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Joe Jonas Dressed Up Like Fiancée Sophie Turner’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Character for Halloween

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are stepping out again, having made their red-carpet debut at the beginning of October. They’ve had a habit of getting tattoos to commemorate their love of each other since the beginning of the year, but Jonas really stepped it up by dressing up for Halloween as his fiancée. Or, rather, as his fiancée’s alter ego, Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones.

As it turns out, he’s a huge stan of both Turner and the show: He professed his love of the HBO favorite back in October. “I would have [made a Game of Thrones cameo] in a heartbeat, but unfortunately, it’s not going to happen,” Jonas told Variety. “That would have been amazing. I would have loved it.”

Jonas attended Kate Hudson’s annual Halloween party dressed up as Stark on Saturday night, leaving his stubble carefully groomed but donning a Sansa-esque red wig and floor-length turquoise velvet gown.

Check out his dramatic entrance here (sorry, no audio):

Turner, for her part, went as an elephant in a comfy onesie.

Of course there was a photo booth, so this moment could be captured on film:

How clever is this cauldron-y pool?

It looks like a great time was had by all, and to be honest, we’re extremely pleased that Jonas finally got his Game of Thrones cameo. Sort of.

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Someone Remade Classic Sonic The Hedgehog With Popular Movies, And It’s Awesome

There are some fans out there who love the Sonic the Hedgehog character so much that they’ve decided to create mash-ups taking classic and popular films and recreating them within Sonic: The Hedgehog 2. It sounds about as wacky and as crazy as you would expect. Check it out!

At nearly three minutes, this oddly fun video was put together by YouTuber Hate-Loving Gamer. It starts off innocently enough, with Shadow wielding a gun, facing off against Eggman in the space station from Sonic: The Hedgehog 2. However, 20 seconds into the fight, things get switched around.

Suddenly, it’s Sarah Connor taking Sonic’s place, now fighting against a giant-sized T-800, mimicking the showdown from The Terminator. Seconds later, the scene switches over to Rocky, Apollo, and Clubber Lang on the streets of Philadelphia, facing off against Ivan Drago in an obvious nod to Rocky IV.

There are a ton of films and popular media packed into the two minute and 49 second running time of the video. We see colorful references aplenty to beloved classics such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Star Wars, and even classic Disney films such as _Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. _

It doesn’t stop at fan-favorite pop-cultural references from the 1980s and early 1990s, either. The Sonic-infused madness includes nods to other video games and movies while leading up to a big ‘ole showdown between Thanos and the Avengers from _Infinity War. _

The highlights here don’t stop at the pixelated visual references to classic films. It’s also that Hat-Loving Gamer included the synthesized chiptune music based on the theme songs from each of the properties within the clip. They’re all remade to sound like they were playing from the Sega Genesis‘ YM2612 chip. For a few of them, one might have to listen really closely to find the similarities to their counterparts, but they’re definitely there.

Like one of the many game levels in the Sonic franchise, there is so much content packed into such a short video. And it’s likely that multiple viewings will be required for some people to catch them all of the references, especially the ones that kind of breeze by rather quickly, such as that _Scooby-Doo _ bit.

It’s undeniable that a lot of time and a lot of work went into creating the video, though. For each and every sprite that appeared on screen, someone had to be manually create, craft and animate it. You would likely be surprised at how long something like that would take to make.

Also, how cool would it be to have a digitized, sprite-version of the _Super Smash Bros. _series? Briefly seeing it in the video opened up all kinds of creative possibilities that Nintendo could explore for future iterations of the fighting games. That’s not to mention how neat it would be to take on a side-scrolling, beat-’em-up version of _Smash Bros., _ designed in the same vein as it was presented in the video above.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Has A Fun Bully Easter Egg

Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of tiny details, some of which even point to Rockstar Games’ other properties. One such noteworthy reference points to the gone-but-not-forgotten action/adventure game, Bully.

