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Pregnant Celebrities 2020: All the Stars Who Announced They’re Expecting Babies This Year

Check back here for updates on pregnant celebrities, due dates, and so much more.

The new decade has only just begun, and it’s already filled with so much happy news from celebrities expecting babies in 2020. If this year is anything like 2019, the Hollywood baby boom will keep going strong. America Ferrera ended the year with the announcement of her second child, while Michelle Williams kicked off the new one with a pregnancy, an engagement to Hamilton and Fosse/Verdon director Thomas Kail, and a major Golden Globes speech about women’s choices. Oscar nominee Chloe Sevigny also announced in 2020 that she’s pregnant with her first child.

We can’t wait to see who else announces they are expecting new little bundles of joy as the year goes on. For now, though, here are all the pregnant celebrities you’ll be hearing about in 2020. A big congratulations to all of them is in store.

Doctor Strange Director Shuts Down Hilarious Multiverse Of Madness ‘Rumor’

One of the most interesting projects coming in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has got to be Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. For starters, it has the best title ever, but it also promises to include important connections to the some of the upcoming Disney+ projects, the first time that the MCU will truly cross over with television.

However, more recently, we learned that the new movie will also mark the first appearance of some brand new MCU characters, the debuts for what we expect are some popular characters from the comics. One “rumor” that has been going around for the last few days has implied one of those characters could be everybody’s favorite resident of Planet X, Googam, son of Goom. Everybody can relax, it’s not true.

Ben Mekler’s Twitter account has basically turned into a Goom/Googam fan page from a basic glance, and it seems pretty clear he was making joke that the odd alien creature Googam could appear in the next Doctor Strange movie. Multiverse of Madness director Scott Derrickson, decided to get in on the fun by responding. He’s calling the Googam revelation a spoiler in that way that you can be sure it’s not really a spoiler.

One of the side effects of having on going comic book titles and characters that have been running more or less continuously for the last 50 years or so, is that you’re going to be forced to come up with new characters, villains, etc, for your heroes to interact with. As such, Marvel certainly has its share of slightly odd creations, Googam, who first appeared in 1961, is certainly one of them.

But then again, if we’re talking about a movie that, by its title, we know is going to be dealing with the multiverse, is anything really off the table? Even if it was just a cameo appearance, maybe we could see this massive alien baby appear. Is it really that impossible?

Actually, yeah, this one is. While this “rumor” appears to be making the rounds and some places, like a Reddit thread, are apparently at least giving it some attention, Scott Derrickson wants to be make it perfectly clear that Googam will not be appearing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

I’m guessing that when Kevin Feige brings up some new characters being added to the MCU, they’ll be more significant that Googam. Although, if the MCU keeps going the way it has been eventually, the odd and usual and forgotten villains are going to be the only ones left.

Birds Of Prey’s Margot Robbie Explains Why She Loves Playing Harley Quinn So Much

The DC live-action universe has had its share of highs and lows, but there’s one character that Warner Bros. is putting serious stock in: Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie’s hilarious villain debuted in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, and she’ll reprise her role in that movie’s sequel, as well as Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). Robbie is also a producer on the upcoming blockbuster, and she recently explained why she loves playing the character so much.

Harley Quinn was the clear scene stealer in Suicide Squad, and one of the aspects of that villain-centric movie that really worked. Birds of Prey began development shortly thereafter, and Margot Robbie will play Harley for the third in in James Gunn’s reinvention The Suicide Squad. Clearly she’s got a relationship with the character, recently sharing why she’s so much fun to play. As Robbie put it,

Sounds about right. While playing the same character over and over again might be repetitive for some, Harley Quinn’s nature won’t let that happen. She’s unpredictable and psychotic, so her narrative possibilities feel endless.

Margot Robbie’s comments to Variety explains why the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood actress has spent so much time with Harley Quinn. She brings something unique as a comic book character, largely because she’s a non-superpowered villain. She’s also mentally unstable, and suffers from psychotic delusions. Harley’s headspace is a wild place to be in, and one that will keep Robbie on her toes for the foreseeable future.

