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Arrow Spoilers: Why That Felicity Twist Is The Change Season 7 Needs

Warning: spoilers ahead for the second episode of Arrow Season 7, called “The Longbow Hunters.”

Arrow is back for its seventh season, and the crime-fighting is definitely not business as usual for the good guys of Star City this time around. With Oliver incarcerated after making a deal with the FBI to out himself as the Green Arrow, the rest of the former Team Arrow has to find a way to move on. In “The Longbow Hunters,” Arrow delivered a Felicity twist that is both shocking and entirely logical: she’s going to work with the FBI, and it could be exactly what Season 7 needs.

Here’s how it started. Felicity made good on her vow to Oliver in the Season 7 premiere that she was done hiding from Ricardo Diaz. She returned to Star City with the intent to find him and stop him, no matter what. Still in danger, Felicity was hiding out at ARGUS and attempting to use ARGUS resources for her goal. Curtis didn’t want to risk his job by letting Felicity get into her usual cyber shenanigans, and Diggle wanted to keep the focus on larger ARGUS matters.

Normally, it might have been difficult to relate to Diggle wanting to prioritize ARGUS over tracking down the man who had ruined the lives and nearly killed some of his favorite people, but he had a point in this case. The Longbow Hunters debuted by stealing a battery with the capacity to generate a whole lot of power, and as one might expect of ARGUS tech, it can also be used as a weapon powerful enough to level a city. Oh, ARGUS.

Felicity’s focus on catching the Longbow Hunters over recovering the battery botched an ARGUS mission, and her assistance during a train heist when an ARGUS team was attempting to stop the Longbow Hunters almost resulted in disaster when Diaz turned up on the train. Diggle got hold of the battery, but Diaz was right behind him, and Diggle told Felicity to uncouple his train car from the one carrying Diaz. Felicity wouldn’t do it because it would have meant Diaz escaping, and Curtis stepped in and did it himself.

Luckily, Diggle and Felicity are two members of the former Team Arrow who can resolve conflicts like adults, so neither blamed the other for their disagreements during the episode. Diggle had a difficult discussion with her, and it was ultimately revealed that he didn’t take on the mantle of the Green Arrow as Oliver requested because he couldn’t bear to let his family be torn apart the way Oliver and Felicity’s was.

After the train, Diggle checked up on her, and Felicity acknowledged that the world is a safer place since the weapon was recovered, even though it meant losing Diaz. Instead of compromising her priority, however, Felicity simply said that she needed to focus on catching Diaz, and Diggle was not the one to help her do that. She took her leave of ARGUS, telling Curtis she needed to find somebody to help her. As it turns out, that somebody happens to be FBI Agent Samanda Watson.

In the final scene of the episode, Felicity sat in Watson’s office and rehashed the deal that sent Oliver to prison in exchange for the FBI capturing Diaz. As Felicity pointed out, Oliver is in the clink but Diaz is not yet captured. So, she told Watson that they’re going to take down Diaz… together. Felicity will work within the law!

By teaming Felicity up with the FBI, Arrow is finally delivering an arc for Felicity in which she can be proactive and actually lead the charge. While the FBI will presumably have the power in the hunt for Diaz, and her mission is in honor of her husband, Felicity’s mission to take down Diaz is her own, and she’s taking steps to make it happen as quickly and effectively as possible. The normal allies can’t cut it? Time to move on to the people who can!

As Overwatch (and before she received that name), she was an essential part of supporting Team Arrow, but she won’t just be support in the hunt for Diaz, and it won’t have to take a backseat to somebody else’s arc. While her arc almost certainly won’t be the A plot for every single episode of Season 7, it can showcase her in a new way and mix up a series that is getting pretty long in the tooth.

The CW is not CBS or NBC, and not an overwhelming number of shows last into their seventh season on the network, Supernatural notwithstanding. I’m still half convinced somebody at Supernatural made a deal with the devil to keep it going indefinitely. If Arrow gets too stale or formulaic, viewers may not be willing to tune in anymore. This new era of Arrow under a new showrunner is treading new ground, and that’s a good thing in Season 7.