The eagle-eyed folks over at Push Square caught sight of what appears to be a blatant reference to Rockstar’s PlayStation 2 classic, Bully, in the middle of the Wild West in Red Dead Redemption 2. To put it as vaguely as possible, the words “Canis Canem Edit” are on full display at some point during the main story.

This is actually a nod many Americans may not catch. Canis Canem Edit was the name Bully went by for its European release. It’s Latin for “Dog eats dog,” which is certainly a fitting title and mantra for Bully. You can read on to find out how it happened. SPOILERS AHEAD for those who haven’t yet made it to this point of the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 features a side quest titled “The Noblest of Men, and a Woman,” requiring Arthur to seek several old gunslingers out in the wild. After they’re all tracked down, Arthur is forced to duel with one of that quest’s main characters.

Upon winning the duel, players get to nab the character’s revolver, which is engraved with “Canis Canem Edit” on both sides of the barrel. The words can be seen during that point in the game, and they can also be more clearly witnessed when viewed in the revolver’s section of the compendium guide. We shouldn’t expect to see Bully 2 come out of this, but it’s pretty awesome nonetheless.

Given how massive Rockstar’s massive epic Red Dead Redemption 2 is, I wouldn’t be surprised to see additional Easter eggs pointing to other Rockstar games from time to time. While something from Grand Theft Auto would make the most sense, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a reference to the developer’s overlooked and brilliant adaptation of The Warriors.

A controversial title at the time, Bully was originally launched back in 2006 for the PlayStation 2, eventually making its way to the Xbox 360, Wii, PC and even mobile devices. You can actually pick up the game right now as a backwards compatible download on the PlayStation 4, which I’d recommend for those who haven’t played it before, and are in need a break from Red Dead.

Like all Rockstar games, Bully did an impressive job of creating a believable world. But while the GTA games are set in sprawling cities, and Red Dead Redemption includes an entire frontier to explore, Bully was more focused and dropped players into the single town of Bullworth. All kinds of mini-games and tasks awaited players, who were actually expected to attend class to make sure grades didn’t slip. The big hook, though, was that players learned Bullworth Academy was overrun with bullies, making it their job to return peace to the campus halls.

That certainly runs parallel with some of the themes present in Red Dead Redemption 2. Playing as Arthur Morgan, you’re not exactly a “good guy,” something he isn’t afraid to remind folks of from time to time. Still, while the options are almost always extremely binary, Arthur is given the opportunity to be a bandit with a heart of gold and stand up for folks who are being mistreated. While there are no go kart races and you never have to attend chemistry class, it’s kind of cool to see Rockstar continue to dig into concepts they’ve been wrestling with — and allowing players to wrestle with — for over a decade.

A Black Ops 4 Glitch People Keep Getting Banned For

If you’ve spotted a player in Call of Duty: _Black Ops 4 Multiplayer moving at a hundred miles per hour while crouching, you’re not going crazy. Those are certain players taking advantage of a game glitch, which could very well get them banned from the game. In a recent announcement, the _Black Ops team clarified their penalties for gamers taking advantage of glitches such as these, and they can be pretty severe for repeat offenders.

Modern online games are expected to have few glitches popping up from time to time, with some of them granting players an extreme edge over the competition. Since Black Ops 4 is a highly competitive game, Treyarch wants players to know that utilizing those types of glitches is a practice that will not be tolerated.

The first major issue to pop up in their latest Multiplayer mode is a pretty odd one, allowing players to stay low and seemingly move at the speed of light. The process that goes into taking advantage of this particular glitch is pretty involved, so I’m kind of baffled how anyone discovered it in the first place.

You have to create a very specific class to get the ball rolling, then drop in and out of some custom matches, then equip specific gear, along with jumping through a few extra hoops on the way. The end result allows players to stack Perks in Multiplayer matches to get additional bonuses.

The one that everyone has been using is called Skulker, which allows players to move around more quickly while crouching or prone. That speed is compounded if you take advantage of the glitch, stacking extra copies of the Perk, meaning you can move insanely fast and low to the ground.