While Harley was a highlight of Suicide Squad, audiences should get a deeper look into Harley’s mind with Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). As the long subtitle suggests, the upcoming movie is told largely through her perspective. The trailer teased something over the top and colorful, including a Marilyn Monroe inspired musical number for Margo Robbie’s femme fatale.

In addition to starring in Birds of Prey, Margot Robbie is also a producer on the project. Her production company LuckyChap Entertainment is listed below DC Films, so clearly she’s been intimately involved in the crafting of the blockbuster. In fact, Robbie recently explained how Cathy Yan’s vision was what got her the directing gig.

It’s been a few years since Harley Quinn was on the big screen, so DC fans are no doubt excited for Birds of Prey‘s release next month. The movie will give her a set of female friends, including iconic characters like Black Canary, Huntress, Renee Montoya, and Cassandra Cain. Additionally, it’ll pit her against Gotham City villains Black Mask and Victor Zsasz.

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) will arrive in theaters on February 7th. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Backpacks for Women: Backpacks for Women Have Never Looked Cooler, Thanks to Celebrities

For fashion lovers, backpacks for women are as annoying as an itchy tag or a jammed zipper: Not because backpacks for women are uncomfortable or unwearable, but because they’re designed for function alone. Searching for a grown-up yet useful backpack can feel like trying to find a satisfying reason why Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl—that is, impossible. Settling for the backpacks we wore in high school won’t cut it either: When was the last time someone carried a Jansport backpack and made a best-dressed list?

Here’s the thing: When you’re lugging a laptop, clothes for pilates, and two meals to work, there’s no way to avoid carrying a backpack. So when you inevitably have to carry one, celebrity outfits are the place to look for inspiration. Plenty of celebrities—including Rhianna to Bella Hadid—manage to carry backpacks that fulfill their divine purpose (carrying ALL of the stuff) with tangible style. Still skeptical? Allow these celebrity outfits to renew your faith in backpacks for women.

The Fashion Week Backpack

Rhianna’s backpack for a Louis Vuitton show in Paris took compartmentalizing to a place backpacks for women hadn’t been before. The standard large pouch plus outer pocket were replaced by several individual compartments joined by a single, thick strap in piercing white. The end result: a street-style-photographer magnet with space left over.

A backpack with extra storage that doesn’t sacrifice style.

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

The Animal Print Backpack

Whether you’re a die-hard New York Fashion Week disciple or a trend-shy shopper, you should consider an animal print backpack for your next accessories purchase. Animal print is the trend that won’t die; in a backpack, it’s an upscale step above plain black and a semi-neutral base to complement the rest of your outfit. Taylor Swift‘s tiny snakeskin backpack is the perfect example.

Match your backpack to a surging trend.


The Travel Backpack

Take a cue from Ariana Grande’s travel outfit the next time you need a backpack for an overseas trip. The tiny black backpack she chose for a visit to Japan can fit airplane essentials like a book and noise-canceling headphones. When it’s time for a dressier event, details like crisp black leather and gold accents make it an easy substitute for a handbag.

First came the little black dress. Now embrace the little black backpack.

Jun Sato

The Just For Fun Backpack

You thought backpacks for women were all utility and no fun? Think again. A mini-backpack with a bold pattern like Gigi Hadid‘s earns a place in your closet just for breaking up the plain brown and black bags we’re all prone to picking. Carry it as an accent piece with a monochromatic outfit like Hadid’s black tee and jeans.

Patterns, please.

Raymond Hall

The Grab and Go Backpack

You know those accessories that pull an outfit together without even trying? The one-shoulder mini-backpack is one of them. In a stark white style like Bella Hadid‘s, your backpack built for stashing your phone, wallet, and keys looks like high-fashion material—without exerting any effort.

On the best backpacks for women, one strap is all it takes.


