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Taika Waititi Wins For Best Reaction To James Gunn’s Guardians 3 Return

When news broke yesterday that James Gunn had been reinstated to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after his firing last summer, there were wide-ranging emotions and reactions to the news. People were elated, surprised, and quite frankly astonished at this reversal of fortunes, while James Gunn himself expressed humility and gratitude. The best reaction to the news, though, came from Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi. Take a look:

Leave it to Taika Waititi to deliver the funniest response to the James Gunn news. While everyone else was celebrating James Gunn’s return, Taika Waititi acted shocked and appalled in his tweet that he didn’t get the job and will not be directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, losing out to a guy that he didn’t even think was in the running.

To appreciate Taika Waititi’s joke, you have to have followed the James Gunn/Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 saga to know why Taika would even pretend he was going to direct the film. After James Gunn’s firing, there were a lot of questions about if Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 even would or should happen, and if it did, who would and could direct it.

The name that came up most in those conversations was Taika Waititi. The Kiwi director, who so endeared himself to Marvel fans with Thor: Ragnarok, seemed to be the only obvious choice to replace Gunn. Taika Waititi has an irreverent comedic style that, although not the same as Gunn’s, seemed to be the closest approximation fans could hope for.

There were even reports that Taika Waititi had met with Marvel, leading to speculation that it was about Guardians 3. His name also seemed to be the only one other than James Gunn’s that fans would accept. If you hear something enough you start to believe it, and with all that talk about him directing Guardians, Taika Waititi could almost have believed it himself — even though he said that he had no interest and believed that Guardians belonged to James Gunn.

We now know that Marvel never even met with or considered other filmmakers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Sorry Taika, not only did you not get the job, you weren’t even in the running. It appears that James Gunn was always going to be the once and future director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

So now James Gunn is directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and The Suicide Squad, showing that one doesn’t need to swear allegiance to one comic book company. As for Taika Waititi, he may not have got the Guardians gig, but he still has plenty on his plate. He followed up Ragnarok with his new Nazi satire movie Jojo Rabbit, which has not yet set a release date, and he recently directed an episode of the new Star Wars Disney+ series The Mandalorian.

Check out our 2019 release schedule to see all the biggest movies heading to theaters this year and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest movie news.

This ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory Suggests Who the Night King Is Really After

We’re a month out from the beginning of the end—of Game of Thrones, that is. As we all wait (not so patiently) to see how who finally ends up on the Iron Throne, the fan theories are kicking into high gear.

Everyone is speculating about whether or not Sansa and Daenerys will hate each other and if Cersei is really pregnant—but what of the series’ ultimate Big Bad, the Night King? From the trailer, it’s safe to say we’re going to see at least one epic battle with the icy ruler and his White Walkers, but who is he really after? Many assume it’s Jon Snow, and they might be correct. But a new theory on Reddit suggests that Bran Stark, a.k.a. the Three-Eyed Raven, is the Night King’s true target.

Let’s break it down.

The theory stems from an interview that Vladimir Furdik, the actor who plays the Night King, gave to Entertainment Weekly. “People will see he has a target he wants to kill, and you will find out who that is,” he said. “There’s also that moment [in “Hardhome”] when Jon Snow was on the boat and the Night King looked at him and raised his arms — there’s a similar and even stronger moment between Jon and the Night King this time.”

Based on that, the Redditor posits that the target is actually Bran, not Jon. Here’s why: “The NK has had many opportunities to kill Jon. If he was after him that bad, he would have killed him by now! Also, the actor brought up Jon and NK’s stare down in the same sentence as ‘he is after someone’ so HBO wouldn’t let him say those things together because it’s too spoilery. So it can’t be Jon.”

“There’s some show dialogue that tells us that Bran is very important as well. Like Jojen Reed! He tells Bran, ‘only one thing that matters, you!’ So he’s saying that Bran is the only thing that matters. There’s also Benjen. He tells Bran ‘one way or another, he will find his way to the world of men. And when he does, you will be there waiting for him.’ Also, Remember when the NK touched Bran and then the three eyed raven tells Bran, ‘he touched you! He knows your here! He’ll come for you!’ The NK is coming for Bran? I mean that’s telling us everything we need to know right there. So he’s after Bran!”

