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There Might Already Be Plans For A What Men Want 2 With Erykah Badu

What Men Want didn’t win the box office this weekend and reviews for the film have only been middling. However, the movie brought in a healthy $19 million dollars on a reported $20 million budget and should start making money in the coming weeks in theaters. With that in mind, are director Adam Shankman and producer Will Packer interested in a sequel to the reenvisioned title? Adam Shankman told CinemaBlend he actually has an idea featuring Erykah Badu’s wild character, noting,

Speaking with CinemaBlend’s Hannah Saulic, Adam Shankman revealed the studio is always looking for ways to continue stories through sequels. Well, that is if the original movie does well. While he wasn’t a producer on the movie this time around, he did say “in [his] head” he’s been mulling over a few things, including a sequel involving Sister.

Honestly, the tricky part is figuring out exactly what to make a sequel about in general. Will Packer also mentioned to us that he feels the real reason audiences invest in What Men Want is because of Taraji P. Henson’s character, who – sort-of spoiler – ends up in a happy spot at the end of the movie. A sequel starring her character may not make as much sense as riffing off of Sister’s character, especially since the gift is the focal point. Or, as Packer put it,

In What Men Want, Erykah Badu’s character is a psychic and sometimes drug dealer who gives Taraji P. Henson’s Ali the tea that starts her on the long journey. Her tea doesn’t cause the gift, but it does cause Ali to get pretty effed up to the point where she hits her head which then somehow magically yields her the gift. Sister later reveals to Ali that she tried to the tea herself, but that it didn’t work in the same way for her as it did for Ali. There’s no reason that the mystical and weird Sister could not really be the conduit for other characters to receive the gift in a follow-up.

But don’t take my word for it. You can hear Will Packer and Adam Shankman talking about the potential from more in the What Men Want universe, below.

Hearing thoughts is a power that can be good and bad. It’s a trope that has come up in other properties, from True Blood to Midnight, Texas. It will likely be a while before Paramount decided whether or not there’s enough of a reason to bring back What Men Want for a second round, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted either way. In the meantime, you can catch What Men Want in theaters and check out its competition at the box office with our full movie premiere guide.

Kylie Jenner Basically Built a Theme Park for Stormi’s First Birthday Party

Kylie Jenner celebrated her daughter Stormi Webster’s first birthday over the weekend—and in true Kardashian style, she threw her 1-year-old the most lavish bash ever. As in, she basically built Stormi a theme park.

If you thought Kim Kardashian’s Alice in Wonderland-theme party for baby Chicago West was extravagant, this “Stormi World” celebration might take the (birthday) cake. After delaying the party for a week due to rainy weather conditions, Jenner and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, pulled out all the stops by designing an actual theme park for little Stormi’s first birthday party.

Guests entered Stormi World through an inflatable version of Stormi’s face—suspiciously similar to her dad’s Astroworld album cover—to find rides, hot air balloons, a butterfly rainbow forest, a wall of giant teddy bears, and a gift shop that sold exclusive Stormi World merch.

Kylie gave fans a tour by sharing a whole bunch of videos on her Instagram Stories—and it’s really something.

Instagram Stories/@kyliejenner

Instagram Stories/@kyliejenner

Instagram Stories/@kyliejenner

There was even a live performance from Baby Shark:

Instagram Stories/@kyliejenner

DJ Khaled was there, and he gifted baby Stormi with her first-ever Chanel bag:

Instagram Stories/@kyliejenner

There was also Stormi-themed food, including cookies with her face on them, Louis Vuitton-boxed fries, mini pizzas, and a fairy cake.

Instagram Stories/@kyliejenner

Instagram Stories/@kyliejenner

Grandma Kris and aunties Khloé and Kourtney were also in attendance, as well as Stormi’s cousins, Mason, Penelope, Reign, True, and Rob’s daughter Dream. Kim wasn’t though, explaining on Twitter that she couldn’t make it due to scheduling conflict.

