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Could Christian Bale Play Beta Ray Bill In Thor: Love And Thunder?

In the three Thor movies we’ve seen to date, audiences have had the opportunity to see a tremendous number of popular characters from the hero’s world in the comics make their way into live action – the list including notable protagonists and antagonists alike, including Loki, Valkyrie, Hela, Malekith, Heimdall, Skurge, Odin, Jane Foster, The Warriors Three, Sif, and more. Sure, not all of the these figures were adapted in the most spectacular way, but it’s still impressive how many of them have made the leap from the page to the silver screen.

Little Women’s Greta Gerwig Has An Optimistic Take On The Golden Globes’ Female Director Snubs

Last night saw the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards come to a close, with the first big awards show of 2020 delivering top film honors to the World War I epic 1917, which was named the Best Picture – Drama, as well as its director, Sam Mendes, who took the Best Director trophy. But would the results had been the same if more female directors were included in the nomination mix?

With no female candidates up for Best Director honors in this year’s class of nominees, there have been plenty of hot takes as to what this says about the industry at large. And yet, director Greta Gerwig, the helmer behind the quiet, but fierce hit Little Women, has a pretty optimistic outlook as to what’s going on, as she shared the following remarks:

While it’s true that Greta Gerwig, along with A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood’s Marielle Heller and Hustlers’ Lorene Scafaria, have been several of the would-be nominees the public has been upset to see supposedly dishonored by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the framing that she’s chosen to focus on is rather rosy.

Citing a recent study in her discussion with ET, Greta Gerwig has pointed out that more films will be directed by women in 2020 than any other year; with the trend looking to continue upward. And it’s not just a matter of quantity either, as huge tentpole films like Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey and Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 are pretty momentous occasions in the landscape of 2020 releases to come throughout the year.

Perhaps the greatest validation of Ms. Gerwig’s optimistic outlook is that it matches the sentiment that her Little Women stars Laura Dern and Saoirse Ronan have both expressed. Namely, the fact that while the awards snub is a temporary setback, it’s an important moment that should help inspire the movie industry on the whole to try harder. Here’s hoping the results are seen sooner rather than later, as we’re only a couple of weeks away from hearing the nominees for the Academy Awards announced on January 22.

On the plus side, Little Women has been putting up solid numbers throughout its early box office run, defying expectations and delivering better than expected results. You can see what the fuss is about, as the film is currently in theaters as one of the 2019 holdovers that should welcome a fresh and exciting 2020.

Though if you’ve already gotten to know the March sisters at a theater near you, you can always head over to our 2020 release schedule and see what new friends await at the multiplex in the near future.

The 23 Best Vibrators for Women, According to Die-Hard Reviews

Let’s be real: Even if you and your partner have regular eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-your-head sex, there’s nothing wrong with owning a sex toy. Currently riding solo? Well, your hands work but, take it from the experts—or some seriously excited reviewers—a vibrator works even better.

If you’re looking for the best vibrator for women (one that makes screaming-into-pillow scenarios seem like child’s play), we found sex toys that penetrate, can be worn by same-sex couples, are travel-friendly, and even have a quiet-mode for when you live with roommates and want to keep your new hobby on the DL. Consider yourself a pro? We also found the most powerful stuff to fit in nicely in your pleasure chest of vibrators, rabbits, and rings.

So ladies, whether you’ve been in a long-distance relationship for the last three years or have never touched a vibrator before, 2020 is the year you add some moan-inducing toys to your life. To make things easy for you, we found the 23 best vibrators for women to try, all according to very enthusiastic reviewers who (thankfully) weren’t afraid to share just how twisted their toes got. Enjoy.

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Peter Berg Loves How Often Mark Wahlberg Gets His Butt Kicked In Netflix’s Spenser Confidential

Like many filmmakers, director Peter Berg has actors who he likes to work and collaborate with film after film. Martin Scorsese has Leonardo DiCaprio, Quentin Tarantino has Samuel L. Jackson and Peter Berg has Mark Wahlberg. The actor-director duo has teamed on Deepwater Horizon, Mile 22, Lone Survivor and Patriots Day, and this year they team up once more for the new Netflix film Spenser Confidential. And despite their great working relationship, Peter Berg loves how often Mark Wahlberg gets his butt kicked in the new movie.