The Sporty Backpack

No-nonsense backpacks for women have their place, just like backpacks with kitschy patterns and Paris Fashion Week–approved pockets. Lucy Hale‘s spacious army green backpack is the type for getting things done. It can carry everything you need to go from school drop-off to work and back again with room to spare, and its unexpected color is one you’d be proud to show off through it all.

If you’re looking for maximum storage, try a military style like Lucy Hale’s.


Lizzo, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey And More Will Lead Bonnaroo 2020

The Bonnaroo Music Festival is back again and its lineup is more packed than ever with the biggest stars in the music industry. From Lizzo and Lana Del Rey, to Young Thug, the 1975, and Miley Cyrus, the list of performers for this year’s Bonnaroo is roodiculous.

Around 100 of your favorite artists will be converging at Manchester, Tennesee from June 11 to June 14. In addition to the previously mentioned performers, artists like Vampire Weekend, Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby, Yaeji, Nelly, slowthai, Denzel Curry, and others are set to appear. There’s something for everyone across this vast lineup. Tickets go on sale on January 9 at 12 PM EST.

Last year’s Bonnaroo Music Festival was legendary. BROCKHAMPTONPost Malone, Kacey Musgraves, Solange Knowles, and more all ripped the stage.

Check out the full lineup up above.

How Joker’s Zazie Beetz Feels About Her Character Sophie’s Fate

Joker has been out for a number of months, but the conversation around Todd Phillips‘ dark psychological drama hasn’t slowed down. The movie gave an origin story to the title character, and showed how Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck descended into madness after being beaten down by 1981 Gotham City. Joker‘s contents have been discussed and dissected thanks to its unreliable narrator, as Phillips and company reveal more information about its contents. One of the questions surrounding Joker was the fate of Zazie Beetz’ character Sophie, although the actress revealed that she knew exactly what happened to Arthur’s neighbor.

Throughout the first two acts of Joker, we watch as Arthur and Sophie begin dating. But it turns out that those scenes were delusions in the protagonist’s mind, a symptom of his lack of aid and medication. It’s originally unclear if he killed Sophie and her daughter, as he learns the truth and is seen in the hallway afterward. But Zazie Beetz always knew what happened to her character, and recently revealed her feelings about the ending. As she recently put it,

Sophie might not have actually been Arthur’s girlfriend in Joker, but she was still kind. She was nice enough to acknowledge him in the elevator. And that was unfortunately more love than he had in his life at that point.

Joker did the seemingly impossible, providing a genuine origin story for The Joker. Part of what made Heath Ledger’s version so terrifying in The Dark Knight was that he was a pure agent of chaos, without motive or backstory. But Todd Phillips did the opposite. Arthur Fleck’s villainous actions were to all of those who wronged him. He just happened to start a city wide riot in the process.

Later in her conversation with THR, Zazie Beetz went on to explain why Sophie is likely safe. What’s more, she acknowledged the debate about her fate, saying:

Once again, Sophie was shown displaying empathy toward Arthur Fleck. Even if she was terrified in the moment, that type of kindness is what would likely stop Joaquin Phoenix’s character from harming her. After all, he spares Gary later in the movie for being kind to him.

Joker is currently available on digital, DVD, and Blu-ray now. Be sure to check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Star Wars: The 10 Coolest Stormtrooper Variations From The Movies

A group of stormtroopers in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

When you think of a stormtrooper, more than likely, your brain immediately jumps to white armor and helmet-clad men following Darth Vader through the Death Star in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. Or, perhaps, you prefer to picture the jetpack-equipped stormtroopers chasing after Rey, Finn, Poe, and the gang in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The aforementioned iterations are the most iconic and more recent images of the galactic warrior, but they are merely the tip of the iceberg. In fact, are either of them even the coolest stormtroopers variations from the Star Wars movies?

The nine films of the Skywalker Saga and two prequels disguised as spin-offs have either introduced countless variations of stormtroopers to the Star Wars universe or gave them a new home on the big screen after years as a rarity in video games or comic books. Each variant is endowed with its own distinctive characteristics in appearance or skill that only makes the discussion of which position in the imperial army you may rather have all the more interesting.