Caitlyn Jenner was also there, sharing this photo to her Instagram account alongside the caption: “Beyond proud of my amazing daughter for all of her accomplishments, but especially proud of what an amazing mom she is to her little girl! And what a great birthday party!! Happy first birthday Stormi!”

In conclusion: Minds. Blown.

Michael B. Jordan Says He Needed Therapy After Black Panther

Last year, Michael B. Jordan brought the house down as Killmonger in the smash-hit movie Black Panther. Jordan received tons of praise for his portrayal of the villain, who quickly rose the ranks as one of the best MCU villains ever. However, it turns out playing that emotionally hardened role really took a toll on the actor. He recently said that after he completed filming, he was still in a dark space and needed the help of therapy to move past the role.

As Black Panther fans well remember, Erik Killmonger is the cousin of T’Challa. Erik was left orphaned and abandoned after his father was killed by his uncle, King T’Chaka. Erik learned about Wakanda from his father and spent his whole life acquiring the skills he would need to one day enter the country and steal the throne. That’s a fairly abridged version of Killmonger’s motives, which were some of the most complex of any MCU villain.

He’s an intense character, and one that Michael B. Jordan played extremely well, and it was harder for the actor to shake off the role than he had anticipated. Jordan has previously spoken about how he was left depressed after playing Killmonger, isolating himself from others.

It got to the point where the actor needed to get some professional help to get past and understand the emotions that he was feeling. Michael B. Jordan told Oprah Winfrey during her SuperSoul Conversations TV Special (via USA Today) that he went to therapy for help. To prepare for the role, Jordan isolated himself because Killmonger had a lonely life, but even after filming wrapped, he found that he was still doing that.

After the movie was over, Michael B. Jordan said that he had to “readjust” to people caring about him and that therapy was “a lot of help.” It’s good to hear that Jordan was able get over that particular hump. Black Panther became the first superhero film to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, and at least part of that has to be due to Jordan’s performance. He obviously did a great job, but nothing is really worth it if it affects your mental health.

At least Michael B. Jordan may not have to enter that Killmonger headspace again soon. That’s the benefit of your character dying, so he can just sit in the audience and enjoy Black Panther 2 like the rest of us. However, there are rumors that he could be involved in the sequel anyway. As we wait for that to be confirmed or denied, keep CinemaBlend’s 2019 movie schedule handy for updates on everything ahead.

Laura Dern And Sam Neill Look Totally Different Now In This Jurassic Park Reunion Photo

It’s been over 25 years since Jurassic Park hit theaters. Since then, it’s become a massive franchise — spawning sequels, a new trilogy of films, and theme park rides. Sam Neill and Laura Dern were two of the original cast members of Jurassic Park and it’s been several years since they’ve played those characters. While fans wait for news that the two actors will lend a hand for Jurassic World 3, they at least have this selfie that the two stars took together. Check it out!

There are lots of celebrities bumping into each other at the 2019 Television Critics Association as they promote their upcoming television projects. Two such actors are Sam Neill and Laura Dern. Neill was there for his documentary mini-series, The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook, while Dern was on hand to promote the second season of HBO’s acclaimed drama Big Little Lies. Of course, when they bumped into each other, they had to take a picture to celebrate the occasion.

Both celebrities shared the photo on social media and welcomed a wave of nostalgia from their Jurassic Park days. And 26 years later, these two still look good!

As Jurassic Park fans may remember, Laura Dern and Sam Neill played paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler and paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant, respectively. The two characters were romantically linked, but Grant’s dislike of children presented a roadblock to the future of their relationship. Both of them were invited to Isla Nublar as experts to weigh in on Jurassic Park and, of course, the whole thing ended up being a terrifying battle for their lives.

However, this isn’t the last time Laura Dern and Sam Neill would reprise their roles together. Though they both sat out The Lost World: Jurassic Park, they returned for Jurassic Park III. Dern only showed up for essentially a beefed up cameo, while Neill’s Grant was the main character of the movie.