Spenser Confidential is based on a series of detective novels created by Robert B. Parker and later written by Ace Atkins. It tells the story of Mark Wahlberg’s ex-cop and felon, Spenser, who teams up with an MMA fighter, played by Black Panther’s Winston Duke, in order to solve a murder. But like all great cinematic crime-fighting duos, these two don’t always get along, as Peter Berg explained to USA Today:

Mark Wahlberg might be the physically imposing tough guy in many of his film roles, but it sounds like the shoe will be on the other foot in Spenser Confidential. Winston Duke is a much bigger man than Mark Wahlberg, and his character in the Netflix Original will be an MMA fighter. So the acrimonious relationship between Spenser and Hawk will probably be pretty one-sided if it turns physical.

It sounds like that’s exactly what happens too. Peter Berg got quite the kick out of seeing his leading man on the receiving end of a few beatings, which apparently allowed Mark Wahlberg to use his comedic talents. Peter Berg said:

It sounds like it. Maybe that should be Netflix’s pitch for Spenser Confidential: “Come for the action and the comedy, stay to see Mark Wahlberg get repeatedly beat up.” Whether Mark Wahlberg’s Spenser will be getting beat up by Winston Duke’s Hawk, the bad guys or both is unclear. I suspect he’ll be getting it from just about everyone, at least until he and his unlikely roommate officially become best friends.

Although the two will start off as an odd couple bring forced together, just like Carter & Lee and Riggs & Murtaugh before them, it sounds like Spenser and Hawk will eventually become a team. It looks like the two are working together in one of the first stills from Spenser Confidential, which you can see below.

If Winston Duke and Mark Wahlberg have the kind of chemistry that Mark Wahlberg had with Will Ferrell in The Other Guys, Spenser Confidential could be a real winner for Netflix. In addition to the duo, Spenser Confidential also stars Colleen Camp, Alan Arkin, Bokeem Woodbine, Post Malone, Iliza Shlesinger and Marc Maron.

Spenser Confidential arrives on Netflix on March 6, and it’s just one of the many movies the streamer has planned for 2020. To see what’s headed to theaters this year, check out our 2020 Release Schedule.

12 Horror Movies From The ’90s That Terrorized Our Childhoods

Whether it was through video stores, TV or newspaper ads, or cable TV channels that reveled in only the creepiest of horror delights, the ‘90s were an iconic era for horror movies and the kids who loved them. Sometimes, the movies that hid behind the terrifying trailers or creepy cover art were actually scary as hell, while others didn’t pan out as well as we’d hoped.

It didn’t matter, because one way or another, the horror flicks of the 1990s had a hold on the children growing up in that era. And in particular, there’s 11 movies from that decade that introduced or reinforced a generation of boogeymen primed to haunt this breed of child up until the present day.

So get under the blankets or behind the sofa, open your laptop, and prepare to journey through the pantheon of ‘90s horror movies and villains that terrorized our childhood! And be warned, you may want to keep the lights on while reading… because you really shouldn’t be reading in the dark anyway.

Arachnophobia a researcher studies a jarred spider

Arachnophobia (1990)

It’s not bad enough that spiders have always inspired a special sort of fear amongst most human beings on the planet. Nope, legendary producer Frank Marshall had to make his directorial debut with Arachnophobia: a movie that took the already scary Tarantula, and made it into a super-spider bred to kill with one bite.

Thankfully, Jeff Daniels and John Goodman were on hand to save the day, as the dynamic duo of a big city doctor and an exterminator extraordinaire were able to take out the army of killer spiders with their specific set of skills. But that hasn’t stopped us from at the very least flinching when we see an eight legged creature, or Hollywood from trying to make that magic happen again for a new audience.

Child's Play 2 Chucky threatening Andy in the Good Guys' warehouse

Child’s Play 2 (1990)

While Brad Dourif’s iconic horror villain/killer doll Chucky had debuted two years earlier in 1988’s Child’s Play, the kids of the ‘90s would probably be more acquainted with his misdeeds thanks to the 1990 sequel Child’s Play 2, as it was a staple of cable channels like USA Network that would run on any given weekend.