It might be fun to use, but the end result is pretty serious for those who get legitimately reported for taking advantage of this glitch. Over on the Black Ops reddit, penalties for first-time and repeat offenders are highlighted.

For the first offense, offending players will be temporarily suspended from playing the game online. As well, elements like stats, Emblems and Paintjobs will be reset. Online splitscreen will no longer be available, and names will be wiped from the leaderboards. If you get caught using the glitch multiple times, all of the above will take place again, and you’ll be permanently suspended from online play.

That’s a pretty severe response, but again, Treyarch is trying to create a fair and fun online community that doesn’t reward cheaters. Since the steps to activate the glitch are so convoluted and obvious, it’s not like anyone can claim they “accidentally” triggered it on their account.

Finally, as noted in the post, these penalties are specifically outlined in the enforcement policy for Black Ops 4, which everyone has to agree to before playing the game. There’s a section in there specifically describing anyone who abuses an exploit in the game’s code, which this speed-skulking glitch would fall under.

The good news is that a fix for this glitch is expected to roll out in the coming days. Based on how quickly Treyarch has been updating Black Ops 4 so far, it’s probably a safe bet the glitch will no longer be an issue sooner rather than later.

What The Walking Dead’s Dwight Is Doing, According To The Actor

Semi-spoilers for anyone who isn’t caught up with The Walking Dead through the latest episode of Season 9.

For the most part, The Walking Dead ends its characters’ stories in concrete ways, usually through uncomfortable, gore-infused deaths. Surprisingly, however, Austin Amelio’s Dwight went completely AWOL after Season 8’s finale capped off the All Out War. With Season 9’s time jump and other show-altering elements, fans want to know where Dwight is, and the actor recently offered up his own answer. According to Amelio:

I’m going to find Sherry. I’m alive. He’s not killing me. We’ll see what happens.

Of course, this is largely what audiences were assuming was happening with Dwight, who finally found himself a banished, but free, man after Rick took Negan down once and for all. (Well, maybe not permanently.) The last time Dwight appeared on screen, he’d found a touching note from Sherry that inspired him to hit the road once more to find her.

Dwight’s end-game exile certainly implied that Austin Amelio would be absent from Season 9, and the time jump did nothing to spark faith in his impending return. An all-around lack of Dwight in promotional materials has also made fans’ hopes feel misguided. Still, Dwight wasn’t ever shown to be brutally murdered, which Walking Dead overseer Scott Gimple confirmed means his chances of returning to The Walking Dead‘s narrative are better than 0%. Not huge, but then not everyone gets even those odds.

Though his TV story doesn’t necessarily affect anything happening in current-day Alexandria or Hilltop (or the Sanctuary, for that matter), Dwight would spark quite a bit of intrigue if he resurfaced. It would likely mean he successfully found Sherry, either alive or dead. The emotional changes from one outcome to the other are vast, so we would possibly see either a more sated and understanding Dwight, or one completely ravaged by heartbreak and vengeance-minded goals.

Dwight’s post-timeline return also might imply he would feel enough punishment and penance had been undertaken in the many months that had passed. Times are definitely hard out there for small survivor groups, so a desperate and downtrodden Dwight would possibly need to prove why he should be allowed back into one of the Virginia communities.

Speaking at this past weekend’s Walker Stalker Con (via, Austin Amelio gave his feelings about Dwight’s post-war banishment, which came despite all of the character’s efforts to aid the protagonists in thwarting Negan.

I think he’s paid his dues at this point. I think it’s fair. He hates Negan, he loves his wife. He’s gonna go find his wife.

Obviously, no guarantees come attached to any character’s hunt for a lost loved one. Granted, The Walking Dead started off with Rick being led to reconnect with Lori and Carl. Skipping ahead to Season 2, however, the group’s extended hunt for Sophia ended in the darkest way possible, with the young girl getting walker-fied. Subsequent seasons have also offered up dismal resolutions after characters have disappeared. The missing Saviors from Season 9 are the most recent example on that front.