Neither has been in a Jurassic Park movie since, but fans are hoping that won’t be the case for long. Their Jurassic Park co-star Jeff Goldblum reprised his fan-favorite character in Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom. He only showed up for one scene in a courtroom, which was disappointing, but with Jurassic World 3 on the way, who’s to say that a full on Jurassic Park reunion isn’t on the table? I’m sure fans would be happy if Laura Dern and Sam Neill got to run from dinosaurs one last time in Jurassic World 3.

How To Train Your Dragon 3 Is Already Getting Oscar 2020 Talk

Will the How to Train Your Dragon franchise pick up its first Oscar with The Hidden World … or lose once again to a Toy Story movie?

So Variety already got the ball rolling by speculating about How to Train Your Dragon 3 as a possible contender to win the franchise its first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

This is a tough year for that kind of talk — with Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2 on the way — but word on the street has been fabulous for How to Train Your Dragon 3. That said, both Tom Hanks and Tim Allen said they could barely finish recording their lines for Toy Story 4 because it was so emotional. Emotion sells.

The first How to Train Your Dragon movie was nominated alongside Toy Story 3 and The Illusionist at the Oscars airing in 2011. Toy Story 3 won. The first Frozen movie won at the 2014 Oscars, not competing against Toy Story or Dragons. How to Train Your Dragon 2 ended up nominated for the 2015 Oscars — alongside The Boxtrolls, Song of the Sea, and The Tale of the Princess Kaguya — but they all lost to Big Hero 6.

Disney tends to dominate the Best Animated Feature category, and there are a lot of Disney movies coming out this year in general. But if ever a How to Train Your Dragon movie had a shot at the big prize for DreamWorks Animation, this is it.

How to Train Your Dragon opens in theaters over here on February 22. It will be a long time before we hear anything about its Oscar chances for 2020, but history suggests it will at least be nominated.

The 2019 Oscars haven’t even been awarded yet — they’re coming Sunday February 24, 2019. The films nominated for the Best Animated Feature of 2018 are Incredibles 2, Isle of Dogs, Mirai, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The 2019 movie year is just getting started, and there are a lot of animated and live-action titles to keep track of, so bookmark our handy 2019 movie schedule.

The Best Makeup for Dry Eyes

One of my favorite truths to tell during the icebreaker game Two Truths and a Lie is that I’m legally blind in my right eye. Really, both of them have such bad astigmatism to the point that, no, I do not qualify for corrective laser surgery, and without my glasses or contact lenses, I could barely make it down the block without wandering into a stop sign.

And while that’s fine and all—we all have our burdens to bear—what’s been especially challenging is my dry eyes. I don’t put in my lenses until the last possible moment before leaving my apartment, I keep a bottle of eye drops in my bag at all times, and if my lenses aren’t out by dusk, I start doing this thing where I blink very slowly, like a sloth (probably), to maximize the amount of time my eyes are closed. It’s awkward to whip out eye drops over drinks with people for work, or at karaoke, or during a date. Someone’s talking about how their grandma just died and I have to be like, “Hold on one sec, I need my artificial tears.”

Makeup only complicates matters, since I’m constantly fussing with my eyes. Powdery shadows are persona non grata, as are heavily pigmented, super-thickening mascaras. Whatever I wear needs to hold up to the eye drops, too, and the oil on my fingertips (I don’t rub my eyes, but ease the discomfort by gently pressing my index and middle fingers into either corner). So I’m strategic: I go for longwear formulas and only apply makeup to my upper lashline and eyelids. Here’s what I’ve found, through much trial and error, to be the best makeup for dry eyes.

