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Why The Timeless Team Isn’t In The Final Scene

Fans of Timeless still have some time left before they can watch the series finale. But right now they can get some insight into how the NBC show will draw to a close. The final scene will not feature the Time Team. Matt Lanter explained why:

So, a hint of what is to come in the finale and the potential of something occurring beyond that. Matt Lanter (Wyatt Logan) told ET a lot without saying too much. What exactly the final scene does end on is still open to speculation. That is something you can count on Timeless fans engaging in until the much-anticipated two-hour conclusion premieres in December.

It’s intriguing to think of the possible implications of no Time Team members appearing in the final moments. Maybe new members of the Time Team will be introduced and given the spotlight?

It is difficult to imagine Timeless taking that route. The finale is usually a time to spend every moment with the characters fans have come to love — not share that time with new characters fans haven’t had the chance to love yet.

Regardless, it seems as though there could be potential for a revival of some sort, down the line. Before the finale has even aired, Matt Lanter is providing ample hope that the Time Team’s adventures may not be over. If the Time Team gears up to save the world again, cameras will definitely need to catch the action.

For now, the series finale will have to suffice. Timeless‘ concluding installment will fit in perfectly with the time of year it airs. The plot is set to leverage that, as it will have a Christmas theme. The finale’s logline promises to take fans through the past, present, and future with the Christmas season as a recurring element.

In many ways, the Timeless finale will be one giant gift for fans. The show’s supporters have been integral throughout the show’s run. Timeless was cancelled after its first season, only to be revived for a second in the wake of ardent fan support.

Fans were left heartbroken again when NBC cancelled the time travel drama for the second time. Fans did not let that get them down, though. They came to the rescue again, mounting efforts to secure the ending Timeless deserved. Season 2 did not end in a way that provided any closure.

Despite fans’ efforts, hopes for a third season faded. A silver lining ultimately emerged with the news that the Peacock Network would give the show a proper series finale. Thankfully, fans have not had to wait an entire year between the Season 2 finale and the series’ ender. Timeless signed off in May and will draw to an official close later next month.

The two-hour series finale of Timeless will premiere Thursday, December 20 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. To help pass the time — new shows are arriving this fall and throughout the midseason to keep you busy.

No, Ryan Reynolds Didn’t Steal The Idea For Once Upon A Deadpool

The idea behind Once Upon A Deadpool seems mildly insane on its face. Let’s take Deadpool 2, edit out all the material that makes it an R-rated film so that it can achieve a PG-13 rating, then add a framing device where Deadpool tells the story to an adult Fred Savage a la The Princess Bride. How does anybody even have an idea like that? Well, it turns out that somebody had the idea before Deadpool 2 ever came out. A writer and artist recently pointed out that he suggested exactly such an idea last year.

Michael Vincent Bramley posted the idea of using The Princess Bride framing device, complete with an adult Fred Savage, last December when the first rumors of Disney buying Fox began to circulate. At the time, while the idea of Disney getting a hold of some of its Fox licensed IP was an exciting idea for many, the one exception was Deadpool. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a pretty strictly PG-13 world, as so much of Disney’s material is. That could have theoretically meant an end to R-rated Deadpool movies if Disney was in charge and Bramley thought this idea would work for making PG-13 versions of future Deadpool movies for Disney.

However, before Disney even takes ownership of Fox, and by association, Deadpool, exactly that idea has become a reality. Instead of a future sequel, Once Upon a Deadpool is a recut version of Deadpool 2 complete with kidnapped Fred Savage in a Chicago Bears jersey.

On first glance, this looks like the idea sent directly to Ryan Reynolds on Twitter may have been stolen by somebody without the original source being given any credit or compensation. The idea is certainly floated by some on Twitter, including Michael Vincent Bramley himself. However, Bramley has apparently had the opportunity to speak directly with Ryan Reynolds on the topic, and it doesn’t appear that any theft has actually taken place.

