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The Evil Within 2 Update May Make You Want Jump Back In For Halloween

Last year Tango Gameworks and Bethesda released The Evil Within 2 to resounding acclaim from gamers and solid review scores from critics. The game has been hailed as one of the better action-horror titles to come out in recent times, and if you’ve already given it a playthrough you might be inclined to jump back in thanks to the new Halloween update.

GearNuke is reporting that update 1.05 has released for The Evil Within 2, bringing with it some mysterious new content. The article originally didn’t detail what the new content is, but notes that it has arrived in time for Halloween following the last big patch, which added the ability to play the game in a first-person mode, not too dissimilar from Capcom‘s Resident Evil 7, which was popular with VR enthusiasts. In an update at the bottom of the piece, however, we learn that the Halloween update adds new features for members.

The features include the ability to link your Bethesda.Net account to The Evil Within 2 and gain access to additional modes such as the AKUMU mode, along with additional cheats such as infinite stamina, super strength, and invincibility.

If you’ve already beaten the game but you’re inclined to check it out again, you can register your Bethesda.Net account with the game and you will gain access to the exclusive content.

It’s an interesting way of luring gamers into making a Bethesda.Net account, with the promise of getting your hands on the new content. The AKUMU mode was featured in the original Evil Within, but it’s been considered extremely difficult, because you can die from just one hit from an enemy.

The game was already considered to be quite difficult, so adding an extra layer of difficulty to an already difficult game will give you a lot of extra replayability.

The game basically took the Resident Evil concept and then added more of a psychological sci-fi twist to the whole affair. Also, unlike Resident Evil, Tango Gameworks decided to focus The Evil Within on its namesake, keeping the plot themed primarily around a personal matter involving the main character. So, if you were looking for a truly story-driven, plot-heavy game, it’s definitely present in The Evil Within 2.

Of course, if you just want to shoot things and not get eaten by crazy looking monsters that will give you nightmares, The Evil Within 2 also provides that kind of experience in spades. The boss fights in the game are also on a whole other level compared to most other games, and the creature designs are just crazy scary.

Basically, if you already own the game you can give it a go by connecting your Bethesda.Net account and checking out the AKUMU mode, or if you’ve never played the game before but you wanted something spooky to do for Halloween, you can still check out the game now that the latest update has gone live. You can grab a copy of The Evil Within 2 right now for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC.

How ’90s Clothing Brands Are Using Retro Designs to Entice Millennials

Earlier this year, Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with New York streetwear store Kith on a collection of reissued retro designs.
Earlier this year, Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with New York streetwear store Kith on a collection of reissued retro designs.

THOUGH HE’S ONLY 21, Dom Hadley owns nearly 30 pieces of vintage Tommy Hilfiger clothing, a collection he’s cultivated over the past four years. Yet many designs from the brad’s ’80s and ’90s heyday have eluded the college student from Liverpool, who also runs a YouTube channel dedicated to vintage clothes. So the news, this past August, that Tommy Hilfiger was reissuing certain iconic styles in partnership with New York streetwear store Kith thrilled Mr. Hadley. “That collaboration is just crazy because some of the pieces [Mr. Hilfiger and Kith owner Ronnie Fieg] chose for the collaboration, they’re all like the rarest vintage pieces,” said Mr. Hadley, who bought a zip-necked rugby shirt from the collection during a trip to Manhattan.

Increasingly, the vintage styles sought by young men like Mr. Hadley are reappearing on racks. Brands like Nautica, Ralph Lauren and Guess Jeans have all reissued, in one form or another, archival designs of the 1980s and ’90s, and this month, Perry Ellis jumped on board with a limited collection of retro re-releases, the original designs tweaked only slightly. Perry Ellis designer Michael Maccari reports that when he and his team “were looking back at the archive,” the younger staffers said they would wear the color-blocked cropped anoraks and bomber jackets that defined the brand’s pre-2000 heyday. These ’90s looks have come full circle, embraced by a generation of vintage-minded millennials that missed them the first time around.

Perry Ellis is one of many brands who have recently released archival clothing collections.
Perry Ellis is one of many brands who have recently released archival clothing collections.

