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Fuller House Season 4 Gives Us A First Look At Pregnant Kimmy

The holidays will be getting a helping hand from Netflix’s Full House revival. The premiere of its fourth season will coincide with a potential holiday binge-watch. Fuller House Season 4 will premiere December 14 on Netflix. Here to tide you over until that day arrives is a glimpse at a pregnant Kimmy. See the picture below:

That’s right. Fuller House is about to become even more so. For those not in the know, Kimmy is not pregnant with her second biological child, rather her niece or nephew. Kimmy is carrying the biological baby of her brother, Jimmy, and Stephanie Tanner. Based on the second picture, Jimmy and Stephanie’s baby has not arrived before Christmas. See for yourself below:

Who the family has gathered around to listen to and watch so intently is currently a mystery. Whoever they are, everyone seems to care about them a great deal. Could it be the long-absent Michelle? A Skype video without actually showing the screen could be a way to incorporate the character without an Olsen twin. Sharing is caring, and Netflix revealed one other promotional picture with fans. This one features D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy striking a familiar pose. Check it out:

The ladies appear to be channeling Charlie’s Angels, which is interesting. Fuller House will be welcoming two stars from a popular ’70s show in Season 4. They are not from Charlie’s Angels though. Season 4 will feature a reunion between The Bionic Woman‘s Lindsay Wagner and The Six Million Dollar Man‘s Lee Majors. The former’s character was introduced on the latter’s series. The exciting news does not end there.

Fuller House has added some new cast members for Season 4. The end should not be in sight either. If you have heard the cancellation rumors, you can be relatively rest-assured about the show’s future. Before you start the campaign to save the series, Candace Cameron Bure has already shut down the rumors.

As for these first glimpses, we can glean a few things from them. For one, there will be a Christmas episode, which makes sense given the timing of the season’s release. Secondly, D.J.’s middle-born son, Max, will do a project at some point, which appears to intrigue both Danny and Becky, as well as Kimmy and Stephanie.

Thirdly, it appears that D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy could not be closer in Season 4. That will happen when one of your friends has your baby. Despite Stephanie and Kimmy’s tumultuous relationship, which has included its share of barbs, Kimmy is carrying Stephanie’s baby. Surrogacy was never explored on Full House, so it will be interesting to learn how it is on the spinoff.

The fourth season of Fuller House will premiere December 14 on Netflix. While fans wait, many TV shows will be making their debut this fall on the streaming giant.

How The Wing Became a Secret Weapon For Midterm Candidates

Four hundred women are packed into New York’s SoHo branch of The Wing—the women’s community and co-working space launched by Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan in 2016—and they’re hanging on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s every word. Bowls of popcorn balance on their laps, iPhones raised to snap photos of the Democratic socialist darling in one of New York City’s most instagrammable environments. Though members are used to high-profile women coming in to speak, Ocasio-Cortez’s visit couldn’t have come at a more crucial time: Weeks before one of the most contentious midterm election cycles in history comes to an end, and days after Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in after denying sexual assault allegations brought forth by California professor Christine Blasey Ford.

The audience is fired up and The Wing’s core ethos—a safe space for women—feels particularly palpable.

It’s easy for the casual observer to write off the women-focused coworking and social club as a place where all-access members pay up to $250 a month (or upwards of $2,700 a year) to bask in flawlessly designed loft-like spaces that includes retro phone booths cheekily named after scrappy female fictional characters; a place where Glossier and Chanel products line the bathroom; a place to snack on ancient grain bowls and pressed juices from equally Instagrammable local cafes.

But in the span of two years, The Wing has quietly leveraged its brand of glamorous feminism to become an increasingly influential hub for 6,000 millennial women…and politicians trying to reach them.

“The Wing isn’t just a functional space, it’s a real symbol of what’s happening in our country,” Ocasio-Cortez told Glamour before her event earlier this month. The company represents “one of the most potent forces that we’ve seen emerge in politics this year,” she said, adding that she’s appeared before its members twice.