One assumes that Ryan Reynolds gets a lot of stuff sent to him via Twitter, so it’s entirely possible he never actually saw the tweet in question. That seems to be what the actor told Bramley. It’s also not entirely insane to believe that two people had the same idea independently. It’s clearly happened before. Hell, if calculus can be invented by two people independently, then a movie plot can certainly be devised separately.

It doesn’t look like anybody was planning to sue anybody over this issue either way, but it looks like everything was on the up and up regardless. Now everybody can go check out Once Upon A Deadpool with a clear conscience.

How Sarah Silverman Felt About Singing An Alan Menken Song In Ralph Breaks The Internet

The following contains minor spoilers for Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Ralph Breaks the Internet has a lot of fun at the expense of the Disney brand, as we see many corners of the massive studio make appearances, including the famous Disney Princesses. Music has always been a key component of Disney Princess movies and over the last few decades most of that music has been the creation of the great Alan Menken. The newest Disney Princess to sing an Alan Menken song is Venellope Von Schweetz herself in the new movie. Our own Eric Eisenberg asked Sarah Silverman what it was like to sing an Alan Menken song for a Disney movie, and as you can imagine, it was a dream come true. According to Silverman.

While exploring the internet in Ralph Breaks the Internet Vanellope Von Schweetz comes across the internet hub of all things Disney where she meets the classic Disney Princesses from Snow White through Moana. The scene has a lot of fun with the characters and the tropes that Disney has created over the years, including the characters’ tendency to sing deeply heartfelt songs about their greatest desires. As a princess herself, Vanellope tries to do the same, and she’s eventually successful, singing a song called “A Place Called Slaughter Race.”

The song is meant to be funnier than your average Disney Princess “I want” song, that’s how Ralph Breaks the Internet rolls, after all. However, in the end, it’s a Disney Princess singing a song about what she wants most in the world, which means it belongs right up there with Disney classics written by Alan Menken like “Part of Your World” or “When Will My Life Begin?”

The Disney related content is some of the funniest material in Ralph Breaks the Internet, especially if you’re a Disney fan who’s willing to laugh a little bit at the history of your favorite film studio. You get all your favorite Disney Princesses while also being able to laugh at the way Disney has handled those princesses over the years. You get to laugh a bit at the expense of Disney music, while still getting another great Disney song. It’s sort of the perfect combination.

While Sarah Silverman says singing the Alan Menken song was something special, there was one downside to it. The song includes a part for Gal Gadot, and it turns out she wasn’t available for the recording session. For more information on that, check out the full interview clip below.

Deadpool Writers’ New Show Wayne Looks As Brutal As Expected In First Trailer

YouTube struck gold with its original offering Cobra Kai earlier this year, and it looks like the site is set to introduce another action-packed adventure in 2019. The first trailer for Wayne is exceptionally brutal, but that’s to be expected from the writers of Deadpool, who have switched gears to tell the story of two tough kids from Massachusetts.

As expected, Wayne doesn’t pull punches on the violence. Granted, we aren’t seeing limbs severed or people getting killed left and right, but there’s quite a bit of blood that flows in this coming-of-age road trip adventure. Wayne definitely looks to be the hero audiences can get behind, at least until he ends up getting killed for stepping up one too many times.

The stories are way different, but there are definitely some similarities between the trailer for Wayne, and the Netflix series The End Of The F*ing World. The comparison really feels spot on during the diner scene, which features Del insulting an older waitress trying to give them a hard time. There’s also some comparison to be made in the sense that this is a gritty story about two rough and tumble teens going on an adventure.

As seen in the trailer, Wayne is the story of a boy from Brockton, Massachusetts on a mission to steal a car back on his father’s behalf. The trip will send him and his girlfriend Del on a road trip to Florida to confront the man that ran off with his mother all those years ago. It’s clear the journey won’t be easy, but both Wayne and Del seem to be conditioned to face any challenge that requires a fight.

Wayne is a new series from the same folks behind Deadpool, but was created by Shawn Simmons. Simmons has had a run in Hollywood as a writer on a few shows, including the twisted Adult Swim animated adventure Mr. Pickles. Simmons has also worked on the Disney XD show Kirby Buckets. Wayne will be his latest project, with all episodes scheduled to hit YouTube on Wednesday, January 16.