Patrick Buhse, 27, the marketing manager of a Harley Davidson showroom on Long Island, called these buyers a “movement.” Inspired by photos he’d seen online of Snoop Dogg and Michael Jackson wearing Tommy Hilfiger in the ’90s, Mr. Buhse himself bought basketball sneakers and a long-sleeved polo from the Kith collection. For older millennials, this thirst for retro designs is wistful: “As a kid who grew up in the ‘90s, [the Kith collection] brought back a little nostalgia [for] my first bottle of cologne by none other than Tommy Hilfiger,” wrote Reagan Lee, 35, a web designer in Sydney, over email.

Given the graphic impact of much of the clothing, this nostalgia trip is gaining speed on visuals-happy social media platforms. A Guess T-shirt noisily striped in red and white or a Perry Ellis pullover slapped with a neon-green logo assert a loud aesthetic that stands out in the age of constant documentation. “Instagram is now the most important visual medium for fashion and as a result the industry has honed in on streetwear’s graphics and logos as transmittable memes, seeing a huge revival in 90s logomania,” reads a report (due to be published in November) by Lyst, a website that tracks search activity of fashion brands across the internet. Lyst reported that searches for Tommy Hilfiger jumped up 34% year-on-year, Fila searches soared 202% year-on-year and searches for Gap and Nautica have begun to rise since July. Searches for Perry Ellis are flat, but its new archive collection could move the needle.

Fila’s conspicuous shoes, like the “Disruptor II,” a lumbering lugged-sole sneaker from the ’90s that was reissued in 2016, have allowed the brand to introduce itself to a much younger consumer, according to Mark Eggert, the SVP of footwear at Fila North America, who said the brand wants to offer a unique look, “especially with the advent of social media.”

Some of this social media buzz is organic, but often it is orchestrated. Armaand Mangat, 26, who helps manage his family’s chain of gas stations in Ashburn, Va., first saw the Tommy Hilfiger Kith collection in an Instagram photo posted by 33-year-old racecar driver and Tommy Hilfiger spokesperson Lewis Hamilton. “They’re working with the right influencers,” said Mr. Mangat, who subsequently purchased a T-shirt from the hyped-up reissue collection.

In partnering with popular rapper A$AP Rocky, Guess gave a millennial-minded marketing hook to its retro-tinged collection.
In partnering with popular rapper A$AP Rocky, Guess gave a millennial-minded marketing hook to its retro-tinged collection.

If Lyst’s data is any indication, Fila has benefited from persuading top models with big Instagram followings such as Kendall Jenner, Romee Strijd and Emily Ratajkowski to wear its shoes. “We recognize that [Instagram] is where the kid is–that’s where they’re getting their information, they’re on the phone–so it was very critical for us to be there,” said Mr. Eggert. Similarly, Guess Jeans and Nautica have recently partnered with popular rappers A$AP Rocky and Lil Yachty (the self-professed “King of the Teens”) respectively on limited, vintage-tinged collections. “I didn’t know what Nautica was until Lil Yachty,” admitted Mr. Hadley, the Liverpool student. Today, he counts it, along with Guess, among his favorite brands.

For the launch of its retro collection, Perry Ellis partnered with Hypebeast, the popular streetwear site, for a series of ads and sponsored posts. The decision to market it with the site was “natural,” said designer Mr. Maccari. “You think about the young kids on my team, these are the places they look. They look to Instagram, they look to Hypebeast.” What’s old is new again, as long as you can find it on your iPhone.

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Xbox Game Pass Adds Five New Titles In November

The Xbox Game Pass roster is about to expand, with five new titles coming to Microsoft’s game subscription service in early November. These include Grip: Combat Racing, Sniper Elite 4, Rise and Shine, Sheltered and Olli Olli 2 XL.

The Xbox Game Pass subscription program is becoming more and more appealing, with more than 100 games already available through the service. Microsoft has been including its own first-party games the day they launch for purchase and, come November, that day-and-date launch offering will extend to a third party publisher.

On Nov. 6, Grip: Combat Racing, which is already available on PC, will launch on the Xbox One, as well as the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It gets a leg up on the Xbox One, though, because it will be included at no extra charge as part of the Game Pass service. For those unfamiliar with Game Pass, you fork over 10 bucks a month in order to download and play as many games as you can manage to squeeze in. Microsoft is constantly rotating new titles in, too, coupling older hits like Dead Island and Resident Evil 6 with their own first party titles like Gears of War 4 and Sea of Thieves.