That said, The Walking Dead has had some fun in recent years by calling back to the earliest seasons in various ways. Its 100th episode intentionally mirrored the pilot in unexpected ways, and even Season 1’s Morales returned for a short-lived twist. Plus, it was confirmed this summer that The Punisher‘s Jon Bernthal is making an appearance in Season 9 as the long-dead Shane Walsh.

Sure, the new Shane appearance is timed for Andrew Lincoln’s final episode as Rick Grimes, and isn’t quite comparable to Dwight’s case. Still, it’s an example of how The Walking Dead‘s creative team can repurpose its ensemble, past and present. So again, the character’s biggest fans need not lose hope that Austin Amelio’s Dwight could return to our TV screens in the future.

In the comics, Dwight was more easily embraced by Rick’s group upon showing his allegiance. Despite some confidence issues, Dwight ascended to become the leader of the Saviors who remained together instead of joining the other communities, and was a leader within the military squad that came together. That obviously won’t get adapted note-for-note for TV, which isn’t such a bad thing.

Personally, I think it’s more fun to consider the more fringe options for how Dwight might come back to The Walking Dead, since he probably wouldn’t be welcomed back with open arms. (How do you really feel, Tara?) The time jump makes just about anything borderline-feasible, such as Jadis/Anne’s efforts as a functioning member of society. Putting aside the fact that she predictably ruined it by calling in her helicopter people, the point still remains that time itself can often play the biggest role in changing characters’ personalities.

What if Dwight makes a shocking return in one of the next few episodes, and is revealed HE is the cause of Rick’s death? Not the most likely possibility, but being outwardly secluded in nature can take a harsh toll on anyone’s mental state. Dwight could be driven insane by anger directed at Rick & Co. for putting him in that position in the first place.

Alternately, The Walking Dead could bring Dwight in to further assist in Maggie and Daryl’s plans for Negan. It’s not yet clear how far Maggie wants to take things before making her own exit, but her eyes are a window to all kinds of murderous intentions, which Dwight can sympathize with. As well, Dwight and Daryl obviously have way more in common than Daryl would ever admit, so bringing them together for a true team-up mission could make for some tense sequences.

Going further out into the depths of speculation, what if Dwight is involved with the helicopter pilot’s human trafficking duties? Sure, he could be a participating member of that club, but I’d almost prefer to think that they possibly got a hold of Sherry somehow, and that he’s aiming to take them down. (Every one of Dwight’s returns is invested in revenge, it’s true.)

As my last option here, I think it’d be great if Dwight was revealed to be part of the Whisperers whenever those chaotic villains get introduced. He’s definitely not proud of the facial scarring that Negan caused, and in a world free from masked superheroes, I guess the next best thing for Dwight would be to cover his own face with that of a walker. As such, this option ties into both Dwight’s self-consciousness AND him getting revenge against the good guys. A perfect fit, just like the skin suit.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET, so be sure to keep tuning in to see if and when Dwight may return. On the flip side, be sure to stay current with all the other new and returning fall TV shows that definitely won’t feature Dwight’s hunt for Sherry.

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Halloween Box Office: Say Hello To The New All-Time Number One Slasher Movie

For 22 years, Wes Craven’s Scream has ranked as the biggest slasher film of all time. Now, however, Ghostface’s reign has come to an end thanks to the epic return of Michael Myers. David Gordon Green’s Halloween just had its second strong weekend in a row, pushing its domestic total to $126.7 million, and that’s more than enough for it now to be called the biggest hit the horror subgenre has ever seen. Check out the full Top 10 below and join me after for analysis.