At all five locations—three in New York, one in D.C., and one in California—members can register to vote, get tips on calling elected officials to protest family separation, and interface with female candidates and politicians who drop by. The same way celebrities and professionals like Christiane Amanpour, Fran Drescher, Katie Couric, Tina Fey, and Aly Raisman drop by, so do powerful women in government including Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, Sen.Tammy Duckworth, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

The Wing


Wing women, photographed here in midterm election merchandise, encourage members to register to vote.

From its inception, The Wing has been primed for this level of connection—Gelman is a former press representative who worked on the 2013 campaign of the New York City comptroller Scott Stringer, while the company’s senior director of civic engagement, Giovanna Lockhart Gray, and its senior director of communications, Zara Rahim, both have political campaign work under their belts. Gray says the goal is to make politics more accessible to members while simultaneously impressing the importance of women’s participation. “We’re meeting people where they are—literally,” she said.

Though the language they use might not include “suffrage” and there’s now avocado toast on the menu, The Wing is the latest in a long history of women-focused organizations meeting to get stuff done—just perfectly optimized for the 21st century. According to Alexis Coe, a historian and host of The Wing’s forthcoming podcast “No Man’s Land,” there were over 5,000 women’s clubs in America by 1906.

“Women’s social clubs promised greater political participation by women. And it terrified politicians,” Coe says, referencing a quote from former president Grover Cleveland, who once said the object and intent of these clubs “are not only harmful, but harmful in a way that directly menaces the integrity of our homes.” It “reeks of fear,” Coe adds.

Women’s club’s have been political in nature since their inception, not only in pushing toward social goals like suffrage, but by structuring themselves the same way a government would. “In major cities throughout the nation, larger women’s clubs were increasingly organized with ‘departments’ like Education, Social Economics and Industrial Conditions,” Coe says. And they were born of necessity—many of the issues important to women were not of interest (or completely opposed) by male municipal leaders in the towns where these clubs formed, Coe says.

In short, women aren’t new to this. And they don’t just know how to galvanize—they’re pros at organizing, too.

“Activism, and especially political mobilization, is the most important thing we can do as women,” said Oluremi Olufemi, 26, an all-access Wing member who was in the audience for Ocasio-Cortez and has come to hear Clinton and Gillibrand speak. But even she acknowledged that busy schedules makes it difficult to get out there. “Honestly, I work a lot, so there aren’t a lot of times where I can go to my community board meetings [and] interface with politicians on a day-to-day basis,” Olufemi said.

A visit to the Wing connects politicians to women who tweet, donate and vote—or know people who vote in their home district. For candidates, Wing members are “very influential, well-educated audience” to want to get in front of, said Gray.

In response to the 2016 presidential election, there’s a particular enthusiasm for supporting fresh faces to buck against the status quo and incumbents, making the Wing a welcoming environment for newbie candidates like Alessandra Biaggi, 32, The Wing’s first member to have run successfully for office. (Biaggi, a progressive, beat 58-year-old New York State Senator Jeff Klein in the Democratic primary for the 34th state Senate district in an upset this September.)

As an insurgent candidate, Biaggi could not count on establishment support. She called Wing members her “secret weapons” as she went up against a man who spent an astounding $2 million on his campaign. “One of the things that my opponent didn’t have was the support of these women—especially when they all learned that he was one of the reasons why women’s health was not advanced in New York,” she said. (Klein was also accused of sexual misconduct in January of this year.)

Valerie Jarrett at The Wing

PHOTO: The Wing

Valerie Jarrett, former top aide to President Barack Obama, speaks to Wing SoHo members at a midterm election event.

“[The Wing] goes against the narrative of women don’t help other women,” Biaggi said. “The Wing is a place where women are helping other women.” While Biaggi says she hasn’t added up exact numbers of donations from Wing members, she said the donations and volunteer support from the organization were “tangible enough to feel the impact.” And that matters, considering that women struggle with raising as much money as male candidates, according to this New York Times report.