We have taken a deeper look at every stormtrooper variation that has graced the big screen, narrowed them down to 10, and ranked them on one important criteria: coolness. So, just which is the coolest stormtrooper as seen in the Star Wars movies?

A pair of classic stormtroopers in Star Wars: A New Hope

10. Stormtrooper

I think we all have a soft spot for the most classic iteration of the stormtrooper armor as first introduced in the film that started it all. Yet, I also think that most of us may be able to agree that Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope does not paint stormtroopers in the most impressive light.

It is a wonder that the Galactic Empire, and later the First Order, were able to thrive as long as they did with the Stormtrooper Corps as their military backbone since, as Han Solo and Luke Skywalker demonstrate, they are easily defeated and, as they demonstrate themselves, they have embarrassingly bad aim with their blasters. There is no denying their sleek appearance, there is more to a soldier than their uniform and I can’t say that the classic stormtrooper variation is the imperial army position I would want to be a part of… maybe a position in the Army of the Republic instead?

The Clone Troopers line up in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

9. Clone Trooper

Before they were fighting battles for the bad guys, they were fighting against them. Indeed, stormtroopers are actually descendants of the military defense known as clone troopers, genetically engineered duplicates of bounty hunter Jango Fett created to defend the Republic against the Separatist rebellion, as first seen in 2002’s Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and from which the Clone Wars got their name.

In addition to being on the good side of galactic conflict, what makes the clone troopers cooler than their imperial counterparts is their incorruptible reliability (due to being literally “made” for battle), precise skill in combat (due to being modeled after an expert bounty hunter), and a uniform reminiscent of Boba Fett (which, you have to admit, is a look to aspire to). Clone troopers were also, chronologically, the beginning of a military presence in the Star Wars universe and that deserves to be recognized in a film franchise with the word “wars” in the title.

A swamp trooper in battle in Solo: A Star Wars Story

8. Swamp Trooper

Also unofficially referred to as “mudtroopers,” swamp troopers were a division of the imperial army that existed outside of the Stormtrooper Corps. Their primary location for battle was the swamp planet of Mimban, which is why they required armor equipped with special eye protection and oxygen masks to help filter out potentially hazardous substances.

A bit of trivia that makes the swamp troopers even more fascinating than their intimidating dark green color and cape is that future rebellion fighter Han Solo used to be one. This grimmer-looking stormtrooper variation made its first appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story, which sees young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) joining the imperial infantry as a swamp trooper before meeting Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo) and going off his first adventure as a galactic outlaw.

Shock troopers reporting for duty in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

7. Shock Trooper

The legacy of the shock troopers is a lot like that of stormtroopers branching off from the clone troopers, but in reverse. These soldiers, who look like The White Stripes’ answer to galactic warfare in their red and white armor, started off in service of the imperial infantry and specialized in carrying heavier artillery than other divisions, until after the fall of the Empire, when the Rebellion began sending them to hunt and eliminate former imperial officials-turned warlords and, later, subjugated them to delegate protection and riot control.

The imperial classification of the shock troopers was first introduced in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and the Republic division was first mentioned in the Disney+ exclusive series The Mandalorian, which features a central character who used to serve as one. Cara Dune (Gina Carano) took an “early retirement” from the infantry upon realizing her responsibility was not what she had signed up for and since became a mercenary.

Range troopers in Solo: A Star Wars Story

6. Range Trooper

At first glance, these soldiers look like someone you may see gracing the cover of the winter issue of an alternative fashion magazine. However, range troopers were a specialized variant of stormtrooper that were considered the toughest in the imperial military.

Not only is their fur-clad armor conveniently warm, but their gription boots allow them to walk securely on top of fast moving vehicles. This was demonstrated when the range troopers made their first appearance in 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story when Han Solo , Chewbacca, and Tobias Beckett (Woody Harrelson) stood off against them during a train heist.