1. Halloween

$32,045,000 Total: $126,698,400

LW: 1

THTRS: 3,990

2. A Star Is Born

$14,145,000 Total: $148,722,400

LW: 2

THTRS: 3,904

3. Venom

$10,800,000 Total: $187,282,314

LW: 3

THTRS: 3,567

4. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

$7,500,000 Total: $38,348,809

LW: 4

THTRS: 3,723

5. Hunter Killer*

$6,650,000 Total: $6,650,000


THTRS: 2,728

6. The Hate U Give

$5,100,000 Total: $18,300,005

LW: 6

THTRS: 2,375

7. First Man

$4,935,000 Total: $37,880,080

LW: 5

THTRS: 2,959

8. Smallfoot

$4,750,000 Total: $72,591,050

LW: 7

THTRS: 2,662

9. Night School

$3,255,000 Total: $71,451,025

LW: 8

THTRS: 1,991

10. Mid90s

$3,000,000 Total: $3,350,170

LW: 20

THTRS: 1,206

Prior to 2018’s Halloween, only two slasher films had successfully crossed the $100 million benchmark domestically, and those were both Scream and Scream 2. Beyond that, it’s worth noting that no other title has even surpassed $90 million (with the closest being the $89.1 million made by Scream 3). The subgenre has always managed to persist thanks to the fact that stories can be told for very little money and still feature solid production values, but it’s not really ever been about big blockbuster releases. Halloween is clearly proving to be an exception, as it’s well on its way to become one of the biggest horror movies of all time.

Of course, what makes all of this a bit less surprising is the fact that we are in the midst of a huge horror boom. Halloween may be the latest title from the genre to make crazy money, and it stands somewhat apart because it’s a slasher feature, but it is far from the scary film to rake in the cash in the last few years. Andres Muschietti’s IT notably crushed records last year, ultimately making over $700 million worldwide, but even Blumhouse Productions – the company behind the new Halloween – is no stranger to new success, having made Get Out, which made a total of $255.4 million globally. Eventually we will see the whole thing reach a tipping point, and numbers will start settling down, but we can celebrate for now.

It’s worth noting that Halloween‘s performance in its second wasn’t overly amazing, dropping 58 percent, but Universal Pictures still has to be immensely happy with how the movie is doing. Even in the midst of the aforementioned genre boom there was no guarantee that the feature would click, and clearly people are very happy. Buzz started building weeks in advance thanks to an incredibly successful premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival back in September, and that has now translated into huge ticket sales that should at least remain steady as we move through the film’s titular holiday. It’s also earned a “B+” CinemaScore, which matches IT and is just slightly under Get Out‘s “A-.”

How things will progress from this point forward is not entirely clear. There should be a nice spike that arrives midweek, as adults sans trick r treaters may find themselves heading to the local multiplex. Beyond that, it looks like its reign at the number one spot is going to come to an end with Bryan Singer’s Bohemian Rhapsody set to arrive and get audiences everywhere humming Queen songs.

It’s nice to see such good things happening for Halloween, because otherwise this past weekend at the box office was pretty dismal – particularly for new releases. There was only one new title in wide release, Donovan Marsh’s Hunter Killer, and as you can see it didn’t exactly set the world on fire. The submarine action movie is a project that has been in the works for nearly a decade now, and now one must wonder if it would have been better off just staying in development hell. While there is no reported budget that exists, there’s zero chance that $6.7 million is a total that is going to put a smile on any faces.

The two other titles new to American screens this week were David Kerr’s Johnny English Strikes Again, and David G. Evans’ Indivisible, but you’ll notice that neither of them were able to squeeze on to the Top 10. Respectively they placed in 12th and 13th, each making about $1.6 million. In the case of the former, that’s a dip from the openings of the other Johnny English titles, the first of which made $9 million and ranked fifth when it came out in 2003; the second coming in eighth place with $3.1 million earned. Of course, it doesn’t really matter because the features aren’t really made for American audiences. Driving home that point, while Johnny English Strikes Again may be a bomb in the States, its global box office total is already well over $100 million. Basically, it seems like the movie was only released domestically as a courtesy to the limited fans who live in this country.