“Women candidates start at a deficit,” said Stephanie Shriock, president of EMILY’S List, a political action committee that assists pro-choice Democratic women candidates. “The first people you go to when you fundraise are your friends. For women, those are often women—and let’s face it, females make less than men in this country and women of color make substantially less.”

Therefore, women who run for office have “a pool of potential supporters who just have less money,” she continued. “And that makes it challenging.”

This is significant because smaller contributions are making “huge, huge differences” this election cycle and those donations are “coming from women giving $25, $35, maybe $50 to these candidates,” Shriock explained. “[It’s] just adding up because of the power of the numbers.”

“By introducing their members to women candidates who care deeply about the issues that impact them, The Wing has helped foster new networks and inspire political engagement.”

Something else The Wing has over your typical campaign rally audience? Social media savviness.

Gray cited Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams as an example of a candidate who “wanted to get in front of this audience, not because we could influence an election in Georgia but she knew that this audience would tweet about her,” she said.

The Wing


Wing members listen in on a voter registration training.

“I’m excited to have had the opportunity to speak with women from Georgia and across the country at The Wing and engage in conversation about ways we can build community and connect women to opportunity,” Abrams told Glamour in a provided statement. “By introducing their members to women candidates who care deeply about the issues that impact them, The Wing has helped foster new networks and inspire political engagement.” (Abrams’ spokesperson did not respond to emails asking if her campaign had received a donation bump after appearing at The Wing.)

The Wing’s physical spaces also naturally solve a problem faced by grassroots organizers and political parties of how to keep people engaged: Wing members are always there, sitting on a velvet couch, refreshing Twitter and sipping a chai latte. The community exists, it’s just waiting to be activated.

“I think you’re going see a lot of the candidates want to come through The Wing because they know that this is a really valuable audience that they want on their side,” Gray said.

This is especially true given the fact that voter turnout for midterm elections can be alarmingly low—in 2014, one of the worst years on record, only 43 percent of eligible women voters cast their ballots (compared to the 63 percent of eligible women voters who came out for the 2016 presidential election). The Wing, and the candidates that come through, are well aware that the roots they set now can determine political engagement for the future, whether we’re facing an election or not.

“[O]ur mission, which is the social economic and civic advancement of women, does not just go away because there’s not an election” said Rahim. “2019 is not an off year. We are going to have to keep working at this, considering all of the issues that are important to many of our members — whether that’s immigration, reproductive rights, paid family leave. These things don’t just happen in midterm and presidential years.”

Jessica Wakeman is a writer in Brooklyn. Her work has appeared in Glamour, Rolling Stone, Bitch, Bust, and other publications.

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Should You Envy People With Soaking Tubs?


While the built-in tub, a bathroom standard since Kohler introduced it in 1911, is arguably more sensible, many designers believe a soaking tub’s sensuous, sculptural curves trump practicality—assuming you have the square footage. “A free-standing tub defines the space and adds a focal point,” said San Francisco designer Grant Gibson, who has installed 12 for clients. “The tub creates an optical illusion…as if it is floating.” To ensure that tub and bather remain afloat, be certain the bathroom floor can bear the load. “I’ve installed a big fat steel beam where my tub will be in my new house,” said New York interior designer Sheila Bridges, who noted that much lighter acrylic models exist. Since free-standing tubs lack ledges for soaps and sundries, design pros often suggest bath racks that stretch across the tub to cradle such accouterments. “It’s like a breakfast tray in a bed,” said London designer Veere Grenney, who nevertheless personally uses a separate piece of furniture. “I have a two-tiered, wooden table for oils and towels, with a large dish to keep things in when wet.”