Wayne is one of the first YouTube originals to lead off 2019, in a year that should see quite a few original offerings from YouTube Premium. The action comedy is among a few other original comedies that will premiere on the streaming service in 2019, such as Becoming A God In Central Florida and the anthology Weird City. YouTube Premium will also be bringing back its acclaimed series Cobra Kai in 2019 and premiere its anticipated Season 2.

As mentioned, Wayne is scheduled to premiere Season 1 on YouTube Premium Wednesday, January 16. For a look at what else is coming to television before and after its premiere, head on over to our fall and midseason premiere guide.

Yes, Mary Poppins Returns Has Lin-Manuel Miranda Rapping

Disney has been hitting nostalgic notes in the past few years, with its live-action remakes of animated features. The House of Mouse will go into full sequel territory this holiday season with Mary Poppins Returns, picking up the narrative from the 1964 original. Cherry Tree Lane will be getting some modern touches, including talent like Emily Blunt and Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Mary Poppins Returns is another star-making moment for Lin-Manuel Miranda, who will be playing Jack the lamplighter in the upcoming sequel. The first trailers have teased Miranda’s musical numbers, but it looks like he’ll once again be spitting rhymes, and doing some form of rapping in Mary Poppins Returns. As producer Marc Platt revealed:

After going to Washington Heights and revolutionary America, it looks like Lin-Manuel Miranda will be taking his hip hop influence to Mary Poppins Returns. And while he’s got big shoes to fill after Dick Van Dyke‘s Bert, it’s clear that Miranda will bring something totally new to the franchise.

Marc Platt’s comments come from the set visit of Mary Poppins Returns, which CinemBlend was apart of. They’re sure to excite Lin-Manuel Miranda’s fans, many of which have their roots in his theater work. The writer/actor brought hip hop to Broadway with his Tony award winning musical In The Heights, which is eventually going to made into a movie of its own. From there, he brought Hamilton to the world, and became a Broadway success story for the books.

Hamilton also focused on hip hop and rap, bringing an ethnically diverse cast together to educate audiences about the founding fathers. It became a national sensation, and gave Lin-Manuel Miranda the platform to work on projects like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Mary Poppins Returns, becoming a good friend of Disney in the process.

The new music of Mary Poppins Returns wasn’t written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, but Hairspray duo Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. The pressure is on to deliver musical numbers as satisfying as the original, and the answers will be revealed shortly.

Mary Poppins Returns will arrive in theaters on December 19th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Black Friday 2018: The Best On-Sale Gift Ideas

Black Friday is typically a time to focus on yourself and the pieces you’ve been eyeing but haven’t had the money to splurge on. We get it and more importantly, we support it (speaking of, here are some really great coats and boots you definitely need). But Black Friday deals are also great for getting a head start on holiday shopping. Sure if you want to spend $25 or less there are already some great beauty gift sets out there. But if you want to appear extra fancy and spend just as little but get a more expensive gift, well, isn’t that also what Black Friday is all about? You can easily check everyone off you list for less with all these gift-friendly items on sale.

The One Tree Hill Cast Just Reunited And Shared A Fun Revival Idea

The One Tree Hill cast members just had a couple of reunions on Thanksgiving. First, several stars appeared together on Lifetime’s The Christmas Contract. That was followed by a One Tree Hill reunion special with the actors discussing a possible revival of The CW series. Instead of bringing back the show for more episodes, Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer-Scott) shared this alternate idea:

Paul Johansson (Dan Scott) hosted the reunion and said the fans would love that. Danneel Ackles (Rachel Gattina) said they could even just set it in Wilmington, N.C., where the show was filmed, because that city is so beautiful.

In addition to those three stars, the ‘Tis the Season: A One Tree Hill Cast Reunion also featured Antwon Tanner (Antwon “Skills” Taylor), Tyler Hilton (Chris Keller), Bevin Prince (Bevin Mirskey), Stephen Colletti (Chase Adams), and Robert Buckley (Clay Evans).