As for the religion-heavy Indivisible, the movie is the fifteenth release by the studio Pure Flix, and while they did have a minor hit in 2016 with God’s Not Dead 2 (which made $20.7 million in its run), they aren’t really known for big releases. Indivisible is really a middle-of-the-pack effort for them, with it ranking as the 10th biggest opening from the company.

Lastly, Jonah Hill’s Mid90s deserves some ink as well, having expanded from being in four theaters last week to over 1,200 now. The interest in the title was enough to bring it to 10th place with a $3 million total – which is respectable given the size of both the film and the release. It’s obviously not as big as something like 21 Jump Street, but Hill’s film has been getting solid buzz, and as a directorial debut it can be called a success.

Crazy as it might seem, next weekend will be the first of November 2018, and there’s a nice mix of big and small stuff coming out. As mentioned earlier, Bohemian Rhapsody will be landing and is likely to make somewhere in the vicinity of $30 million as it nabs the box office crown. However, fantasy-interested families will also be able to see The Nutcracker And The Four Realms, while Tyler Perry has Tiffany Haddish, Tika Sumpter, and Whoopi Goldberg teaming up for Nobody’s Fool. Stay tuned for news on those titles, as well as Suspiria (expanding), Beautiful Boy (expanding), Boy Erased (limited), Bodied (limited) and A Private War (limited)

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When Will The Avengers 4 Trailer Be Released?

Next summer, we’ll know how it all ends. The cliffhanger finale of Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers: Infinity War will have played itself out in Avengers 4 — a movie that still doesn’t have a proper title, synopsis, or trailer. This is uncharted territory in the film world, as marketing departments usually work hand in hand with creative teams to begin selling an upcoming blockbuster to potential audiences. Marvel’s audience for Avengers 4 doesn’t have to be sold. They’re showing up, even if this thing’s still called Avengers 4 when it opens on May 3, 2019.

A trailer for Avengers 4, by this stage of the game, would be nice. Even if we are using Avengers: Infinity War as an example, a sizzle reel of tasty footage had played at D23 and, later, at San Diego Comic-Con. As for Avengers 4? Nada. Zip. Nothing. Radio silence. Is this normal? Nope. But nothing regarding Avengers 4 has been normal, and that likely won’t change any time soon.

Will we get a trailer? Yes, likely. (Though it’s also possible that we will NOT get one, as Marvel Studios answers to no one, and is making up the rules of this game as it goes.) When will that trailer drop? It’s unclear. There’s no Star Wars movie sitting patiently in December, waiting for the Avengers 4 trailer to be attached. And the next Marvel Studios movie isn’t coming for a long while. So, based on what we know, let’s make our best guesses.

In November

This is the educated guess, and it’s based off of the fact that November is when the official Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped. November 29, to be exact. Seeing as how Infinity War also opened in late April/early May (we expect Avenger 4 to move back into April, like its predecessor did), this would mean that the pending sequel is staying on a similar marketing track, getting audiences excited for the conclusion to the battle with Thanos (Josh Brolin) as they head into theaters over Thanksgiving weekend. The trailer likely would arrive online first, but a trailer drop near the end of November seems to make the most sense.

During The Super Bowl

This makes less sense, but is still very possible, given the fact that Avengers 4 can play by its own rules. Timing, from a marketing standpoint, has not favored Marvel Studios this year. Disney didn’t host a D23. The studio chose to sit out San Diego Comic-Con, when an Avengers 4 sizzle might have been shown. So, the biggest marketing event between now and May 2019 remains the Super Bowl, and that means we can’t count out a big fat, splashy debut of footage on the world’s biggest stage.

Attached to a Disney Release

Studios usually — though not always — attach a trailer to a movie that’s from its own slate. Marvel and Disney would want to put Avengers 4 ahead of another Disney movie, by that logic. If the drop date is November, this makes the animated Ralph Breaks the Internet as the most likely contender. However, maybe Disney wants to use the Marvel trailer to boost attention around Mary Poppins Returns? It wouldn’t make sense to hold that Avengers 4 tease it all the way until Captain Marvel in March. There’s a very good chance that by then, Avengers 4 will have moved up to April, so if Captain Marvel has a trailer attached to it, it likely would be a second sneak peek at footage.