The more-modest alcove tub appeals to décor professionals like Manhattan designer Diana Friedman Soldo, who disdains soaking tubs as “an ostentatious waste of precious resources like water, space and money.” New York designer Ann Pyne warned of the precarious height of a soaker’s sides—typically 29 inches versus the built-in’s 16: “Frankly, it’s a bit dangerous. I’m pretty athletic and I’ve gotten stuck. You cannot get in or out all in one motion.” And unless you have gangly orangutan arms, that height also makes the tub tougher to clean (and clean around) and to bathe kids in. As for looks, “It’s a challenge to find one that integrates into the overall aesthetic of a bathroom,” said Los Angeles designer Robert Marinelli. “The nicer ones tend to dictate the aesthetic.” When designer Julia von Werz gutted a London townhouse, limited space called for an alcove bath, with delightful results. “I elevated the design with bold tile and wallpaper as well as built-in shelves,” she said. The result is “a cozy little nook that you could never achieve with a free-standing tub.”

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The Flash’s Chris Klein Revealed Some Important Cicada Clues

Spoilers are lurking below for the early episodes of The Flash Season 5, so be sure to watch before continuing.

Cicada took little time in commanding the full attention and speculative brainpower of The Flash‘s fanbase when he was introduced as Season 5’s big bad. In his limited appearances, far more questions than answers have been provided, but star Chris Klein dropped a couple of extremely interesting factoids that could mean big things for Cicada and Team Flash. Let’s take a look at Klein’s claims.

Cicada Is Getting An Origin Episode

As it usually goes with The Flash’s more museum-ready nemeses, Cicada arrived in full glory, complete with a spooky costume and metahuman-weakening abilities. It’s not as if The Flash could possibly keep the villain’s backstory a complete mystery, though, and Chris Klein revealed the show will indeed soon show audiences how Orlin Dwyer became Cicada.

There is going to be an origin episode, a few weeks down the line. But we are going to learn little tidbits moving forward. In [last week’s episode], we got a lot of clues.

A few weeks down the line isn’t far away at all, so expect to learn some (presumably even more confusing) facts about Cicada’s past. Or will it be his future? Knowing that Nora West-Allen’s timeline jumbles brought this anomalous iteration of Cicada into existence, we can’t really say for certain when the mysterious killer’s origin story will even take place.

That Girl Might Not Be Cicada’s Daughter

After Nora’s pleas stalled Cicada from killing Barry, many viewers concluded the villain was also a father. That assumption was strengthened when we saw an unmasked and very worried Orlin Dwyer at the bedside of a sick young girl, but I don’t think that’s the case. Speaking with TVLine, Chris Klein made specific word choices that avoided any familial references to the unnamed young girl. According to Klein:

What I love about Orlin is he’s in it for a reason. It’s too soon to say if it’s the right reason or the wrong reason, but the reason is heavy. We were introduced to a little girl in a bed at the end of [Episode] 503, and we see Orlin kiss her forehead, and the one thing that I can tell you and the audience is that that little girl is going to be very, very, very important to our story moving forward. She is one to watch and learn about.

Surely, Chris Klein would have made SOME kind of reference to fatherhood if the hospitalized girl was actually his daughter. With Barry awkwardly coming into his own as a father to a grown-up offspring, I assumed The Flash would explore patriarchal parallels between the opposing forces. However, that may not be the case. The question now obviously becomes, “Is she actually Cicada’s future wife, suffering from a Flashpoint-esque effect that would negate their future children?” Give me all the weird twists, Flash.

Cicada Might Not Be Human

So, Cicada walks like a human and talks like a human, but don’t go thinking that makes him one. After all, he also sounds like a bunch of insects, but that doesn’t make him an insect, does it? Hmm. Let’s just leave this part to Chris Klein, who gave a cryptic answer when asked if it was the power of flight he’d used to escape his fight with Barry and Vibe.

Call it a flying leap. [Laughs] That dagger can do a lot more than just dampen metahuman powers. And another thing that you’re going to want to keep your eye on — it’s not just the dagger. That doctor in the hospital wanted to take a look at a scar on his chest…. Is he a human? Because if he’s a human, why was that thing glowing? What is that about? Now we know there’s something going on inside of him, and that’s going to play a big part in how difficult he is to capture.