Now, some may argue that Felicity’s decision to work with the FBI is a betrayal of Oliver, as he would not be in prison getting the stuffing beaten out of him if not for Watson forcing him into a deal. The reality is that Oliver made that deal of his own volition because he knew getting Diaz was more important than his own pride and freedom. Nobody tortured him into outing himself as the Green Arrow.

Oliver understood the need to bring in the FBI to assist Team Arrow five months ago; why wouldn’t he understand and support Felicity helping the FBI keep its side of its bargain with him? If anything, he ought to be grateful when he finds out. He made the sacrifice of his own freedom to get Diaz captured. At the moment, he pretty much sacrificed his freedom for nothing. Diaz is not only at large; he also recruited a dangerous trio of villains to help him out.

Felicity teaming up with the FBI could absolutely expedite the process of capturing Diaz. We should also get to see Felicity unleashed with all the resources of the federal government behind her. She won’t have to worry about being caught if she’s working with the people who once would have done the catching. While Felicity presumably won’t have a carte blanche to do whatever she wants under federal purview, she could have means she never had access to before, even under ARGUS.

Perhaps teaming Felicity up with the FBI also means that Arrow won’t abandon any of the major arcs of the season for chunks of time. Oliver has the prison arc, Diggle (with Curtis) has the ARGUS arc, Dinah and Rene likely have the new Green Arrow arc, and Felicity can have the primary Diaz/Longbow Hunters arc. Laurel can go wherever the wind blows her, as is her wont. These arcs will surely cross over and the characters will interact, but I’m excited to see how Felicity’s story unfolds.

Find out what’s in store next for Felicity and all the others with new episodes of Arrow on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For some additional viewing options (including some of the superhero variety), take a look at our fall TV premiere schedule.

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New Star Wars Comic Reveals Why Darth Vader Built His Castle

During his minutes of screen time in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we learned two things about Darth Vader. One, the cybernetic Sith Lord can slaughter a team of Rebels without breaking a sweat. Two, when he’s not carrying out Emperor Palpatine’s wishes, he spends time at the menacing castle he built on Mustafar. Now we’ve learned that the reason Vader’s fortress is located on the planet where he lost most of his limbs and was burned beyond recognition was because he was trying to communicate with his late wife, Padme Amidala.

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When we first saw Darth Vader’s castle in Rogue One, it was generally assumed that this was just a home away from home for the villain. A place he can unwind when not Force choking Imperial underlings and leading stormtroopers into battle. Not so. After having been gifted Mustafar by Palpatine, Vader used schematics created by the ancient Sith Lord Momin, who has long been dead, but whose spirit still lingers inside his mask, to design his castle.

Speaking with Darth Vader from beyond the grave, Momin informed him that the castle is shaped like a tuning fork because it is one. Specifically, it’s a giant tuning fork designed to read mystical pitches, various frequencies of life and, if done properly, even break through the veil of death. This would allow Vader to reunite with Padme despite her being long dead.

We’ll have to wait and see if Darth Vader can successfully communicate with Padme in his castle, but I suspect his efforts will be for naught. Nevertheless, it’s understandable that Vader is so desperate to try to pull this off. Charles Soule’s Darth Vader comic book series takes place right after Revenge of the Sith, so the pain of losing Padme is still fresh. That lingering part of him that’s still Anakin Skywalker would do whatever it takes to see his wife again, even going so far as to build a giant tuning fork castle to get the job done.

This also provides another reason for why Darth Vader felt the need to go back to Mustafar, the place where his old life essentially died. Previously in the Darth Vader comic book series, Vader went to the lava planet to bleed some kyber crystals (that he killed an Order 66 survivor for) red to power his new lightsaber. However this arc (and the series) wraps up, at least Vader comes out of this with some fancy digs.

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Why The Longbow Hunters Have An Advantage Over Team Arrow

Arrow is trying something new with its bad guys in Season 7. Not only did the previous bad guy escape to menace another day at the end of Season 6, but the show also brought in a trio of new baddies to make the most of the newly vigilante-free Star City. Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicity Smoak, had this to say:

When Season 7 kicked off, Team Arrow was really a thing of the past. The former members of the team were still friends and allies, but the vigilante ban combined with the terms of their immunity with the FBI meant that they had to find their own ways of pursuing justice. Felicity’s absence due to witness protection meant that she wasn’t even around. Any sense of cohesion behind Oliver’s former teammates was lost when he went into the clink.