They Won’t Drop a Trailer At All

Wouldn’t that be something? We make this joke, on occasion. There are certain movies that don’t need a trailer at all. Just post the title, and the release date, and the fans will show up. Avengers 4 absolutely is one of those movies. You have made it this far into the MCU. Most of you saw Avengers: Infinity War (it earned $2 billion globally). You need to see how it ends. Do I think this will happen? No. I believe that some time between now and May 3, 2019, a trailer of footage teasing Avengers 4 will arrive. And likely on one of the moments that I listed in this feature.

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The Flash Is Bringing Back Zoom And More Former Villains

All of the mysteries surrounding The Flash‘s Cicada may remind fans of the rampant speculation inspired by each of the Scarlet Speedster’s previous big bads, such as Hunter Zolomon’s Zoom. For its 100th episode, The Flash is apparently bringing Zoom back into the fold, along with several other evil speedsters. It appears Barry’s life is going to get even more complicated, and I’m betting Nora is partly responsible.

During this weekend’s MCM London Comic Con, Tony Todd made a surprising off-stage reveal to DC World that he had just finished filming and recording voice work for Episode 100. When asked if he was indeed reprising Zoom, the Candyman vet said this:

For any TV show, reaching Episode 100 is a major hallmark, especially with how spread out audiences are these days. The Flash‘s cast and crew have been promoting their own 100th episode since San Diego Comic-Con, when it was revealed that star Tom Cavanagh would be directing. Thanks to former (voice) star Tony Todd, we know that Cavanagh will be directing scenes with Zoom and more devious speedsters from Barry’s rogues gallery.

A claim like that cannot be taken lightly, considering how many fast-footed villains Barry has already faced in four-plus seasons of The Flash. It all started with Reverse-Flash, in the form of Eobard Thawne taking over Earth-1 Harrison Wells’ body. In Season 2, it was Earth-2’s Hunter Zolomon as Zoom (previously posing as fellow Flash Jay Garrick). Season 3 brought Future Barry Allen in as the darkness-embracing Savitar.

Then there was Flashpoint’s Edward Clariss as an unfortunately weak iteration of The Rival, and the varied versions of Reverse-Flash that came for Flashpoint and the character’s stint on Legends of Tomorrow. So can we expect to see all of these popular characters returning for a single Season 5 episode? Sounds like it.

Fans are no doubt wondering how Zoom in particular will properly return to the franchise, since the Time Wraiths transformed him into the doom-bringing Black Flash. Actor Teddy Sears hasn’t been confirmed to return yet, so it’s really hard to tell how Zoom’s comeback will play out.

Knowing how The Flash works, one might guess that Barry would reconnect with Zoom and the rest through dream sequences, flashbacks, or a jaunt back into the Speed Force. But TVLine spoke with Cicada portrayer Chris Klein, who confirmed his deadly villain is involved, implying the episode is very much a real-world adventure. In Klein’s words:

It’s a really exciting one, a really fun, fun episode. They definitely built in some bells and whistles for it!

Bells and Whistles should be the name of a Team Flash hero at this point. Get on it, guys, so that Cisco can make that moniker magic happen.

Now it’s time for fans to put on their conjecture caps to consider just how Zoom and Barry’s other nemeses will find their ways back to Central City in Season 5. As well, to see if any of them can become Cicada’s new BFF. Color me intrigued on that front, if not optimistic.

While waiting to see how it plays out, be sure to tune into The Flash every Tuesday night on The CW at 8:00 p.m. ET. And for all the other fast-paced shows hitting the small screen soon, our fall TV premiere schedule will get you info as quick as lightning.