Not to mention, Chucky’s method of execution in the finale of Child’s Play 2 was even creepier than that of his first film’s conclusion. This time, instead of merely being burnt alive and blown apart, the toy from Hell was half melted, and then blown apart. Nothing like making Chucky look like the most vicious Garbage Pail Kid ever created before exploding him into all sorts of plastic pieces.

The Silence Of The Lambs Hannibal Lecter looking out of his cell

The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

Most of the horror movies on this list are the sort that parents of ‘90s kids would have had no problem letting their kids sneak a peek at with their best friends or trusted relatives. But even with the most permissive parents, there was always something verboten about taking a look at The Silence of The Lambs, and it was probably because of Anthony Hopkins’ iconic Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Dr. Lecter wasn’t your typical boogeyman, as he was a more grounded and realistic evil; parents probably didn’t want to explain cannibalism to their children. That would have been the least of their problems when parsing out director Jonathan Demme’s classic adaptation of Thomas Harris’ best-selling novel, as the kills in this movie are so chilling, they hold their value with even the most mature of audiences.

Candyman exposing his rotting chest

Candyman (1992)

There’s a reason that the Candyman mythos is being revived for a modern audience, as its timeless brand of horror and social commentary made it a cult classic when it was released back in 1992. Of course, it also helps that Tony Todd’s portrayal of the titular supernatural presence was equally unsettling and compelling. Who knew that a deep soothing voice could override the presence of killer bees and a hooked hand?

While Todd would go on to firm up his title as one of the leading horror icons of the decade through sequels and further genre work, his portrayal of a tortured spirit in this film version of Clive Barker’s short story “The Forbidden” is still a pretty powerful claim to fame. So much so that it wound up securing Tony Todd’s participation in the modern reboot. Looks like it’s time to be afraid of mirrors again.

Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth Pinhead offers his hand in the art gallery

Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth (1992)

Much like Chucky and Freddy Kruger, Hellraiser’s Pinhead was another landmark presence that crossed over into the ‘90s horror scene with a huge reputation on his shoulders. Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth was a pretty big deal for its time too, as Doug Bradley’s torturous baddie finally got a backstory, and we saw Pinhead in his previously human form in this trilogy capping event.

While the series would continue into direct-to-video Hell, and even Bradley himself would leave the series behind, Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth felt like a huge leap from its modest beginnings. Also, Pinhead’s very visage itself has always been a selling point to this franchise’s horror legacy; so even if you hadn’t seen the movie as a child, looking upon the face of Pinhead was enough to engrain this one on any ‘90s kids’ brain.

Leprechaun with a grin, pointing at the audience

Leprechaun (1993)

As a ‘90s kid, it was hard not to be incredibly terrified of the movie that 1993’s Leprechaun was making itself out to be. With no clear look at the monster himself in the trailers, and a vague enough idea of his horrific appearance haunting every newspaper ad, movie poster, and VHS case for the film, what we didn’t see was really what made us terrified of this diminutive terror.

Watching the actual movie was a different story, as Warwick Davis’ memorable horror creeper was already a master of puns and wisecracks in his first time out. So that monster that Leprechaun horrified us with in its marketing wasn’t as bad as we thought when it came to the actual reality. Though that didn’t stop us from watching with grinning glee through several sequels, as Davis was having so much fun with the character, it was infectious.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare Freddy Kruger goes for the kill

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994)

Freddy Kruger was old hat by time the ‘90s rolled around. Robert Englund’s legendary criminal turned spectral being had already gone through the eventual process that every horror heavy winds their way through, with Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare fully turning Freddy into a walking punchline.

This left the ‘90s as the perfect time for series creator Wes Craven to return to the series with Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, a tale that would start a new trend in horror: the meta-sequel. With Freddy looking to cross over into our world, and with a more terrifying look than ever, the jokes were done and the terror was back. Everybody loves a winner, and Kruger’s final victory came in reclaiming his horrific demeanor for a new generation to discover.