A scout trooper tries to outrun Luke and Leia on a speeder bike in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

5. Scout Trooper

The scout troopers were a special unit of the Galactic Empire’s Stormtrooper Corps who solved the problem that plagued many stormtroopers: desperately lacking skills in marksmanship. They received excellent training in long-range shooting (earning the name Imperial sharpshooters), which came in handy considering that their far lighter armor did not do much to protect them from enemy fire.

The scout troopers’ armor does have its benefits, however, especially an allowance of greater mobility and enhanced optical range in their helmets while piloting speeder bikes. Thus, one of the most exciting sequences in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (the speeder bike chase through Endor) was made possible.

Snowtroopers attack the rebel base on Hoth in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

4. Cold Weather Assault Stormtrooper

At the peak of the Galactic Empire’s rule, the cold weather assault stormtroopers were the creme de la creme its military backbone. This is was the elite variant of the Stormtrooper Corps specially trained and equipped for frigid environments, such as the ice planet of Hoth, which housed the Echo Base of the Rebel Alliance.

The cold weather assault stormtrooper (or simply “snowtrooper”) had everything they needed to take on the cold, such as insulated armor, a heated breather mask, polarized goggles, and grappling hooks. No wonder they were such a challenging threat on Hoth in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.

A flametrooper sets fire to this village on Jakku in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

3. Flametrooper

I swear that I will make my final joke about stormtroopers’ poor aim when I say that at least this variation of the soldiers had a weapon that they could not possibly miss with. The flametroopers were a unit under First Order that Resistance fighters often called “hotheads” or “burnouts,” due to their specialization in using flamethrowers to burn enemies to a crisp.

The flametroopers made their first appearance at the beginning of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, storming the land in their flame-retardant armor and setting fire to a small village on Jakku with their powerful incinerators. A fearsome force to be reckoned with they are, using their weapon of choice to bring onto their enemies a fate more painful than that of your standard blaster rifle.

A jumptrooper in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

2. Jumptrooper

While Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was the first live action film to depict stormtroopers with the ability to fly, stormtroopers with jetpacks have existed in the universe outside of the movies. In fact, the concept dates back to 1993, upon the release of the Super Nintendo adaptation of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.

However, chronologically, the first flying soldiers were the clone jetpack troopers, a unit of the Grand Army of the Republic that specialized in aerial combat during the Clone Wars, which were replaced by jumptroopers under imperial rule. Jumptroopers even have their own variants within the variant itself utilized for different environments, such as Arctic Jumptroopers, Desert Jumptroopers, and Forest Jumptroopers.

A death trooper in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

1. Death Trooper

I think, in this case, the name really should say it all, yet it is merely the tip of the iceberg as to what makes this variation of stormtroopers probably the coolest of them all. You have to imagine that the traditional stormtroopers were wicked jealous of the death troopers, not just by their specialized training in covert operations and enhanced combat, but that striking jet black armor, equipped with an exclusive arsenal of tools, such as a voice changer, motion detector, and optical radar display.

Death troopers were also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and leaving no trace of evidence to their presence after missions, in addition to expert tactical abilities. They are the ultimate imperial warriors whose awe-inspiring abilities and appearance make you wonder why it took until Rogue One: A Star Wars Story for them to make it into the movies.

Whether they are fighting for the good guys or the bad ones, when it comes to stormtroopers one thing is for sure: they never go out of style. Speaking of, was our number one pick of the coolest variation the one you were looking for? Let us know!

What is your favorite stormtrooper variant from the Star Wars movies?


See The First Look At The Avatar Sequels

It’s been more than a decade since the first Avatar film set box office records and sequels have been teased to us for nearly that entire time. For the longest time it seemed that the Avatar sequels would never be anything more than talk, a James Cameron project that never came to life, but now, the first two of four more planned projects are currently in production. They’re really going to happen.

We’re still about two years away from seeing Avatar 2 on the big screen, and about the only thing we know about it for sure is that it will be focused on the oceans of the planet Pandora, but the new film has decided to give us something to look at to help us at least try and visualize just what Avatar 2 will eventually look like. The official Twitter account dropped four pieces of concept art, check them out below.