The Gross Part About Wearing A Corset, According To Emma Stone

Thanks to social media and FilmStruck being shut down and Florida always doing Florida things, life in 2018 can be really rough. I’d complain but it sounds kinda stupid considering people a few hundred years ago were living without the internet, cars and frozen yogurt mix-ins and living with polluted water and corsets. How much that last one sucks has been on actress Emma Stone’s mind a lot lately. The Academy Award winner recently filmed, The Favourite, a period drama about Queen Anne that required her to wear a corset, and spoiler alert, it was not only uncomfortable, it was gross.

The admission came on The Graham Norton Show during a larger roundtable discussion with Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy. Redmayne himself has played several parts that required him to wear a corset, and not surprisingly, he had some of his own troubles, as well. In short, it’s apparently a time-consuming and uncomfortable experience. So, shout-out to all the people back in the day who went about their lives doing it every day.

The Favourite follows Queen Anne and Sarah Churchill. The two had an extremely close relationship during the Queen’s reign in the early 1700s, but after Churchill’s cousin Abigail showed up, an intense rivalry developed between the family members, with both women wanting to be the Queen’s favourite. Emma Stone is playing the cousin, and it also stars Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Nicholas Hoult.

It’s not really a surprise, by the way, that this conversation happened on The Graham Norton Show. The longtime TV presenter creates a fun, casual environment for his guests, which often leads to people having really honest conversations like this. It’s a little less forced than your typical late night show and has a bit more of a Howard Stern vibe to it. In fact, that’s where Chris Pine admitted he’s been reading your penis-related tweets.

You can check out the corset portion of the Graham Norton interview in question below…

You can check out The Favourite when it hits theaters in the United States on November 23rd or in various other countries when it’s released near the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.

No Big Deal, Just Supergirl And Batwoman Hanging Out For The CW Crossover

A lot of excitement and hype surrounds Ruby Rose’s upcoming debut as Batwoman in the latest CW crossover, “Elseworlds.” Still, this new image of Rose’s Batwoman and Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl is no big deal, right? We’re totally not freaking out over here and not getting pumped over this picture Benoist posted of her and Rose in full costume from the “Elseworlds” set, and neither are the thousands of fans sharing the pic all over social media.

Okay, so maybe I cracked a smile just as big as the one Melissa Benoist is rocking in the photo, because how can anyone not? Everybody should be in an elseworld of happiness, as this photo of the two heroes cheesin’ it up is yet another fantastic look at the batty costume Ruby Rose will wear in the three-show crossover. Needless to say, the costume looks great, which is part of why Benoist can’t hold back smiles whilst standing next to her co-star.

Benoist’s photo was met with lots of love on Instagram, with her fans largely approving of the pic. That’s obviously a good thing, considering Ruby Rose temporarily left social media months ago, with many believing her reasoning was tied to the bullying and criticism she faced following her casting as Batwoman. Negativity was relatively absent in the comment section of Melissa Benoist’s post, which could mean even skeptics are coming around to Batwoman’s upcoming portrayal.

This is the second look fans have gotten at the Arrow-verse’ Batwoman costume, with the first official release coming earlier this month. The suit looks just as awesome in the latest peek, offering more up-close details. Unfortunately, we can’t see any more of Batwoman’s sweet cape, as it’s either been removed from the costume or is just hidden behind Ruby Rose somewhere.

Melissa Benoist’s photo is just the latest picture from the set of the “Elseworlds” crossover. While there clearly hasn’t been a ton of Batwoman marketing, Arrow-verse fans have been treated to teases that show Stephen Amell dressed as The Flash, Grant Gustin as the Green Arrow, and other super surprises. Benoist posing with Rose may mean more pictures of Batwoman are coming. At least, that’s we’re hoping, so we can remain totally chill and not freak out after seeing them.

We’ll see in the coming weeks as hopefully more pictures from the “Elseworlds” set surface before its highly anticipated premiere on The CW on Sunday, December 9. The event, which Legends of Tomorrow is bowing out of, will kick off with The Flash on a special night, with Supergirl and Arrow to follow. For a look at all fall television coming between now and then, be sure to visit and bookmark our handy fall premiere guide.