One Tree Hill originally aired from 2003 to 2012 on The CW. Several stars sounded game to return for any kind of revival — of the show itself, or just a special Christmas movie following the characters today.

The stars speculated about where their characters would be now — including Hilarie Burton figuring Peyton might be in rehab, and Bevin Prince generously countering that Peyton might now be a life coach. If Burton does get the cast together for a Christmas movie revival, maybe we can see where Peyton is instead of just guessing.

A few months ago, when several stars were filming The Christmas Contract, they took some photos together and got fans excited for what was thought to be a One Tree Hill reunion. The photos were taken on set when no one was looking, and posted to Twitter — then were swiftly taken down. Taking down the pics just fed the speculation that a reunion might be happening, because The Christmas Contract hadn’t been announced at that point. Danneel Ackles said they may have gotten in a bit of trouble for that, but it all worked out.

In addition to the reunion special, Hilarie Burton talked to The Hollywood Reporter about working with fellow One Tree Hill stars Robert Buckley, Danneel Ackles, Antwon Tanner, Tyler Hilton, and Elisabeth Harnois for The Christmas Contract. She also revealed which other One Tree Hill costars she’d like to collaborate with on a future project:

That would be amazing. Now Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz just have to sign on — whether for Hilarie Burton’s Christmas in Tree Hill idea or something else.

As we wait for any official One Tree Hill revival/movie news, keep up with what’s coming soon on TV in our fall 2018 and midseason 2019 premiere guides. You can also watch ‘Tis the Season: A One Tree Hill Cast Reunion right now on Lifetime.

Tom Felton Hasn’t Rewatched The Harry Potter Movies

The Harry Potter films certainly mean a lot to Tom Felton, but that doesn’t mean he’s made a point to actually watch them since they came out. The actor, who played Draco Malfoy in all eight movies, recently admitted that, while he saw each of the movies when they premiered he hasn’t gone back to watch any of them since then. To be fair, he’s got a pretty good reason for not seeing them. He plans to make his first re-watch the first viewing for some special people that don’t actually exist yet, his kids. According to Felton…

Tom Felton will certainly be a bit older, as People points out he doesn’t have any kids yet, and thus he apparently won’t be watching the Harry Potter movies again until the youngest one is old enough to sit through a movie, which means it will likely be the better part of a decade at least before Felton actually decides to show his kids what he was doing when he was there age.

It isn’t all that surprising to learn that Tom Felton has never watched the Harry Potter movies since their premiere. On the one hand, a lot of actors never watch themselves, they just find the experience strange, and the fact that Felton was so young when he made the films, especially the first few, means watching them has to be even odder. Watching your ten-year-old self on the screen when you’re eleven is one thing, doing it when you’re 30 is something else entirely.

If you’ve waited this long, then seeing the movies with your kids sounds like a great way to reintroduce yourself to them down the road. Watching movies that they loved is something that many parents take great joy in. There will probably be a lot of very special viewings of the Harry Potter movies in the years to come as the generation that grew up watching them has kids and wants to show the series to them. The perspective is certainly different for Tom Felton, but the basic feeling is still the same.

One expects that, watching the Harry Potter movies with his kids, assuming the day comes, will be a pretty great experience. Kids almost always love every movie they see, which means they’ll probably adore something like the Wizarding World films, especially the first couple, which are very family friendly and full of magic. Whether or not the kids actually believe the blonde-haired jerk is actually their dad is an open question. Whether or not they like their dad as much when they see what Draco Malfoy does to Harry Potter is also interesting to consider.

Hugh Jackman Has A Colorful Way Of Describing His Wolverine Exit

Before comic book movies and cinematic universes became commonplace, the superhero genre was given new installments just sporadically. And Fox’s X-Men franchise has been going strong since 2000’s X-Men started it all. Hugh Jackman played Logan/Wolverine on and off for 17 years, before he took his final bow with James Mangold’s Logan.