Fantastic Beasts 3 Was Delayed For A ‘Gigantic’ Reason, Per Dan Fogler

Fantastic Beasts 3, the third of five planned movies set in Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s magical universe, recently delayed production by several months. Why? Well, it turns out the cast was given a specific and rather exciting reason for the delay. Let’s hear it from Dan Fogler, who plays No-Maj Jacob Kowalski:

Nice. So Dan Fogler doesn’t have a script yet, but he told Hey U Guys he knows that the movie is meant to be bigger than the first two Fantastic Beasts movies combined.

The Warner Bros. film was meant to start filming this summer, and when the delay was announced last month, “prep time” was also used as the reason. But we didn’t know the film was going to be this “gigantic,” on the scale of twice the size of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald. I just kinda hoped they wanted to take the time to go over the script and try to correct the trajectory of the franchise.

Many fans loved Crimes of Grindelwald, but it still felt less magical to more than a few moviegoers. We’ve already shared a list of things we want to see in Fantastic Beasts 3, and J.K. Rowling has already promised that the third film will provide some answers.

J.K. Rowling is the screenwriter for all of the Fantastic Beasts films, and she has said they plan to do five movies. If this third movie is indeed “gigantic” enough to be twice the size of the first two films, that sounds very ambitious and probably quite expensive.

The production budget on Fantastic Beasts 1 was reportedly $180 million, with Crimes of Grindelwald at $200 million. It stands to reason that the budget for a much larger film would go up, especially if they are potentially adding in more locations like Brazil.

Some fans are sour on the franchise after the major left turn twists of the second film. Fantastic Beasts 3 has a lot of work to do to not only win those fans back, but make enough money to keep the franchise afloat for two more films after this one, leading up to the big duel between Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) and Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp), which will probably come in the final movie.

It’s not clear yet what the change in Fantastic Beast 3‘s schedule means for Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie, but could it be a good sign for Dan Fogler on The Walking Dead? He just joined as Luke on The Walking Dead Season 9. TWD tends to start filming in early May and run through late November/early December. If Fantastic Beasts 3 was going to film in the summer, it would be hard to imagine Luke still being around. But if they start in late fall, well, that might be perfect timing to keep Luke around. Not that we know the Walking Dead story would go in that direction.

Dan Fogler clearly has a lot of story ahead for him — as Jacob Kowalski in the Fantastic Beasts movies, and currently as Luke on The Walking Dead Season 9, which returns with Season 9 tonight on AMC. Fantastic Beasts 3 is probably going to lose any shot at opening in 2020, especially if it’s so “gigantic,” so pencil it in your life choice for 2021. Here’s what will be coming to the big screen later this year in 2019.

12 New TV Shows and Movies That’ll Help You Survive Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is hardly ever as fun or romantic as TV shows and movies depict it to be. Everyone loves a good Galentine’s Day party and drug store candy, sure, but let’s call a spade a spade: February 14 is one of the worst holidays. Unless, that is, you like eating in a too-crowded restaurant and spending money on a card that’s about to wind up in the trash?

Whatever your plans on Valentine’s Day are, I bet you’ll agree that you’d rather be watching TV. Good thing there are so many fun shows—and movies!—debuting this week. Some are romantic, some are not, but all are better than a dinner date at that loud, expensive restaurant. Who cares about getting flowers when there’s a new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in your queue?

Below, 12 TV shows and movies that will gladly be your Valentine this year.

Margaret: The Rebel Princess: An in-depth look at the life of Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II. 10 P.M. ET on PBS

The Grammys: Alicia Keys hosts this year’s ceremony, which will include performances from Lady Gaga, Janelle Monáe, and Miley Cyrus, among others. 8 P.M. ET on CBS

Flavorful Origins: The first season of this new series explores the delicious world of Chaoshan cuisine, originating from the eastern part of China’s Guangdong Province. Streaming on Netflix

Miracle Workers: Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi star is this comedy miniseries about an angel who tries to save Earth after God vows to destroy it. 10:30 P.M. ET on TBS