As noted above, Xbox One exclusive games from Microsoft launch on the service the same day they become available at retail, including the recently released king of the driving hill, Forza Horizon 4. I’m not sure how the financials work out but, as a consumer, it’s not hard to see why that kind of subscription service would be so appealing.

But again, Grip isn’t the only new game launching on Game Pass next month. As of Nov. 1, four more games are also getting added to the lineup. Sniper Elite 4 is a pretty big get, allowing subscribers to experience the latest from the World War II combat series that offers plenty of exploration, stealth and extremely brutal sniping.

Olli Olli 2 XL also makes the cut, allowing up to four players to take part in a colorful and incredibly addictive platforming competition that tasks players with stringing together the most insane combo across an entire level.

Sheltered, on the other hand, is a resource management and simulation game set during the apocalypse. Not wholly unlike Fallout Shelter, this game has you building and maintaining an underground bunker in order to keep your family alive while facing scarce resources, scavengers and the like.

Finally, there’s Rise and Shine, a pretty sweet shooter/platformer with attitude that sees you exploring a hand-drawn world in order to blast alien invaders and protect a citizenry of classic video game characters.

That’s a great way to start November and, according to the announcement, there’s still more to come. During Inside Xbox at XO18 on Nov. 10, additional games heading to Xbox Game Pass will be announced.

No Man’s Sky’s New Update Takes You Out Of The Sky

The latest update for No Man’s Sky has arrived for home consoles and PC. The focus, however, is on an area of the game rarely ever talked about and much less discussed within the wider gaming community, since it takes you from out of the sky and sends you barreling into the deep below.

Over on the PlayStation Blog there’s a post from Hello Games founder Sean Murray, detailing that the new big update is called The Abyss (but it has no actual relation to the James Cameron movie of the same name), and it’s part of the continued update roadmap for the NEXT iteration of No Man’s Sky.

Just like the name infers, The Abyss takes players from out of the sky and into the deep, dark, underwater caverns of the sea. According to Murray, this update will focus mostly on journeying past the liquid surface of the oceans canvassing the large array of planets you can visit in the game.

The aquatic update allows players to build underwater habitats and structures. The game also includes five times as many variations in the makeup of the underwater biomes compared to the previous iterations of No Man’s Sky. There’s even a video that demonstrates how these habitats look and what you can expect from them, design wise.

Some of you might notice that, visually, these structures look a lot like the habitats that you can build in the game Subnautica, which is like a strictly underwater version of No Man’s Sky. Also, the big difference between the two is that there’s far less focus on combat in Unknown WorldsSubnautica compared to No Man’s Sky.

New locations and quests can be uncovered by visiting places of interest, such as sunken wrecks scattered about the sea floor. The team added mysterious treasures and hidden secrets throughout, allowing players to terraform the sea-soaked terrain to uncover some of these rare treasures. Additionally, the team has added new vehicles, and they are implemented into the procedural wrecks, so that it’s possible to find a wreck, repair it and fly it into space, which is kind of cool. It reminds me a little bit of Star Citizen and its quest-based derelicts.

Speaking of vehicles… the new submarine Exocraft called the Nautilon has been added to the bunch. The submarine will allow you to navigate the aquatic mazes of the deep blue sea, as well as fight off some of the fearsome monsters down there. You can also dock it at the habitats or customize it with unique submersible technology.

So, now players will be able to create underwater bases to match their terrestrial bases or to match their outer-space bases. All bases are covered.

The Abyss is going to be a free update for the game, so you won’t have to pay a dime to get in on the action. This will radically improve the kind of user experience you can expect from No Man’s Sky on Xbox One, PS4 or PC. You can look for Hello Games to launch the update later this week.

Rent Live, An Updated Cast List

If you’ve been paying any attention to television in the past several years, you’ll know that live TV musicals have now become an expected yearly event. NBC started the modern trend with The Sound of Music Live!, which aired in December 2013, and while that network has continued to lead the way, Fox got in on the act when it launched Grease Live! in January of 2016. Now, the network is at it again. Fox announced it’s live version of the iconic, hit musical Rent over a year ago, but now the main cast has finally been set.

And, the actors who will be taking on these roles have a lot to live up to. The Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning rock musical, which was written and composed by the late Jonathan Larson, is a modern re-imagining of the classic Puccini opera, La Bohème. Rent’s story follows “seven artists struggling to follow their dreams during a time of great social and political turmoil” while living in New York City’s East Village under the shadow of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, while offering “an inspiring message of hope and friendship.”