Obviously, that scar on his chest was already a point of intrigue, but it seemed more like a metahuman wound gone awry. Not necessarily proof of an alien being, though, or a radioactive insect-man. What cut Cicada like that, and what does it say about whatever is coursing around inside him? (Does he eat?) Also, how is that element going to be even more of a boon for his war against Team Flash, since he already has the ability to take their powers and beat their faces in? And what else does the dagger do?

Sadness Is A Major Part Of Cicada’s Inspiration

Reverse-Flash was a ball of angry nerves throughout Season 1 of The Flash, with Savitar also largely guided by time-strengthened rage. The evil actions of Zoom and The Thinker, meanwhile, were largely inspired by the vastness of their respective egos. Cicada is on another level when it comes to his own motivational emotions, and Chris Klein said that fans will be witnessing a villain whose reign of terror is marked by sadness.

There’s a reason why as Cicada he wants all metahumans to die. We will learn what that reason is, and we’ll get to judge Orlin for it. One of the coolest things about The Flash is that with every villain, the fans get an opportunity to judge them on their merits. Every villain has a reason for being, and Orlin’s is a pretty heavy one. This guy comes with a lot of sadness. . . . Things have gone on in Orlin’s life that make him sad. He’s got some regrets. And there’s a bit of self loathing. We’re going to learn that there was a time in Orlin’s life that he is making up for. He made some promises that he is pretty keen on keeping.

So maybe that young girl is actually the child of Orlin’s sibling, whose death he promised to avenge. Or one of several other worthwhile hypotheses. In any case, it’s extremely interesting that the Flash star describes Cicada’s emotions as if the character is in a bubble. He’s sad about what has happened in his life, and he kind of hates himself for whatever it was, without mention of any others.. Of course, his therapy is murdering other metahumans, villainous or virtuous, so we probably don’t have to worry about Cicada falling prey to self-harm.

Let’s hope Cicada’s dagger doesn’t sap the power away from your televisions, because The Flash airs every Tuesday night on The CW at 8:00 p.m. ET. (I guess your TV would have to have been altered by the particle accelerator explosion.) While waiting to devote more obsession to Cicada, be sure to note all the other great shows that are populating the fall TV schedule.

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This 17 Year Old’s Album-Inspired Makeup Looks Are Picture Perfect

Don’t mind me, I’m just feeling talentless as ever after seeing how much a Shawn Mendes super fan slays her makeup.

Turning album and single cover art into color-popping makeup looks, 17-year-old Emma from Norway has pop music fans stanning her and her beauty skills. Emma’s latest look, a floral recreation of this year’s self-titled album from Shawn Mendes, is grabbing more attention than ever amongst fans.

Absolutely nailing the flowers that emerge from out of Shawn’s face, Emma masterfully contoured the left side of her face to lift it off the page, just like in the Shawn Mendes cover art.

While the look has racked up more than 16,000 likes on Twitter, she’s most looking forward to the day when Shawn likes the pictures himself.

“My favorite person on Earth I swear is Shawn Mendes,” Emma tells TRL over direct messages. “He is the sweetest guy ever and I’ve met him a couple time and he’s just lovely.”

Though plenty of her makeup looks are based off of Shawn’s singles, albums and performances, Emma’s covered a ton of different musicians with her beauty skills. As a long-time fan of glam and music, it only made sense for her to combine the two passions.

“I’ve always been creative since a little kid and I loved to draw and paint. I think that really helped me out when I turned to makeup later,” Emma explains about her artistic ability.

“I’ve always loved music and it runs in my family. Both me and my dad are two people overly obsessed with music and going to concerts. So I found my way of putting makeup and music together.”

