Tonight, it started with a text message—a hilariously formal one.

“I actually didn’t make the first move,” Chopra told the network at a Bumble event in New York City on Monday (October 29). “He did. He texted me. The first time was a text just saying, ‘I think we should connect’ and whatever. That’s how we started talking.”

Wait, wait, wait: “I think we should connect?” That was Nick Jonas’ opening line? Who is he? A sweaty intern at a networking event passing out his résumé to strangers in suits? In my mind, he followed up this stuffy message with something like, “Just circling back on the whole ‘connecting’ thing. I’ve CCed my brothers, Kevin and Joe, for good measure.” Did he include an electronic signature with his text, too? “Nick Jonas: actor, singer, supporter of bacon.” Or maybe it’s just his initials: “NJ.” That’s what cool business people do, right?

Watch Chopra explain this for yourself, below:

Jonas’ buttoned-up opening line is a far cry from the romantic way he found Chopra’s engagement ring. The “Chains” singer shut down an entire Tiffany & Co. store! Granted, Chopra wasn’t there, but the gesture in itself is pretty magnificent. That’s certainly my idea of “connecting.”

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Ariana Grande Turns Into Elphaba, Kinda, To Sing A Wicked Favorite

A few weeks ago, after ending her engagement to Saturday Night Live star (and song namesake) Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande posted a notable message to Instagram. “Can’t believe I almost let my anxiety ruin this for me today!!!” she wrote while posing in Elphaba-green makeup. “Not today Satan. Not tomorrow or the next day either not no more u can suck my big green dick. Finna sing my heart out and be a big walking vessel of love bye.”

In addition to the words being a fierce declaration of self-care, Ari was referring to her appearance on NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween show that aired Monday night (October 29). On it, she belted “The Wizard and I” in a green dress to an audience of mini witches and Dorothys. It’s a very cute clip, especially because the singer’s smile reveals just how big of a deal it was for her to be there — and she offered further proof via a pic with the OG Elphaba herself, Idina Menzel.

It’s also just nice to see Ariana back onstage. After taking a brief break from the spotlight this fall (including a canceled appearance on SNL), she’s fully back now, preparing for her upcoming ambitious Sweetener tour in 2019. And ahead of that, she’s also sharing even more performance footage to get Arianators pumped.

For example, a full orchestra-backed “God Is a Woman” rendition that makes Ari the center of a moody storm that keeps rising and rising. It’s wonderful!

This lush, densely orchestrated “God Is a Woman” version is from Ari’s upcoming special Ariana Grande Live At the BBC, which she recorded in September and which is due to air next month. Rolling Stone reports Ari and the crew of musicians tackled ever Sweetener track at the show, as well as “Dangerous Woman,” “Love Me Harder,” and her excellent cover of Thundercat’s “Them Changes.”

If the Sweetener shows are anything like this, fans may have to make sure their feet are firmly planted on the ground so they don’t literally float away. Check out both performances above, and make sure you prepare yourself for November 1, when Sweetener tour tickets go on sale.