Scream Ghostface holding a bloody knife in its' hands

Scream (1996)

The meta-horror of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare was only a test drive for the horror master’s next trick, as Wes Craven would go on to deliver a new classic in the realm of slashers with Scream. And the best part was, he built this next series of vengeful killers by playing off of the rules he set with his own killer past, while also using something every modern teen was familiar with as a part of the madness: the telephone.

Making the careers of young stars like Neve Campbell, Jamie Kennedy, Matthew Lillard, and Skeet Ulrich, Ghostface’s debut would spawn three sequels, a TV series, and a following that just might see Scream come to life again in a new decade of horror. So add “random phone calls” to the list of things you should start being afraid of again, just in case.

Jack Frost driving a car in his nicer looking appearance

Jack Frost (1997)

Flipping back to the subject of video stores for a moment, the movie Jack Frost owes every frame of its infamous reputation to the rows of horror movies your local rental dealers would maintain. Because if you remember this movie, it’s 98% certain it’s because of the lenticular cover that saw a kindly looking snowman shifting into a large toothed killer.

And before you ask, no this isn’t the Michael Keaton movie of the same title that saw a rock star dad reincarnated as a magical snowman. Though that confusion probably didn’t help when it came to this movie’s reputation for trickery; as this film’s plot was kind of similar. Only instead of a kindly dad getting to spend more time with his kids, a serial killer is accidentally transformed into a mutant killer snowman.

Wishmaster Djinn bathed in dark red light

Wishmaster (1997)

Wes Craven, man. When he wasn’t busy making people afraid of boogeymen or random phone calls, he was helping his friends bring horrifying visions to life in other movie series. Wishmaster was one of the most memorable efforts, as horror effects icon Robert Kurtzman took the concept of what we would call a genie, and gave it a more horrifying reality. Sure, we’d already seen tales of how not making a wish specific enough to get what we truly wanted backfire, but not even The Twilight Zone turned people into mannequins or drowned unfortunate wishers in a hellish, slow death.

One more fun note to make when talking about Wishmaster, besides Andrew Divoff’s chilling presence in the title role, is the fact that his character took out some of horror’s greatest heavies, as Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, and even Tony Todd are all victims of his heinous magic.

Jason Goes To Hell the evil worm snarls out of Jason's mask

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (1998)

Speaking of Kane Hodder, if a ‘90s kid hadn’t ever seen one of the previous Friday the 13th entries before Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, then this film was more than likely their introduction to the memorable series of horror movies that spanned back to the dawn of the slasher era. And how could you blame them, as Hodder’s second to last appearance as the hockey masked hellion made some pretty big promises.

At last, we were going to learn why Jason Voorhees was a murderer! Finally, Jason Voorhees was going to die and stay dead! And last, but not least, we were going to get an explanation for what the hell that worm crawling out of his face on the poster was meant to be! But if there’s anything that Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday should be credited with, it’s the fact that it gave the world the biggest tease ever: a stinger that would eventually lead to the horror match up of the century: Freddy vs. Jason!

The Blair Witch Project Heather's teary eyes shining in the flashlight

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

It might not feel as scary now as it did back in 1999, but when The Blair Witch Project was ramping up to its release into theaters, a rather convincing viral marketing campaign made the danger look more real than ever before. And it was all thanks to the team behind the film promoting it as a documentary, rather than a horror entertainment.

With missing posters, 1-800 numbers, and even a website and mockumentary dedicated to the disappearance of the trio of young film students at the heart of The Blair Witch Project, the lines between truth and fiction were properly blurred. All it took was the promise of a witch behind these heinous events to close out a decade of horror delights on a pretty high not.

Whether you ended up enjoying the movie or not, you can’t deny that The Blair Witch Project had you going for a moment during one of the busiest years in Hollywood history. And much like any of the other films on this list, it was living proof that the horror genre was alive and well through the ‘90s movies that kept its dark heart pumping.

Every decade has its notable beasties, creepers, and heavies, much like those laid before you in this rogue’s gallery of ‘90s horror. Not only ‘90s kids remember these infamous beings, but if you find yourself still terrified by these creatures, thank one of them for keeping these legends fresh in the minds of everyone.