Emma’s recreation of Camila Cabello’s self-titled album art was so on point it even caught the attention of the pop star herself, who liked the pictures. In it, Camila sits on Emma’s brow, perfectly matching her pose and dress on the album cover.

After starting these music-inspired makeup looks two years ago, Emma admits she’s gotten better, but still spends as long as it takes to make her final product perfect.

“I could sit five or six hours staring at this one picture trying to recreate it on my face,” Emma says about her artistic process. “I’m so specific, like if the color isn’t right, I’ll try anything to get it right. Or if the shape doesn’t turn out right, I’ll just try again and start from scratch.”

Like many great artists, Emma’s most inspired overnight: “I always get so creative at night. I could start a makeup look at 2:00am and finish it at 8:00am then post and go to bed. I know it’s not good and I shouldn’t do it, but apparently it’s when I’m the most creative.”

For those who catch wind of Emma and her art, she tells TRL, “I hope they feel inspired and that makeup isn’t all to just look good, but you could also express your creative sides.”

Keep up with Emma’s one-of-a-kind musical makeup looks on her Twitter and Instagram.

Apparently, Test Audiences Thought A Quiet Place Was Hilarious

A Quiet Place made for one the most unique theatrical experiences of the year, as audiences watched a nearly silent film starring a family carefully trying to survive the blind creatures who have already hunted most of civilization by sound. In an earlier version of the film, the terrifying creature was just John Krasinski dressed in a motion capture suit and Vans sneakers. A small test audience witnessed it, and hilarity ensued. A Quiet Place‘s producer Brad Fuller revealed what happened, saying:

While the early screening seems like it was a bit of a disaster for the filmmakers trying to gauge reactions on a horror flick, it also sounds like comedy cold. Imagine going into a theater ready to be terrified, and then John Krasinski in sneakers shows up as the scary monster. A Quiet Place doesn’t have a lot of dialogue in it either, so there’s plenty of awkward silences to entice some giggles– presumably setting off the room in thunderous laughter. And since Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt are also the film’s protagonists as well, it adds an extra level of hilarity to the scene.

To a test audience unaware that A Quiet Place would be one of the best horror films of the year, they might have thought back to John Krasinski’s earlier work as Jim in The Office when watching the first cut. After the unintended reaction to the film, A Quiet Place was never tested again. It’s somewhat surprising the producers didn’t predict how the audience would react to the unfinished product, but the team was dealing with the challenge of creating the monsters’ look in post-production.

Andrew Form and Brad Fuller told Yahoo!Entertainment about how they had a cardboard cut-out of the creature on set, but John Krasinski and the other producers decided it needed to be changed late into its development.

John Krasinski had a big stake in A Quiet Place, since he not only starred but directed and co-wrote the thriller. He found himself playing another important role in the film, when the people at special-effects house ILM asked him about how the creature should move, and he started acting it out for them. Krasinski ended up putting on the motion-capture costume and performed as the monster for the film. His passion project had a small budget of $17 million, so his decision to wear so many hats on the project might have been a necessity.

While A Quiet Place wasn’t the unintended comedy a handful of test audiences witnessed, the final horror version did extremely well with audiences, making a stunning $338 million worldwide. John Krasinski is already hard at work on writing A Quiet Place 2, but where is the original footage of him as the creature? According to a tweet by Krasinski, it still exists but it’s locked away in a vault… without a key.

How Jamie Foxx Got Involved With Spawn

In the poorly-received 1997 Spawn, actor and martial artist Michael Jai White played the role of Al Simmons, the CIA assassin who becomes a Hellspawn after being murdered. For Todd McFarlane’s upcoming reboot of the property, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx will step in to the role of the titular character. Jamie Foxx’s involvement in the project was a long time in the making and was the result of the actor showing real interest in the film, as director Todd McFarlane explained:

I was fortunate enough, I went to my first ask, which was Jamie Foxx. I had talked to him before. I had talked to him at my office, coincidentally, years before, to express his interest in Spawn. So when he left, I thought, ‘That was a kind man,’ he was very charismatic, very sweet person. And usually, you have to go to the stars. He flew to my office, he went from L.A. to Phoenix, and I went, ‘Wow.’ Anybody who makes that effort, I owe them the courtesy of, when I’m ready to actually take this project into Hollywood and start casting it, I owe him the courtesy of going back to him to say, ‘Hey, good sir, are you still interested?’