But, why? Basically, because Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven. But also because it has been noted that the Three-Eyed Raven and the Night King are “ancient enemies.” And this centuries-old beef possibly began with the very first Three-Eyed Raven who may have been the person to build The Wall, keeping the White Walkers at bay for a long time. “So the last hero and the children ban together and create something that can defeat the NK. They gave this man the power he needs to put a stop to the NK,” the Redditor says. “That’s why the NK has tried to stop any three eyed ravens from being trained. That’s why the NK killed Bloodraven and tried to kill Bran. That’s why he is coming after Bran. That’s why the NK and three eyed raven are ancient enemies!”

So the Night King is possibly after Bran because he is the Three-Eyed Raven, and the Night King is always against whoever the new Three-Eyed Raven is because of this ancient feud—but also because the Three-Eyed Raven has the knowledge to stop him.

Phew, that was a lot—but it all does make sense. Of course, this is a show that kills off main characters when you least expect it and is constantly zigging when you think it will zag, so this theory might well be proven false during this final season. Either way, though, can someone just take down that nasty Night King already?

Reese Witherspoon Had the Funniest Response to Rumors She and Jennifer Garner are Pregnant

When you’ve been mega-famous as long as Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner have, I’m guessing you probably learn to ignore most of the ridiculous tabloid headlines you glimpse about yourself. But, seeing as how celebrities are also human beings with feelings, the especially outrageous ones can still make them do a double-take—or just give them a good laugh.

Case in point: A recent cover of OK! features a photo of the two women with the headline “Baby Bombshell! Shock and Joy for Hollywood BFFs.” Of course, Witherspoon had the most perfect response to the coverline. She posted the cover on social media with the caption, “Hey @jennifer.garner! Can we raise our imaginary babies together?”

The post obviously struck a chord with other celebs, who quickly chimed in. Gwyneth Paltrow simply commented, “😂😂😂” while Sara Foster said, “That’s so amazing! Congrats to both of you! How exciting!” Sarah Michelle Gellar wrote, “Only if I can imaginary babysit!” to which Witherspoon responded, “Will you be the imaginary godmother?” Ali Wentworth even offered to throw the shower.

There were also some amazing responses on Twitter where one person wrote, “I often wondered what actors thought while going thru the checkout 🌟 haha.” Another was surprised the story wasn’t about another Jen, “Well, it’s not Jen Anniston [sic] this time, so that’s genuinely surprising. I mean, she’s been pregnant for like 10 years at least 😂 #DontBelieveTabloids.”

Another user replied, “Oh come on now Rheese [sic], if magazine says it’s true, than it MUST be so! What do you know anyways? Of course they know your body better than you do!! 🙄🤣”

There’s obviously lots of sarcasm here, but the headline—and some of the Twitter reactions—also raises a good point about tabloids and their continued scrutiny of female celebrities’ bodies. As Jennifer Aniston’s publicist told the New York Times in January, “Every week I get these emails, ‘We’re working on a story that Jennifer is pregnant. I will say, ‘This is a complete fabrication. There’s no truth to this or this is all ridiculous and completely false.’ And they still go with the story.”

We’re guessing that if tabloids decided to finally switch off the pregnancy rumor story cycle, it wouldn’t exactly be met with disappointment in Hollywood.

Miss Klaus? See The Originals’ Joseph Morgan At His New Movie’s Screening

Klaus Mikaelson is gone but not forgotten to fans of The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. Klaus is regularly name-dropped on The CW’s current spinoff series Legacies, keeping him fresh in fans’ minds. It happened again this week in a big Klaroline way, leading many fans to wistfully wonder what actor Joseph Morgan is up to.