The New Mutants Will Officially End Fox’s X-Men Era And That’s Really Strange

New Mutants main cast

2019 was a year of endings, including for the X-Men. Last summer saw the release of Dark Phoenix, the seventh and final film of the main X-Men film series. Unfortunately for fans, Dark Phoenix was a critical and commercial bomb, thus bringing our journey with Professor Charles Xavier and his team of gifted youngsters to an anticlimactic end.

However, when looking at the overall X-Men franchise under the 20th Century Fox regime, it won’t be Dark Phoenix that marks the end of this era of superhero film history, but rather The New Mutants, the long-awaited horror movie that follows five young mutants just discovering their special abilities who must escape a sinister facility. When looking at the Fox X-Men era through that prism, it’s strange, yet welcome that The New Mutants will be the capstone to two decades of mutant-led silver screen stories.

Before going further, take a look at the new trailer for The New Mutants below if you haven’t already. It dropped earlier today, more than two years after the first preview was released.

Yes, after numerous delays and countless people asking “Will this movie actually be released?” and “Will it be moved to a steaming site?”, The New Mutants looks like it is indeed on track to hit the big screen in April. As has become commonplace, The New Mutants will be just one of numerous comic book movies to be released this year, and while it’s not necessarily the biggest one in terms of scale, it does stand out more when analyzing at the history of its creation.

The New Mutants Was The Last X-Men Movie Made Under Fox Proper

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Last May, approximately a year and a half after the deal was officially announced, Disney completed its acquisition of 20th Century Fox. As a result, numerous X-Men projects in development, including Gambit and a Kitty Pryde movie, were cancelled, but The New Mutants was in a tricky position. Had things gone according to the original plan, it would have been released on April 13, 2020, long before the Disney/Fox deal was finalized and ahead of Dark Phoenix.

Instead, the setbacks along the way (which we’ll explore more later) resulted in The New Mutants being pushed back to spring 2020. Dark Phoenix has already come and gone, and with the Marvel Cinematic Universe still a long ways away from introducing mutants, The New Mutants can slide in to quietly serve as the last Fox-era offering.

Interestingly enough though, it appears as if The New Mutants isn’t set within the main continuity of the Fox-era X-Men films, in the new trailer, Alice Braga’s Dr. Cecilia Reyes asks one of the kids if they know what mutants are. Considering how the general public was well aware of mutants existing in the main X-Men movies, The New Mutants appears to be standalone not just in the general spinoff sense, but also by taking place in another universe where the presence of mutants is still mostly a secret.

The New Mutants Is Being Presented In Its Original Form

The main reason we’ve had to wait so long for The New Mutants to come out is because of reshoots. The movie wrapped principal photography in September 2017, but months later, Fox announced that it was delaying the movie for reshoots that would ultimately make the story more frightening and adjust an antagonist subplot. That’s fair enough, but as 2018 and 2019 passed, there was barely any word about these reshoots even occurring, although director Josh Boone admitted that the reason it’d taken them so long to get underway was due to deciding what needed to be reshot and the scheduling difficulties with getting the cast members back together.

Which brings us to last weekend, when Josh Boone was asked on Instagram if The New Mutants being screened to the masses would be the original version. He responded:

I wouldn’t be promoting it here if it wasn’t.

It’s unclear if the reshoots were ever conducted in the first place, or if they were and it was ultimately decided not to use any of that extra material. I’m guessing the former since it’s highly unlikely Disney would pour money into more filming and then be okay with nothing from that period being used. Regardless, Disney may be dedicating resources to marketing The New Mutants and possibly even provided some funds for postproduction polishes, but in terms of what unfolded in front of cameras, it sounds like all of it is from back in 2017, when Fox was still its own entity.

This Is Ultimately A Good Thing For The New Mutants

The fact that is The New Mutants will be the last Fox-era X-Men movie to see the light of day is certainly unusual. As mentioned earlier, it seems like the movie is set in its own continuity, so in that regard, Dark Phoenix still stands as the final entry of the main X-Men film series.

And while the planned The New Mutants sequels haven’t officially been cancelled, and Josh Boone’s revelation that the movie will be rated PG-13 could conceivably allow for Magik, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Sunspot and Mirage to conceivably exist within the traditional MCU framework, it seems incredibly unlikely that will happen. It’s one thing for Disney to meet with Ryan Reynolds about reprising Deadpool under this new regime given his penchant for fourth wall-breaking and over $1.5 billion in box office receipts over two movies, but these New Mutants characters don’t have anywhere near that level of status. Plus, Marvel probably wants as clean a slate as possible to introduce its own versions of the X-Men characters.