Oliver is the only one 100% out of the fight for Star City thanks to his incarceration, but Team Arrow isn’t a team anymore, and that is a weakness that the Longbow Hunters could exploit. Every single one of the former members of the team could be fighting fit and ready to go; unless they’re all on the same page, they likely won’t be able to beat these new baddies. Based on what we know about them from the comics, each one will be formidable enough on their own.

With the new baddies working together, Emily Bett Rickards’ comments to EW indicate that the good guys will need to come together sooner than later. Felicity vowed to return to Star City and fight to take down Ricardo Diaz, even sending William away to boarding school, with his major arc of the season seemingly taking place in the future. Diggle is hard at work at ARGUS, with Curtis backing him up in the tech department.

Dinah is still fighting the good fight for Star City thanks to her position as SCPD captain. Rene is itching to return to the vigilante life, so he’s probably the one who could be most easily persuaded to get back into the mask. Even Laurel — who is really only sometimes one of the good guys — is fighting the good fight in her own way now that she landed the unlikely position of District Attorney.

If at least some of these characters can set aside their differences and work toward a common goal, the Longbow Hunters will be in trouble. As two of the original members of Team Arrow, Diggle and Felicity may need to be the centers of a new group. If not… well, hopefully that new Green Arrow is free to do a lot of crime-fighting.

You can catch new episodes of Arrow on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW ahead of new episodes of Legends of Tomorrow. For some non-superhero viewing options, take a peek at our fall TV premiere schedule.

Ariana Grande Is Shopping at Chanel While Pete Davidson Is ‘Looking for a Roommate’

Ariana Grande is rich. Very rich. She has a reported net worth of $50 million and apparently bought that insane New York City apartment she and ex-fiancé Pete Davidson lived in all summer. If she wants a baby pig, all she has to do is snap her fingers and, poof, it’s there. There’s even a song on Grande’s album “Sweetener” called “Successful” that talks about how paid she is. It literally sounds like a robust 401K package. Listen to three seconds of that track and you’ll immediately think, “Yup, Ariana Grande is a luxe queen.”

And what do luxe queens do on a free Sunday in New York City? Drop thousands of dollars at Chanel, that’s what! OK, so we don’t know exactly how much money Grande spent at the Chanel store in SoHo yesterday (October 21), but she walked out with two large bags and a look on her face that said, “My bank account is endless, and so is my power.”

For the occasion, Grande swapped her signature ponytail for a tight top bun, which makes total sense. She couldn’t risk her long hair getting in the way of the credit card machine when she swiped her Black Amex! You know what they say: The higher the hair, the higher the credit limit. (Like Ariana Grande even has a limit.)

EXCLUSIVE: ** PREMIUM RATES APPLY ** Ariana Grande looking happy while out shopping at Chanel with her instagrammer friend Doug just days after the breakup with her boyfriend Pete

PHOTO: Splash News

It’s unclear if Grande’s shopping spree had anything to do with her breakup with Davidson. Some think the pop star was engaging in a little retail therapy, which might be true. However, an equally-as-plausible theory is Grande just woke up and said, “Wow, I’m rich and feel like spending money today.” I hear rich people do this all the time!

That being said, this seems like as good of a time as any to let y’all know Pete Davidson is reportedly looking for a roommate. The comedian gave everyone that update during a gig in Los Angeles over the weekend. “Well, as you could tell, I don’t want to be here. There’s a lot going on,” Davidson reportedly said. “Does anybody have any open rooms? Looking for a roommate?”

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Shark Tank Contestants Pay Tribute To Deceased Firefighter Dad With His Awesome Invention

Shark Tank took an incredibly emotional turn on Sunday night. The series in which aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas featured an especially touching one. Siblings Kaley, Christian, and Keira Young came on the show to pitch their late dad’s awesome invention — the Cup Board Pro. Kaley Young told the sharks:

A clip of the late Keith Young’s audition tape for the show was then played. After the clip finished playing, an emotional Keira Young asked the panel who was ready to make their dad’s dream a reality with them. The Young siblings’ presentation visibly moved the sharks.