Well, if you’ll be in the Southern California area in early April, you may be able to see for yourself. His short film Carousel is working the film festival circuit, and the actor himself teased the the next screening would be April 3 in Beverly Hills:

Joseph Morgan tweeted out a link to the Beverly Hills Film Festival, hoping to see fans there. Morgan directed Carousel, which he also co-wrote and co-starred in alongside Persia White. The two stars are also married, after meeting on the set of The Vampire Diaries, where she played the recurring role of Abby Bennett Wilson.

Carousel has traveled to many film festivals since October 2018, and you can check the site to see if it will be playing anywhere near you, or if it might become available to watch in other ways.

Persia White and Joseph Morgan also produced the comedy Juice Truck, which is listed as playing at the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival in March 2019.

The Originals Season 5 finale, also the series finale, aired August 1, 2018. So it hasn’t even been a full year since the first Vampire Diaries spinoff went off the air. Still, there had been hope that we’d see Joseph Morgan back on screen with the Gone Baby Gone series. He had the role of Patrick Kenzie, the same role Casey Affleck had in the 2007 movie. But in May 2018, Deadline revealed that Fox had passed on the Gone Baby Gone pilot.

If you’re looking for other stars of The Originals, Riley Voelkel (Freya Mikaelson) joined The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico, which also co-stars Vampire Diaries alum Michael Trevino. And Charles Michael Davis (Marcel Gerard) is a new addition to For the People Season 2 on ABC. Of course, Joseph Morgan’s on-screen daughter Danielle Rose Russell (Hope Mikaelson) is now the star of the spinoff Legacies, which just saw the return of another supporting character from The Originals this past week.

Earlier in Legacies Season 1, we got an update on what happened to Klaus in the afterlife. Unfortunately, The Originals finale pretty much ruled out Joseph Morgan’s return to the show, unless they want to do the vision/spirit thing.

Oscar Isaac Is Glad Leia Was Brought Back For Episode IX

Throughout the first two episodes of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, General Leia Organa and ace pilot Poe Dameron have been the faces and leaders of the Resistance effort against the First Order. The loving and sometimes contentious relationship between these two characters took center stage in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a fact that didn’t come as a surprise to Oscar Isaac, as he explained:

Oscar Isaac spent a lot of time with Carrie Fisher working through scenes and becoming friends, so he knew that the relationship between their characters would factor heavily into Episode VIII. He seems to have really treasured that relationship and how it came together in the film and is happy that Leia is being brought back for Star Wars: Episode IX.

As he told Sirius XM’s John Fugelsang, the narrative thread and relationship between Poe and Leia continues in Star Wars: Episode IX. Unused footage of Carrie Fisher’s Leia from the previous two films is being repurposed for J.J. Abrams new movie to complete her arc, and because of how closely the late actress and Oscar Isaac worked on the previous films, it makes sense that there is enough footage to allow their characters’ relationship to develop even further.

It also sounds like Oscar Isaac will be acting in new scenes opposite old footage of Carrie Fisher, an experience that was strange for the actor. He said about the experience:

Acting opposite the actress’ footage and not Carrie Fisher herself sounds like a bittersweet and strange thing, but Oscar Isaac felt that Princess Leia deserved a proper sendoff and he seems to be among the many that are happy that Lucasfilm found a way to continue the character’s story. For a character this important, who meant so much to Carrie Fisher, it wouldn’t feel right for her to just be written out of the film and have her die or disappear offscreen without getting to see her.

It will be good to see Poe and Leia together again and the continuation of their interesting relationship that saw them butting heads in The Last Jedi. Poe needs to become a leader and Leia was teaching him hard lessons. Like Jeor Mormont once told Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, if you want to lead one day, you first have to learn how to follow, and I expect Poe will be a true leader before the end of Episode IX.

Given that Oscar Isaac has said that Star Wars: Episode IX will blow fans away and is a fulfilling end to the Skywalker Saga, we can infer that he was pleased with the way J.J. Abrams concluded the story and Leia’s arc.

Star Wars: Episode IX blasts into theaters on December 20. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of all the biggest movies coming your way this year.