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Denise Richards joins the cast, and the women wear a bunch of iconic wigs on Halloween. So, in other words, I’m sold. 9 P.M. ET on Bravo

Weird City: Jordan Peele is the brains behind this sci-fi anthology series, which blasts us to a futuristic city literally named “Weird.” Celebrities slated to appear include Mark Hamill, Sara Gilbert, LeVar Burton, Michael Cera, Steven Yeun, Rosario Dawson, Ed O’Neill, Laverne Cox, Awkwafina, and Yvette Nicole Brown. Streaming on YouTube Premium

Isn’t it Romantic: Rebel Wilson stars in this movie, centering on woman who bumps her head and wakes up to realize she’s trapped in a romantic comedy. Chris Hemsworth and Priyanka Chopra co-star. In theaters

Dating Around: This new reality series follows singles as they go on several different blind dates. It doesn’t sound like much, but just watch it. You won’t be able to stop. Streaming on Netflix

Zac & Mia, season 2: This second series of this Awesomeness series about two teenagers undergoing cancer treatment is now available on Hulu for your streaming pleasure. Streaming on Hulu

The Umbrella Academy: This comic book series, about a superhero family who comes together to solve the mystery of their father’s death, is coming to life on Netflix. Streaming on Netflix

The Breaker Upperers: Two women start an agency that helps break up couples in this new comedy starring Jackie van Beek and Madeleine Sami. Streaming on Netflix

Love, Romance & Chocolate: Read Hallmark’s official synopsis, below: 8 P.M. ET on Hallmark

“New York accountant Emma Colvin is heartbroken when her boyfriend leaves her before their planned romantic getaway to Belgium for Valentine’s Day. Convinced by a friend to go alone on the trip, Emma has the adventure of a lifetime when her Belgian innkeeper introduces her to renowned chocolatier, Luc Simon. Luc and his fellow chocolatiers are in the midst of a competition to create the most romantic chocolate in Belgium for the upcoming Belgian royal wedding. He discovers her kitchen skills and soon she’s immersed in the competition and a budding romance develops.”

Christopher Rosa is the entertainment writer at Glamour. Follow him on Twitter at @chrisrosa92.

Why Michelle Rodriguez Hasn’t Signed On For Fast And Furious 9 Yet

Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty has been on the Fast and Furious crew since the beginning and — many fans might agree — plans for the franchise’s ninth and tenth films just wouldn’t be same without her. Following the 2017 release of The Fate of the Furious, however, the actress was vocal with her disappointment on the treatment of the series’ female characters. That parked uncertainty on whether she’d return to play Letty. Here’s a recent update on her thoughts:

Protein farts aside, here’s hoping the Fast and Furious 9 writers took her concerns into consideration when penning the script. The upcoming installment, to be directed by Justin Lin, is set for a 2020 release. That’s following the spinoff Hobbs & Shaw, starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, which debuts in theaters this summer. The unlikely pair may not appear in Fast 9 either due to their attachments in the spinoff.

Back in 2017, Michelle Rodriguez took to her Twitter account to complain about the role of the women in the franchise, saying it left her feeling stagnant on her path to promote female empowerment through her new roles. After initially threatening to leave the franchise, she later backtracked, noting that costar Vin Diesel had listened to her concerns. It seemed like he would convince her to return.

In addition to Hobbs & Shaw, there is a female-led Fast & Furious spinoff in the works, to be written by Nicole Perlman, Lindsey Beer, and Geneva Robertson-Dworet. There’s no word yet on Michelle Rodriguez joining that cast, but one would imagine she would be the lead, along with Jordana Brewster.

As the actress recently told Vanity Fair, her focus has been completely on the feminine. She recently starred in the female-led crime drama Widows alongside Viola Davis, and will soon be featured with Rosa Salazar, Jennifer Connelly, and Lana Condor in the sci-fi action movie Alita: Battle Angel, in theaters on February 14. Bookmark our 2019 movie calendar to keep up with all of the releases this year.