The musical, which has had many productions around the world since it first debuted Off Broadway in 1996, had many members of its first Broadway cast go on to become well-known for other Broadway performances, and their work in TV and movies. That cast included Taye Diggs, Jesse L. Martin, Idina Menzel and Anthony Rapp. A film version was also done in 2005, with many of the original Broadway cast reprising their roles. So, without further ado, let’s see who’ll be filling these memorable roles for Rent Live when it airs on January 27, 2019!

Kiersey Clemons – Joanne Jefferson

In the role of the Ivy League-educated public interest lawyer with a set of very politically powerful parents, Joanne Jefferson, we get to see Kiersey Clemons flex her musical muscles on the live stage. The actress might not be a household name just yet, but she’s already made waves in a series of high-profile independent films. Clemons got her start on the TV show Shake It Up in 2010, and went on to critically acclaimed performances in films like Dope (2015) and this year’s musically inclined dramedy Hearts Beat Loud with Nick Offerman. Clemons is on board to play Iris West in the upcoming Flash movie for the DCEU, and has four other projects in various stages of production right now.

Brandon Victor Dixon – Tom Collins

Rent Live has found its anarchist professor inflicted with AIDS. Brandon Victor Dixon will take on the part of Tom Collins, the the computer scientist who returns to New York after being expelled from MIT. If Dixon looks familiar to you, that might be because he was recently seen as Judas in NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar Live earlier in 2018, a role that won him an Emmy nomination. While he can also be seen right now on the Starz drama, Power, Dixon is best known for his work in many Broadway productions. He’s starred in Hamilton, Shuffle Along, Motown the Musical and The Color Purple, leading him to two Tony nominations and a Grammy nomination. And, Dixon has also starred Off Broadway in Rent before, so there’s no doubt that he knows his stuff.

Jordan Fisher – Mark Cohen

For two of the main roles in Rent Live, Fox has pulled from the cast their first live musical hit, Grease Live! The first of those actors is Jordan Fisher, who will take on the role of Mark Cohen. Mark is a struggling documentary filmmaker who serves as the narrator of the show, as he films the lives of his friends and neighbors. Fisher got his TV start on The Hustler in 2009, but he’s also appeared in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Teen Beach Movie and its sequel, Teen Wolf and Liv and Maddie. Fisher won Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars and can currently be seen hosting Dancing with the Stars: Juniors with Frankie Muniz.

Vanessa Hudgens – Maureen Johnson

For the other Grease Live! player lending their talents to Rent Live, we have Vanessa Hudgens as Maureen Johnson. Maureen is an outgoing and flirtatious performance artist who is Mark’s ex-girlfriend and Joanne’s current girlfriend, and she also has no qualms about taking on anything or anyone she sees as the establishment. Hudgens, of course, gained fame for her work in the High School Musical movies, but has also appeared in Beastly, Sucker Punch, Machete Kills, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Spring Breakers and last year’s DC superhero adjacent sitcom, Powerless. Hudgens made her Broadway debut in 2015, when she starred in the title role of the musical Gigi.

Brennin Hunt – Roger Davis

Newcomer Brennin Hunt has landed the role of Roger Davis. Roger is a once successful (but now struggling) musician, ex-lead singer and rock guitarist who is also HIV-positive, an ex-junkie and Mark’s roommate and best friend. Brennin, who competed on the American version of The X Factor in 2011, had a small role on Nashville in 2015 and is currently filming his first leading movie role in the film Walking with Herb, which will feature one of his original songs.

Mario – Benjamin “Benny” Coffin III

R&B singer Mario will be taking on the part of Benjamin Coffin III for the live musical. Benny is the current landlord of Mark, Roger and Mimi, while also being an ex-roommate of Mark, Roger and Maureen. He is now married into a very wealthy real estate family, and is seen as a yuppie sell-out by his former friends, from whom he needs to collect rent. The Grammy Award-nominated, multi-Platinum-selling singer, songwriter and producer was discovered at the age of 11 and has had several Billboard hits since his musical debut in 2002. Mario made his TV debut in 2003 on One on One, and went on to have roles in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, the films Step Up and Freedom Writers, and was most recently seen on Fox’s Empire.