In the first picture, we see a pair of Na’vi, that we can take to be Jake Sully and Neytiri, looking down over a wide open ocean. It’s full of what will surely be interesting rocks and plant life. Some very unique trees have roots that stretch out into the water while being exposed to the air can also be seen.

The second picture gives us a closer look at the ocean at night. We see some Na’vi in the background that might be fishing in the oceans. and the bioluminescence of Pandora is on full display.

Image number three shows a group of Na’vi flying banshees low above the waters of Pandora, apparently heading toward a crop of trees with the interesting root system.

The final image is likely the most interesting one. We see a pair of Na’vi riding brand new aquatic creatures that we have not seen before. They’re apparently investigating a unique rock structure.

While concept art certainly isn’t the same as seeing real shots from Avatar, because of the nature of the beast, that’s going to take a lot longer than usual. Since all of the actual performances are done as motion capture and the digital work is done later, it’s possible that there aren’t yet any finished images that can be shared from Avatar 2. With likely close to two years of work left to do, and almost all of it of the post-production variety, it could be a while.

And it will certainly be interesting to see just what the response is to Avatar 2 as we begin to see the finished product. The first movie was a global phenomenon, but it’s been a decade since then. Are fans waiting excitedly for new installments, or have they moved on to other franchises? Will the new movies rekindle the franchise and give Avengers: Endgame a run for its money at the box office?

Avatar 2 is set for release December 17, 2021.

Of Course Rihanna Had the Perfect Response When Someone Called Out Her Pimple

We may all be disappointed we didn’t get new Rihanna music by the end of 2019, but we can always count on her to be one of the very best celebrities of all time at social media.

The singer and Fenty mogul has only posted twice in 2020, but each one is pretty representative of who she is. First, she simply wrote “Devastating” about the fires raging in Australia. But it was her next image that is causing a bit of conversation.

“First selfie of the year doe. #2020,” she wrote next to a shot of herself. Seems harmless enough, right?

But this is Rihanna we’re talking about, so of course fans analyzed the photo closely. “Let me pop your pimple,” one commenter wrote after noticing a small blemish on the singer’s skin. RiRi was having none of that and came back with the perfect response: “Let her have her shine, PLEASE.”

It’s a small gesture, but the impact of a star as major as Rihanna being okay with posting a shot of herself with imperfect skin to the world (including her 78 million followers) is not. Instagram has become a place where perfection reigns and FaceTuned images are everywhere. But guess what? Everybody gets zits, even Rihanna. In fact, she’s one of a few celebrities who are normalizing acne on social media by posting their zit pics.

Rihanna is never afraid to address the commentary she knows goes on about her appearance. Back in October, she took on the matter of pregnancy head on. In a video for Vogue, Anna Wintour asked her, “Rihanna, do you hope to have a baby soon?”

“I don’t think about stuff like that. But, I don’t know…God’s plan,” she responded, laughing. “I look forward to all of the pregnancy rumors after this interview.” See, she always knows the right thing to say.

Lil Baby’s Fallon Performance Was Fast And Furious In Every Way

Last night’s (January 6) musical guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was Lil Baby who brought his latest single, “Woah,” to the stage, complete with backup dancers and spinning cars. The rapping was top notch, the dance routines were crisp. If you watched along at home, it was impossible not to participate – and to be reminded of a certain car franchise about racing and high-stakes heists.

Lil Baby and his band of backup dancers stood on stage like Fast & Furious extras with varying degrees of serious faces. The rapper kicked things off spitting the energetic number while four dancers sat on tires around him. They set the initial tone for the fierce performance, set to a gigantic video of modified cars doing donuts behind them. As it went on, more dancers joined the stage until an assembly line-like group of performers filled the locale. The high energy spectacle was enough to get you out of your seat and dance to what was on screen.

Lil Baby dropped “Woah” last November. The song is set to appear on his forthcoming second studio album, My Turn. In September, he released the video for “Out Of The Mud” with Future.