So even though it seems like The New Mutants will be a one-and-done tale, overall, it’s good that this is the movie that’ll mark the true end of Fox’s time on the X-Men property. Obviously helping to wash the taste of Dark Phoenix out of our proverbial mouths is nice (seriously, what are the chances The New Mutants could be as poorly received as that?), but it’s a bonus that what we’re getting is the original product as it was intended to be shown, rather than a mix of material from the first shooting period and the reshoots.

Disney may be releasing The New Mutants, but needless to say it’s going to feel a lot different than MCU entries Black Widow and The Eternals. There’s absolutely no Mouse House influence in The New Mutants’ story. Will it be a critical and commercial hit? That’s hard to say, but at least The New Mutants is being released unedited to truly be the last Fox-era X-Men movie, rather than being a mix of Fox and Disney efforts. In the end, that makes it more unique.

The New Mutants will hit theaters on April 3, and don’t forget to look through our 2020 release schedule to learn what other movies are coming out this year.

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Brockhampton Break Down The Confusion And ‘Not Really Knowing’ What Inspired ‘Sugar’

From their humble origins on internet forums to their current status on towering billboards in Times Square, Brockhampton have always been more than a group. The boy band is a symbol of spontaneity, a brotherhood, and a success story unlike any other. As MTV’s PUSH artists of the first month of a new decade, they’re as natural and unprocessed a group as you’ll find in the music industry. And with five studio albums released in the span of just two years, it’s clear that Brockhampton are just beginning and that they have so much more to say.

One of the highlights of their introspective, cathartic fifth LP, 2019’s Ginger, is “Sugar,” a collection of confusion, love, slow heartbreak, and sweet memories. The opening chorus — “Spending all my nights alone, waiting for you to call me / You’re the only one I want by my side when I fall asleep” — kickstarts the vertigo-inducing ride that takes you through a crash course of different feelings. But though it might feel engineered that way, frontman Kevin Abstract told MTV it came from a place of uncertainty.

“For me, it’s alright to not really know what you’re doing. It’s alright to not have it figured out in terms of relationships and love and stuff like that,” he said, surrounded by Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon, and Bearface. “I feel like it’s nice to have a song that kind of speaks to that feeling of not really knowing what’s up. That’s my takeaway every time we perform it onstage.”

Elsewhere in their discussion, the five Brockhampton guys talked about the making of “St. Percy,” a fierce blast of emceeing that sounds like an alarm ringing off into the night until your ears grow accustomed to the startling sound. They recorded it because they discovered that they didn’t have “enough rap songs” when they were making Ginger.

Abstract dug a bit into his own verse on the tune and talked about how spirits influenced his delivery – two famous rap ones, particularly. “Sometimes I just want to capture a specific mood and spirit,” he said. “I wanted to capture the spirit of Lil Wayne and New Orleans and Master P. That’s why I said ‘Young Nola,’ because I was thinking about Lil Wayne.”

Take a look at Brockhampton’s one-of-a-kind performances of “Sugar” and “St. Percy,” then get to know them in the extended interview above.

Real-Life Hustlers? Jennifer Lopez Considered Being A Stripper Before Career Took Off

Jennifer Lopez has been back in the news this week, thanks to the “gift” of an outfit she wore to the Golden Globes, but she was at the event to begin with not to be fashionable but because she was in the big female-led flick Hustlers in 2019. While doing press during awards season for the film, the popular actress and singer admitted there was a time in her life that she did consider stripping as a profession.

Speaking about her early roots in the industry, Jennifer Lopez recently reflected on how stripping very nearly came into her life well before Hustlers hit the big screen (and made plenty of moolah).

It’s always interesting to hear major celebrities talk about the time in their lives when they were unknowns and struggling in a creative field. Interestingly, one option for Jennifer Lopez happened to be that she could get into stripping. Years later, this profession came back into her life for Hustlers and she actually managed to master the craft enough that she could put on a memorable performance in the 2019 movie.