Hugh Jackman’s departure from his signature character has been hard for fans– Deadpool‘s Ryan Reynolds in particular. And with Disney and Fox’s merger potentially bringing the X-Men to the MCU, the FOMO is real. But Jackman recently described his decision to leave Wolverine behind, and it’s pretty hilarious. As he tells it,

What a bummer. While Hugh Jackman seems to be a big fan of the Deadpool franchise, not even the Merc with the Mouth could bring the Oscar winning actor back to Wolverine’s shoes. Because after 17 years and seven starring movies, Jackman just needs to hang up the claws.

Hugh Jackman’s comments to MTV are sure to disappoint the 50 year old actor’s many fans. Hugh Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine is what made him a household name, and allowed for critically acclaimed roles in projects like Les Miserables, Australia, and The Prestige. And while Ryan Reynolds is constantly hounding his fellow mutant for a collaboration on the Deadpool franchise, we’re all apparently barking up the wrong tree.

As far as his X-Men opus goes, Hugh Jackman has been dancing for way more than an hour and a half. Jackman is arguably the face of the X-Men franchise, as he’s been the common thread that pulled together the spinoffs, the first trilogy, and the current franchise. But 20th Century Fox is going to have to pivot away from Wolverine, and focus on other stories to keep the fandom hitting theaters.

The Deadpool franchise is perhaps Fox’s biggest cash cow for the X-Men franchise. The R-rated and fourth wall breaking movies have both made a ton of money at the box office, and brought something totally new to the comic genre. Josh Boone’s The New Mutants is also hoping to break new ground, combining superheroes and horror for the first time.

Of course, the main X-Men franchise is also still going strong– even without Hugh Jackman’s inclusion. Dark Phoenix is currently in post production, and be the franchise’s second go at telling Jean Grey’s iconic cosmic storyline.

Dark Phoenix will arrive in theaters on June 7th, 2019, with The New Mutants currently set to arrive shortly thereafter on August 2nd. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Snooki Announces New Pregnancy With Adorable Thanksgiving Photos

Thanksgiving is a time of pigging out on lots of food and getting great deals on holiday shopping, but it’s also sometimes a great day to make a big family announcement. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi went with the latter when she took to social media to share some adorable photos to announce she’s pregnant with her third child.

Of course, Snooki had to bring her other kids into the mix for the big announcement as her 6-year-old son Lorenzo and 4-year-old Giovanna are seen posing with the ultrasound photo. The baby makes the third child Snooki will have with her husband Jionni, to whom she’s been married since 2014. The Jersey Shore and Jersey Shore Family Vacation star’s tweet and Instagram post were well received by fans, who liked the photo in droves.

Snooki’s timeline for her announced pregnancy is impeccable, as it syncs up with recent footage from episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Snooki was seen running around in search of a pregnancy test, as she thought she may be pregnant. Snooki believed she was pregnant after vomiting, which is something she doesn’t do that often.

Snooki’s new announcement is exciting, although it’s another potential barrier to a Season 3 renewal of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Snooki is pregnant, Deena is expecting a child before the year’s end, JWoww is getting divorced, The Situation is headed to prison, and Ronnie’s baby mama has hinted she wants him to quit the show. Suffice to say, a new season may be a hard sell to the cast, even if it’s something fans want.

Having said that, Deena did not let her pregnancy get in the way of enjoying Season 2 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. While she ended up skipping the Vegas half of the vacation, Deena came out for a handful of episodes that were filmed in New Jersey. Snooki has been a part of the show in the past when she was pregnant, but lived in a different house during the filming of Jersey Shore Season 6.

It’s possible Snooki might return, as one fan claimed she suspected the star was pregnant for the Jersey Shore Family Vacation “Friendsgiving” special. Apparently, Snooki wasn’t drinking during the episode, which showed the cast of the show enjoying a feast while reviewing classic clips from Jersey Shore and Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Snooki was seen with a bottle of water and glass of what appeared to be some kind of cola, but no wine glass.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on MTV Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET. For more on Snooki, check out how she stood by her friend JWoww after news spread of her divorce.