Tinashe – Mimi Márquez

R&B songstress Tinashe will star in Rent Live as Mimi Márquez. Mimi is an S&M club dancer and drug addict who also lives downstairs from Mark and Roger, is Roger’s love interest, and is HIV-positive just as he is. Tinashe broke into music with her double Platinum hit “2 On” in 2014, and has toured with Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Nicki Minaj. She has also worked in television before, with her first role coming on the TV show Franklin in 1997, and other parts including work in Cora Unashamed, Call Me Claus, Out of Jimmy’s Head, Two and a Half Men and, most recently, Empire.

Valentina – Angel Dumott Schunard

In the role of the young drag queen and street percussionist who embraces life with a generous disposition, drag queen Valentina has been cast in the live production. Angel also has AIDS and is Tom’s love interest in the story. Valentina (also known as James Leyva) competed on RuPaul’s Drag Race (where he won the fan-voted Miss Congeniality award) and RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked, both in 2017, and will head back to strut his stuff on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.

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Arrow Spoilers: Oliver Crossed A Major Line

Warning: spoilers ahead for the October 29 episode of Arrow on The CW.

Arrow is doing something new in Season 7 thanks to the fact that the Green Arrow is behind bars. Admittedly, a new Green Arrow has taken up the bow in Star City while Oliver is in the clink, but the original recipe Emerald Archer is in prison and not likely to be freed any time soon. Still, Oliver is determined to do his part to find Ricardo Diaz from prison, and he crossed a significant line in the latest episode to do so.

In the previous episode, Oliver did everything in his power to avoid crossing any major lines. When Brick tempted him with the promise of info on Diaz if Oliver would get rid of a guard for him, Oliver found a creative solution. Instead of killing the guard as Brick clearly intended, Oliver grabbed the guard’s hand and then stabbed himself in the belly, framing the guard without killing him.

In this week’s episode, Brick wasn’t too happy that Oliver had gone with a softer interpretation of his directive to get rid of the guard. When Oliver called him out and demanded the information on Diaz since he did technically get rid of Brick’s enemy, Brick finally said that he would keep his word and gave Oliver directions to meet him at night. The cells sprung open that night, and Oliver took off to meet Diaz’s agent within Slabside, known only as “The Demon.”

Stanley followed Oliver, because he’s either really attached to having the Green Arrow as his prison pal or he’s secretly a very bad guy. For now, I’m sticking with my theory that Stanley is a serial killer. He makes a lot of questionable decisions that really only make sense if he’s a lot sketchier than he seems, and Oliver has bigger concerns than bothering to look too closely at the little guy who seemingly couldn’t defend himself.

Anyway, the meeting turned out to be a trap. Brick was holding court in the cafeteria and sent Bronze Tiger to kill Oliver, who got the jump on Bronze Tiger and forced him to take them to Brick. Oliver discovered that Brick had created a fight club of sorts in the cafeteria with other inmates and corrupt guards placing bets. Brick decided that the Green Arrow needed to battle Sampson.

Oliver defeated Sampson when they first battled, but the odds weren’t totally in his favor this time around. He didn’t have any of his weapons, he didn’t have anywhere to run or hide to regroup, and he had recently stabbed himself in the belly. Nevertheless, he took down Sampson after Sampson refused to give up. Brick revealed that he had his money on Oliver.

Far from mollified, Oliver scaled the wall up to where Brick had been watching the fight and pulled a shiv on him. Brick finally confessed that The Demon isn’t somebody Oliver will be able to access, as he is housed on Level 2, where the worst of the worst criminals are housed. Since Oliver was a guy who had to stab himself to get rid of a guard, Brick naturally believed that Oliver would be staying on Level 1.

Well, Brick underestimated how much Oliver wants to catch Diaz. Covered in blood and already beaten practically to a pulp, Oliver had enough left in him to use his shiv and stab some of the corrupt guards. That was enough to land Oliver a sentence to Level 2, and he was marched away as all the bad guys he’d put away watched. Oliver just attacked people simply to advance his own vendetta.

Now, on the one hand, none of us should probably be too disturbed that Oliver stabbed a couple of guards who were apparently on Brick’s and/or The Demon’s payroll, and the episode technically didn’t reveal whether any of the guards suffered permanent damage. In the grand scheme of things on Arrow, it’s really not that bad. I mean, Oliver has killed a lot of people, and not all of them for terribly horrifying crimes.