It sounds like the Spawn reboot has been in the works for some time, and at one point years ago, Todd McFarlane met with Jamie Foxx about possibly starring in the film. The actor showed genuine interest in the project, flying out for the meeting. More than that, he just came off as a good guy.

Jamie Foxx left such an impression on Todd McFarlane that when the time came to actually cast the reboot years later, the director felt he owed it to Jamie Foxx to offer him the role first, as he told

So Todd McFarlane did just that, but despite the fact that Jamie Foxx and their meeting left an impression on him, Todd McFarlane wasn’t so sure that the star would remember the meeting or still be interested in Spawn. However, it seems that Jamie Foxx was just waiting on him, as McFarlane continued:

Now, I thought he’d long forgotten that meeting, but he was like, ‘What took you so long?!’ Like, ‘Todd, of course I’m in! What are you talking about, let’s do this!’ He jumped in with two feet, it wasn’t even a hard sell.

Jamie Foxx’s enthusiasm for Spawn seemingly didn’t diminish over the years, and he was still excited and on board to take on the character. This is a good sign for Spawn that the director and actor were sympatico and both motivated to get started on the film.

It is especially cool that Jamie Foxx got involved with this film considering the fact that, as Todd McFarlane said, he was his first ask. Todd McFarlane isn’t a casting director, he’s the man who created the character on the page. So if Jamie Foxx is who he sees as Al Simmons, it’s awesome that that’s who is actually going to be playing him in the film.

Jamie Foxx stars alongside Jeremy Renner in the film written and directed by Todd McFarlane. Spawn hasn’t started filming yet, so there’s still a lot that we don’t know, but the film is aiming for an R rating.

In the two decades since the ill-received 1997 film, the comic book movie genre has flourished, making now the perfect time for the upcoming Spawn reboot. This film has the potential to be something that stands apart from the MCU films and even other R-rated fare like Logan and Deadpool, making it feel fresh and necessary. That it has such a talented actor in the lead role is just icing on the cake.

Spawn does not have an official release date yet, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for that information. That would be just one of a slew of hugely anticipated movies coming next year. Check out the rest of them in our 2019 release schedule.

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Will And Jada Pinkett Smith Had A Break-Up Within Their Marriage

Marriage is a commitment. It’s a challenge to uphold, no matter how many years you find yourself connected to your significant other. There will always be difficulties presented and hardships endured, and that’s also the case for Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. While the celebrity couple is among the most recognizable, committed and long-lasting in Hollywood, there were apparently days where things were coming to an end.

As Will Smith admits, he and his wife were once separated within their marriage. While not a legal break of their union, Smith recently spoke to the complicated and dark time in their relationship, saying:

The surprising marriage revelation was made during the most recent episode of Jada Pinkett Smith‘s Facebook talk show series, Red Table Talk. While the couple has admitted in the past that they have had their difficulties, the details have been vague. The public didn’t know that there was a point in time where it looked as though all hope was lost for their marriage.

In the episode, both Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith opened up about fighting to to keep their marriage intact, which involved reworking their standings on a lot of matters. That was difficult for both parties, but they overcame their struggles and they remain happily married with children to this day. Still, there was no shortage of challenges that were presented to them at that time.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been married to one another for more than 20 years, and they continue to remain attached and dependable to each other — even during the difficulties alluded to above. In order to stay attached and learn to rebuild their love and dedications, they have taken unconventional methods of keeping themselves together. For instance, as Will Smith admitted earlier this year, he and Jada don’t say they’re “married” to each other anymore. Instead, they opt for another phrase which keeps themselves strong attached to each other’s side. Here’s how he described it.