Shark Tank‘s Kevin O’Leary followed up on their dad’s desire to be on the show. Kaley Young provided further moving insight, saying:

Kaley Young revealed that their dad had passed away three months before the siblings were making their appearance on the show. His passing was due to a cancer diagnosis related to his work as an NYC firefighter during 9/11.

Guest shark Matt Higgins asked what overwhelmed them, and here’s what Kaley Young told the panel:

The siblings revealed that they had sold an impressive 300 Cup Board Pros in the course of three weeks at the time of the taping. In the end, the siblings paid tribute to their dad by pitching his dream, and the reaction to their dad’s invention was strong. All of the sharks united behind the pitch.

The sharks were not shy about sharing how rare such a deal between all of them is. They offered the siblings $100,000 for a stake of 20% percent in the business. The siblings were seeking $100,000 for a 10% stake. The sharks also pledged to donate their profits from the Cup Board Pro to a charity their dad supported to help firefighters left sick from 9/11.

As unanimous as the deal was among the sharks, the siblings just as enthusiastically received it. The siblings’ strength and fortitude in making their dad’s dream come true are remarkable and inspiring. Their moving story clearly touched the sharks. Lori Greiner and Daymond John were left visibly emotional, as John turned to dry his face at one point.

The opportunity to change lives is at the core of Shark Tank, and in this episode, the show achieved that. It also gave a platform for the Young family to remember their dad. It is impossible not to become emotional thinking about the strength that it took for the siblings to get to Shark Tank.

New episodes of Shark Tank air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC this fall. The show is also available to stream on Hulu. For more about the series, check out Shark Tank‘s website.

Friday The 13th Is Getting Another Reboot, And LeBron James Is Involved

The 2018-2019 NBA season has just kicked off and beyond the near-foregone conclusion that the Golden State Warriors will three-peat, one of the biggest stories is LeBron James beginning the next chapter of his career as a Los Angeles Laker. But LeBron isn’t just coming to LA to play; he’s going full Hollywood. LeBron James’ production company is now involved in a reboot of Friday the 13th.

Vertigo Entertainment and LeBron James’ SpringHill Entertainment are in talks to create a reboot of the iconic horror franchise, which dates back to 1980’s Friday the 13th and has twelve installments to date, including Freddy vs. Jason. This potential reboot is in the very early stages but meetings are out to potential writers and directors for the project, according to Deadline.

This news comes in the wake of a legal decision about the rights to the horror franchise. Victor Miller, the writer of the 1980 film, regained the U.S. rights to Friday the 13th under copyright reclamation laws that allow authors to reclaim their work 35 years after selling it for a low price. With that legal battle now won, the rights issues that have been holding up another Friday the 13th are seemingly less of an impediment to the franchise continuing in the future.

Following his victory, Victor Miller took the reboot to LeBron’s SpringHill Entertainment and Vertigo. SpringHill Entertainment has an existing production deal with Warner Bros. studio.

This isn’t the first time a reboot has been attempted. Last year a reboot of Jason Voorhees was supposed to take place at Paramount from Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes. The studio nixed the project, after Rings failed at the box office, conflating one film’s failure with a lack of viability in all horror reboots.

Obviously that mindset is no longer prevalent in Hollywood given the current success that horror in general is finding at the box office and especially horror reboots of iconic properties, as evidenced by last year’s IT and the just-released Halloween. The time seems right for Friday the 13th to get a Halloween-style refresh.

The Michael Myers reboot-quel enjoyed a record opening at the box office last weekend and the best debut ever for a film in the franchise, proving that these seminal horror figures have a place in the modern movie marketplace.

The last film in the franchise was 2009’s Friday the 13th, which itself was a reboot of the property, yet it failed to deliver critically and didn’t break $100 million in its entire worldwide run. But we’re ten years later now, which seems to be the rough time period before many reboots, and being the 13th entry in the franchise has got to be a good sign that this potential reboot will bring Jason back to prominence and let him make his mark in this new horror age.