Under normal conditions, stabbing the guards would have been the crossing of a line, but not necessarily one that should have disturbed Oliver fans. Given that it wasn’t that long ago that Oliver was determined to behave himself no matter what to lessen his sentence, doing something severe enough to get sent to the level housing the worst bad guys in Slabside is the crossing of a major line. Oliver seemingly has given up his hopes of getting out of prison in favor of possibly getting some info on Diaz.

It may be a sign of a deteriorating mental state that Oliver is giving up a lot with no more than the word of a murderer to go on. He hasn’t taken any time to think through his actions, and they’re not actions that can really be undone. He’s going somewhere that even criminals like Brick are wary of, and we can only imagine what kind of villains are housed on Level 2. The bad guys on Level 1 are bad enough, and Oliver has nearly gotten himself killed at their hands more than once already.

Unfortunately, Oliver doesn’t have more than “The Demon” to go on. Naturally, that title calls the al Ghul family to mind, but Ra’s al Ghul is dead, and neither Nyssa nor Talia would be housed in a men’s prison, if indeed a normal prison could hold them. This new villain may be completely unconnected to anybody Oliver has fought before. As long as he has a connection to Diaz, Oliver will want to be a friend to him. Something tells me he won’t be able to threaten The Demon into submission. We’ll have to wait and see.

Elsewhere in the episode, Felicity and Rene teamed up with Samanda Watson in an alliance that unfortunately didn’t last for very long. Watson went against her boss’ instructions and helped Felicity, and the failure of their mission resulted in a reprimand and return to Washington for the FBI agent. Unbeknownst to Watson, Felicity and Rene actually captured one of the Longbow Hunters.

Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla were spending more time working together, and Digg was alarmed that his wife (who also happens to be the head of ARGUS) was keeping secrets from him. They agreed on no more secrets by the end of the episode, although only time will tell if they’re both able to keep that promise.

Find out in new episodes of Arrow on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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A Million Little Things And More Got Some Great News From ABC

ABC has some very good news for fans of a number of its freshman shows. Like another network, ABC isn’t holding back on handing out orders for shows to last a little bit longer in the 2018-2019 TV season. Let’s start with arguably the highest-profile new series to get some good news: A Million Little Things.

The series that started out looking like another version of This Is Us has found its niche, won an audience, and earned itself a full season order. It’s not altogether surprising that A Million Little Things scored a season order, and not just because it has mastered the art of telling stories that are both heartfelt and tear-jerking. The ratings have been impressive.

In Live+7 day ratings, A Million Little Things averages 8.0 million viewers and a 2.0 rating in the key 18-49 demographic. Although it doesn’t win those numbers when new episodes air in the show’s normal Wednesday night time slot, A Million Little Things is a huge gainer in post-live viewing. After a week, viewership has jumped from 4.18 million to 8.01 million in a bump of 92%. With ratings in the key demo, A Million Little Things jumps 122% after seven days.

The full season order for A Million Things means a bump of four episodes, which brings the total episode count for the first season up to 17. It’s still a bit short of the 20+ episode count that other shows get out of season orders, but it’s more than fans were previously able to count on. One other series got another episode.

The Conners received an order for one more installment, meaning a total episode count of 11. The spinoff ratings weren’t nearly as impressive as the ratings for the Roseanne revival premiere earlier this year, but they were clearly enough for ABC to want a little bit extra out of the series in its first run. The premiere did experience impressive gains in post-live viewing. Variety reports a bump from a 2.4 rating in the 18-49 demo to 3.0, and a viewership bump from 10.6 million to 12.9 million.

Two other freshman shows got good news, although not in the form of episode production. Nathan Fillion’s drama The Rookie and new comedy The Kids Are Alright had additional scripts ordered for the 2018-2019 season. There’s no guarantee that these scripts will be ordered into production, but the extra scripts are a good sign. Splitting Up Together had additional scripts ordered as well.

If all this isn’t enough, there’s more! ABC has announced a pickup of its longest-running primetime show: America’s Funniest Home Videos. The show, which airs on Sundays at 7 p.m. ET with Alfonso Ribeiro, was renewed for Seasons 30 and 31. Additionally, ABC picked up a new comedy reality series called Videos After Dark, from the producers of America’s Funniest Home Videos. The new show will be hosted by Bob Saget, who many remember as the original host of the series.