Even though Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith haven’t been together as long as we originally believed, the couple has stayed married to each other and they’ve kept themselves attached since the day they said “I do” to one another. We hope that tradition continues in the many years yet to come.

Priyanka Chopra Explained Why She Wore a Marchesa Gown to Her Bridal Shower

Priyanka Chopra celebrated her bridal shower at Tiffany & Co. in New York over the weekend, and both the party and her dress—a strapless, feathered-hem gown by Marchesa—made headlines. In a new interview with WWD, Chopra explained why she chose to wear a gown from the brand co-founded by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig.

“Georgina’s a friend of mine, and she has been,” Chopra told WWD. “Women supporting women: that’s what we’re all about.”

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - October 28, 2018

PHOTO: Gotham

Marchesa, once a label frequently spotted on the red carpet, has been less prominent among the celebrity crowd since 2017, when the New York Times first published its report on Harvey Weinstein, then Chapman’s husband. (They have since separated.) The connection between the brand and the disgraced Hollywood producer came under scrutiny, and its presence on the award show circuit noticeably subsided.

Chopra explained to WWD that she thinks Chapman’s label shouldn’t be sullied by the controversy surrounding her former husband: “[It’s] not her fault. And I don’t think it’s right to take it out on a self-made woman what somebody in her life did. That’s the wrong attitude. I’ve known her for years, and that was a beautiful gown, and deserved to be worn by a bride-to-be. And it made me feel like a princess. It was the right choice.”

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - October 28, 2018

PHOTO: Gotham

In recent months, Marchesa has slowly begun to reemerge: Scarlett Johansson wore one of its gowns to the 2018 Met Gala (the first celebrity to wear the brand on a red carpet since the article was published in October 2017), and one of its designs was featured as part of a climactic scene in Crazy Rich Asians. Chapman also gave her first interview following the Weinstein allegations to Vogue in its June 2018 issue.

Celebrities who have worn Marchesa in 2018 have echoed Chopra’s sentiments. Following the Met Gala, Johansson released a statement about her look, saying: “I wore Marchesa because their clothes make women feel confident and beautiful and it is my pleasure to support a brand created by two incredibly talented and important female designers.”

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Jason Segel Reveals The Best Advice Judd Apatow Ever Gave Him

Jason Segel is mostly known as an actor in the Apatow gang and one of the leads in How I Met Your Mother. However, he’s also a talented writer who recently revealed it was Judd Apatow that led him down the path to honing that particular talent. Speaking on an episode of Today this week, Segel shared the advice Judd Apatow gave him early in his career that he really took to heart.

Judd Apatow’s relationship with Jason Segel is well-documented. The two started working together when Jason Segel nabbed a role in Freaks and Geeks back in 1999. It was apparently after that gig ended that Apatow took some of the cast under his wing to give them advice. Segel reveals that was the moment when writing became important to him. It was advice that would serve him well later when he began writing motion pictures in Hollywood.

During the Today segment, which also touched on Jason Segel’s new book OtherEarth, the actor discussed the movies he has written, which include The Five-Year Engagement, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him To The Greek and more. He also joked about Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which is probably his most well-known film, at least in terms of projects he has written:

Jason Segel isn’t the only member of the Apatow gang. Other regulars include Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and James Franco. Other regulars in Apatow projects include Leslie Mann, Mindy Kaling, Aziz Ansari, Carla Gallo, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, Jay Baruchel, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and many, many more.

Right now, Jason Segel is busy exploring the world of young adult novels. Following the end of How I Met Your Mother, he left Hollywood and has taken on fewer acting projects, appearing this year in Come Sunday. A new TV series, Dispatches from Elsewhere, a new puzzle-based TV series that will air as an anthology show, will mark his return to television. AMC has given the project a series order for 2019. To find out what else is heading to the schedule, here’s CinemaBlend’s full guide.