The Flash’s Ezra Miller Is Now Working On The Script With A DC Comics Heavyweight

According to THR, this latest shakeup on the script front comes as a result of conflicting creative visions between Ezra Miller and The Flash directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. The duo, who were tapped to helm The Flash early last year, want to go in a lighthearted direction with the movie, similar to what’s been done with Aquaman, which has grossed over $1.1 billion worldwide, and Shazam!, which is getting positive early buzz. Miller, on the other hand, wants The Flash to be darker, and he subsequently took the initiative to work on the script with Grant Morrison, whose DC Comics credits include runs on Batman, Justice League of America, Doom Patrol and, especially fitting here, The Flash, not to mention miniseries like All-Star Superman, Final Crisis and The Multiversity.

Mark Ruffalo Is Still Psyched He Wasn’t Fired From Avengers: Endgame

Actor Mark Ruffalo has a well-documented history of inadvertently dropping spoilers to Marvel movies, an offense that you might think could result in termination or at least a stern warning in the ultra-secretive Marvel Cinematic Universe. So when the new trailer and poster for Avengers: Endgame dropped yesterday, Mark Ruffalo was psyched to see that he was still in them and wasn’t fired. Take a look:

No, Mark, you weren’t fired, but the press tour for Avengers: Endgame hasn’t begun yet, so I suppose there’s still time. Given his many screw-ups and spoilery slips of the tongue, Mark Ruffalo can’t be too sure about his employment status, so he even queries it in his tweet. It’s a combination of curious befuddlement and elated shock to see himself in the new marketing.

Mark Ruffalo knows he should be fired, and yet there he is in the middle of the Avengers: Endgame poster. It’s definitely him too because his name is on it. And while he knows better than anyone that the actor who plays the Hulk can be replaced, he appears as Bruce Banner, not the Hulk. So there can be no doubt, Mark Ruffalo has not been fired and is still part of the MCU, a fact he is understandably psyched about.

The three-time Oscar nominee has been joking about being fired for a while now, leaning in to the perception that he spoils MCU movies after his various actual slip-ups. Back in October, Mark Ruffalo appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and jokingly said that he let a spoiler for Avengers 4 slip and the Russo Brothers have been playing along, telling him he’s fired ever since.

But like bullets on the Hulk’s thick green skin, those firings have just bounced off Mark Ruffalo and he remains very much in the movie.

However, Mark Ruffalo’s co-stars have even started teasing him about his loose-lipped ship sinking. Don Cheadle, who was sitting beside Mark Ruffalo for his most notorious “everybody dies” spoiler, has joked that he doesn’t want to do press with him anymore. On his latest appearance on The Tonight Show, the host even had Mark Ruffalo hooked up to a lie detector to try and grill him for answers.

We don’t know the answers for the Hulk or Avengers: Endgame yet, but we certainly have a lot of questions. Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner only appears once in the new trailer and we have yet to see the Hulk at all in the trailers for the Phase 3 capper. Obviously Bruce Banner and the green guy were going through some stuff in Avengers: Infinity War, but how that will be sorted out in Endgame is being kept under wraps.

Also of note, Mark Ruffalo may have escaped termination and is in the movie, but he does not appear with the rest of the team in the shot towards the end of the trailer where they are all suited up, presumably for some time travel/Quantum Realm adventures. Of course, we don’t see Captain Marvel or Thor in those shots either. Shots of them could have just been omitted for any number of reasons, or maybe those three, the three heaviest hitters, are off doing something else. But what?

Mark Ruffalo has less than 42 days to keep quiet and maintain his employment. Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters on April 26. Check out our 2019 release schedule for that and all the other big movies you can look forward to this year.

Annabelle 3 Has An Official Title, And It’s Great

Although the main Conjuring film series began in 2013 and will return with its third installment next year, this horror franchise became a proper cinematic universe in 2014 with the release of Annabelle, centered on the eponymous creepy doll introduced in The Conjuring. She returned in 2016 for Annabelle: Creation and will be back again this summer, and we’ve now learned that Annabelle 3 will be officially, and fittingly, titled Annabelle Comes Home, as you’ll see below.