In fact, prior to the release of Hustlers, Jennifer Lopez detailed all the time and effort it took to get into the role of Ramona. Some of this was learning the art of pole dancing, but some of this was just learning how to play “someone this dark” and “complicated. She also detailed in her interview with W Magazine:

Lopez’s partner, Alex Rodriguez, was fully supportive of her in the role. There was that time he got Jennifer Lopez a stripper cake to celebrate Hustlers. In addition, more recently on the Golden Globes red carpet he also talked about the added benefit of Lopez having to practice, telling Ryan Seacrest ahead of that event that the couple did have to keep a pole in the master bedroom “for six months” as she worked on the movie.

Ultimately Hustlers was no cake walk once Jlo signed up for it, but she tackled it like she’s tackled a lot of corners of the entertainment industry since her start in My Little Girl way back in 1986. Next up you can catch her back to her multiple performance roots, as she plays a singer jilted at Madison Square Garden ahead of her wedding and marries a person in the crowd instead in 2020’s Marry Me. Although there may be no pole dancing in this one, it will be nice to see the actress get back to her rom-com roots.

CinemaBlend Staff Breaks Down Their Top 10 Favorite Movies Of 2019

2019 is over and the Roaring Twenties are finally upon us (we need a new name for this decade, btw). The Golden Globe Awards have been dished out and the top 10 movies of the CinemaBlend team have been announced. The year was a rollercoaster release-wise, front loaded with superhero blockbusters accompanied by a fourth quarter filled with award contenders. Disney alone had six films that made over a billion dollars. Despite the money made by the mouse, the 2019 box office still fell short of the previous year, although not by much.

While the dollars and cents might not have added up, emotions and opinions were definitely not short-changed in 2019. Below is a breakdown of the top 10 films of 2019 from each member of the CinemaBlend staff who saw at least 50 new releases. Be sure to let us know your favorite film of the past year in the poll or comments section below.

Braden Roberts, Traffic Analyst

What was your favorite film of 2019?

The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes Movie Will ‘Heighten’ The Stakes

The Walking Dead has had a fascinating life on the small screen, as the apocalyptic became a pop culture sensation with no signs of slowing down. The property has been expanded to two spinoffs, and there is also a Rick Grimes movie being developed, which will get a full theatrical release. News of the movie was a shocker, and helped to soften the blow once Andrew Lincoln was written off the AMC flagship series. Although Scott M. Gimple recently teased how the new movie will raise the stakes even further for Rick.

Scott M. Gimple is the chief content officer for The Walking Dead, and has had a long tenure with the zombie drama. He recently spoke about the mysterious Rick Grimes movie, which doesn’t have a title or completed script yet. While its contents are a complete mystery, Gimple recently spoke to how Rick’s journey through the apocalypse will be altered in the developing movie. As he put it,

Well, that sounds exciting. The sky is the limit regarding Rick’s story in The Walking Dead movie. Things will reportedly be heightened, both literally and figuratively. We last saw him being taken away on a helicopter, after all.

Scott M. Gimple’s comments to EW are cryptic, but enticing nonetheless. The Walking Dead franchise’s secrets must be kept, and the Rick Grimes is one of the overarching questions surrounding it. But while speaking in vague terms about the protagonist’s return to the screen, it seems that even his many years surviving threats (both living and dead) have still not prepared him for what’s going to come in the upcoming movie.

We last saw Rick Grimes early in Season 9 of The Walking Dead, as he seemingly perished in order to protect his people from walkers. But he was actually found by Jadis/Anne, the former leader of The Scavengers. She’s been shown communicating with a mysterious helicopter, and convinced whoever picked her up to bring along Rick as well. The flew off to an unknown destination, and haven’t seen from since.

While it originally seemed impossible, The Walking Dead managed to move without Rick Grimes. A time jump was used to age the characters and their communities, and reveal a brand new world. But the fandom would no doubt love to see Rick on the big screen. Andrew Lincoln’s performances have always been stunning, and a movie will be a very different type of storytelling.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC, and CinemaBlend will keep you updated on the developing Rick Grimes movie as details are revealed. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.