Cardi B Unleashes On Nicki Minaj In Scathing Rant: ‘You’re Fucking Up Your Legacy’

Cardi B is fed up with Nicki Minaj. About what, you may ask? Literally everything.

On Monday (October 29), the rappers’ beef came to a head (again) when Cardi took to Instagram to speak her piece in a series of candid videos. Her comments came after Nicki used the tenth episode of her Queen Radio show to offer $100,000 for footage of her and Cardi’s NYFW altercation (the one where Cardi left with a noticeable welt on her head after getting into a scuffle with Nicki’s crew). Hours after that episode aired, Cardi switched on selfie mode to go on a rant in which she accused Nicki of “playing the victim,” among other things.

“You need to pick a side, do you want to be the victim or do you want to be the gangster? You lie so much you can’t even keep up with your fucking lies,” Cardi said.

Among Cardi’s other grievances? For one, she didn’t like Nicki’s “Motorsport” lyric that implied Nicki was her “coach.” The Invasion of Privacy rapper also vehemently shot down Nicki’s accusation that she used payola to rise to the top, saying, “You don’t understand why I am so fucking successful. … Why is it that when people want to listen to me, you cannot believe it? That I got to be cheating for that?”

As for Nicki’s claim that Cardi never showed her “genuine love,” the “Money” MC had this to say: “That’s crazy because when you pull up on my videos you see that I’m always showing you respect because you’re somebody I listened to ever since I was in high school. … The difference between me and a lot of these bitches? I don’t suck your dick. That’s the difference. What you need to do is stop focusing on other people, focus on yourself, and focus on your craft because you’re out here fucking up your legacy looking like a fucking hater.”

For what it’s worth, Minaj said during Monday’s Queen Radio episode that she wants to “move past” the Cardi drama, and ultimately, her rival claims to want the same thing. She finished her multi-video rant by saying, “I’m tired of talking about it too. … We could talk about it or we could fight it out. I’m with whatever. But I’m sick of that back and forth shit. I’m not doing it.”

Buckle in and see all of Cardi’s videos below.

Why Deadpool 2 Is Releasing A PG-13 Version, According To The Writers

Deadpool 2 came and went earlier this year, but we’ll be visited by the Merc with the Mouth one last time before 2018 is over. It was announced at the end of September at that a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 will screen in theaters. For those wondering why this is happening, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick told CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg that they wanted the sequel to be accessible to a wider demographic, while also throwing in some new elements to entertain the older crowd who already watched Deadpool 2. As Reese put it:

Deadpool already stands out from other comic book protagonists thanks to his habit of breaking the fourth wall, but because 20th Century Fox was ok with the character’s movies entering the R-rated realm (which the studio also later approved for Logan), that further helped Deadpool and Deadpool 2 distinguish themselves from other superhero movies, most of which are rated PG-13.

However, as Rhett Reese noted, embarking down that creative path also meant shutting out the younger fans who couldn’t see these movies in theaters without being accompanied by an adult. So now this PG-13 Deadpool 2 provides an opportunity to let kids experience the fun, just without as much curse words, sexual innuendo and gore.

As for the framing element that Rhett Reese alluded to, he’s talking about how the PG-13 Deadpool 2 will parody The Princess Bride, which Ryan Reynolds teased on social media hours before this cut of the movie was announced. The masked Wade Wilson will tell the toned-down Deadpool 2 story to an adult Fred Savage, calling back to when Peter Falk read to the adolescent Fred over 30 years ago.

Paul Wernick added during the interview with CinemaBlend that the PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 came together particularly quickly, to the point that the new footage didn’t even exist a full two months ago. Wernick said:

I can’t help but wonder if this PG-13 Deadpool 2 is also testing the waters for the looming Disney Fox deal. Once that is finalized and in effect, the X-Men and Fantastic Four properties can be absorbed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and perhaps the franchise will want to take a more family-friendly approach with Deadpool. Last year, Disney CEO Bob Iger said there might be an opportunity to create an R-rated brand for characters like Deadpool, but it’s also easy enough to imagine the Merc with the Mouth’s stories being adjusted to better fit in with the rest of the MCU.

The PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 hits theaters on December 21, although it’s unclear how long it will be shown on the silver screen. If you’d rather watch the original R-rated version, it’s available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. And as for what else is coming out before the year is over, check out our 2018 release schedule for that information.