At first glance, Annabelle Comes Home may not seem like a particularly special title, but when looking at where this movie’s set within the Conjuring timeline, it makes sense. It was revealed last year that the threequel will be set after the beginning portion of The Conjuring, with Annabelle being kept in the museum of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the protagonists of the Conjuring movies. So after two movies of seeing Annabelle’s horrifying exploits in years past, she’s finally “returning” to the family that launched her film career, although within the Conjuring chronology, not much time has passed.

It’s nice to finally know what the third Annabelle movie’s being called, and this video is certainly spooky. Still, with only three months to go until the movie’s release, ideally fans will be treated to a trailer relatively soon. In a summer season that’s packed with various genre offerings, Warner Bros will want to start showing off footage from this latest Conjuring franchise fright fest to get more people hyped for its release.

The first Annabelle spinoff took place in 1967 and depicted how Annabelle Higgins died and the demon impersonating her spirit going on a killing spree, eventually inserting itself into that porcelain While met with mixed-to-negative reception, Annabelle did quite well for itself commercially, making $257 million worldwide off a $6.5 million budget. Annabelle: Creation wound the clock back even further to 1955 and show how Annabelle, originally known as Janice, became demonically possessed. Creation earned a much better critical reception than its predecessor and made $206.5 million worldwide off a $15 million budget.

For the third spinoff, Annabelle Comes Home will see Annabelle terrorizing the Warrens’ daughter, Judy, in the family’s home, and the doll’s presence will have an effect on the other supernatural artifacts being kept under lock and key. Along with Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprising Ed and Lorraine, respectively, Annabelle Comes Home’s main cast includes Mckenna Grace as Judy, Madison Iseman as Mary Ellen, Katie Strife as Daniela, Stephen Backehart as Thomas, Steve Coulter as Father Gordon Paul Dean as Mr Palmeri and Luca Luhan as Anthony Rios.

Directed and written by Gary Dauberman, with Conjuring mastermind James Wan producing alongside Peter Safran, Annabelle Comes Home scares its way into theaters on June 28, so keep checking back with CinemaBlend for continuing coverage. For now, don’t forget to look through our 2019 release schedule to learn what other movies come out later this year.

Forrest Gump Is Getting A Bollywood Remake

Forrest Gump was the highest-grossing movie of 1994 – it made $677 million worldwide, though only made $46,282 in Indian theaters. The movie still holds the top spot for a summer drama release and received high-critical praise. Forrest Gump was nominated for 13 Oscars and won six for Best Picture, Best Actor for Tom Hanks, Best Director for Robert Zemeckis, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Visual Effects.

Demi Lovato Just Posted a Powerful Message About Her Relapse

Demi Lovato took to Instagram Story on Friday afternoon, March 15, to open up about the relapse she experienced last summer.

“Today I would’ve had 7 years sober,” the singer wrote. In July 2018, news broke Lovato had suffered from an apparent overdose. The next month, she announced she was taking a step back from social media to heal and focus on her recovery. Lovato returned to Instagram in November 2018 with an important message about voting in the midterm elections, and in January 2019 she celebrated six months of sobriety.

“I don’t regret going out because I needed to make those mistakes but I must never forget that’s exactly what they were: mistakes,” Lovato continued on Instagram this afternoon, in reference to what happened over the summer. “Grateful that AA/NA never shuts the door on you no matter how many times you have to start your time over. I didn’t lose 6 years; I’ll always have that experience but now I just get to add to that time with a new journey and time count.”

She ended her Instagram Story with a message for people who are also struggling with addiction. “If you’ve relapsed and are afraid to get help again, just know it’s possible to take that step towards recovery,” she wrote. “If you’re alive today, you can make it back. You’re worth it.”

See Demi Lovato‘s posts for yourself, below:

The speculation surrounding Lovato’s relapse has been nonstop. In December 2018, she attempted to shut down the chatter by tweeting (and later deleting), “Someday I’ll tell the world what exactly happened, why it happened, and what my life is like today…but until I’m ready to share that with people, please stop prying and making up shit that you know nothing about. I still need space and time to heal.”