This isn’t the only reboot of a name property that LeBron James is involved in. The all-star and SpringHill Entertainment are also involved in a remake of House Party as well as the long-awaited Space Jam 2. Whether LeBron James can also reboot the Lakers back to relevancy remains to be seen.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend and we’ll keep you updated about this potential return to Camp Crystal Lake. Check out our release schedule for all the biggest movies still to come in 2018.

Last Man Standing’s Creator Has A New Show In The Works At Fox

One of the biggest early success stories of the fall TV season is Last Man Standing‘s big Season 7 debut on Fox, where it was rescued from cancellation. Now, the network is looking to Last Man Standing creator and former showrunner Jack Burditt to develop a new comedy that takes place within a country music-filled bar in Nashville. I do believe there’s a wide audience for that kind of thing.

Jack Burditt’s first TV creation after Last Man Standing doesn’t have a name yet, and I’m pretty sure Nashville won’t be usable for a while. However, we can possibly expect the name of the central watering hole to serve as the show’s title. It’s described as the kind of place that singers and songwriters frequent in order to achieve their dreams. Or to try to do so, anyway.

Understandably, music isn’t the only goal that people have in mind when out for a night on the town. This particular Nashville bar is also one where romances are known to bloom, be they the fleeting kind or the long-lasting kind. Mostly fleeting, though.

Fox granted a put pilot commitment to the new comedy, for which Jack Burditt would serve as writer and executive producer. That’s about as close to a pilot order as a new project can get, with the network having to foot some financial penalties if it decides to pass.

Another big name involved in the new comedy is country music star Dierks Bentley. According to Variety, Bentley is attached to the project as an executive producer. While it’s not directly stated how Bentley will inform the development process, he will likely have some key insights into giving the show an air of legitimacy. Plus, I’m sure his songwriting talents and music biz connections don’t hurt.

By bringing in Dierks Bentley, the currently untitled comedy project is possibly looking to tap into the country music scene in the same ways that the hit drama Empire has utilized hip-hop and rap with its reality-meshing storylines. Whether that means we’ll see cameos from real-world music stars or fictionalized iterations, we’ll have to wait and see.

Interestingly, this new comedy would is being envisioned as a single-camera production. Though it’s mostly interesting given Last Man Standing and The Cool Kids are Fox’s Friday night multi-camera comedies that come complete with live audience laughter. Jack Burditt shouldn’t be too thrown, though, since he kept busy in recent years on single-cam shows such as Modern Family, Great News and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

In case anyone is worried about Jack Burditt’s new project bumping heads with Last Man Standing, fear not. Burditt hasn’t actually held an active role on the Tim Allen sitcom in years. He served as the showrunner for the first 13 episodes, and was replaced by Kevin Abbot (who was replaced later by Tim Doyle).

While waiting to hear about what happens with this new project, be sure to watch Last Man Standing every Friday night on Fox at 8:00 p.m. ET. For all the other shows that will try to tickle your funny bones soon, head to our fall TV premiere schedule.

Amy Schumer Is Pregnant With Her First Child

A baby is on the way for Amy Schumer and her husband, chef Chris Fischer. The comedian confirmed she’s pregnant on Monday (October 22) via her friend Jessica Yellin’s Instagram Story.

Here’s exactly how she broke the news: Late Monday afternoon, Schumer, 37, posted a meme to Instagram of her and Fischer’s heads Photoshopped over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s bodies and captioned it, “About to announce some exciting news on @jessicayellin insta page. Please follow her for up to the minute #newsnotnoise she breaks down what’s really going on. She agreed to post a lil noise today for me! Follow her and VOTE!!” The photo featured Markle (who recently announced she’s pregnant) holding her stomach, which tipped fans off to what Schumer might’ve been announcing.

Yellin, a journalist who founded the media platform News Not Noise—aimed at helping readers cut through the clutter of 2018’s news cycle—opened up her Instagram Story with a shout-out to Schumer. “I wanted to share some news from our community, maybe it’s noise but it’s happy noise,” Yellin said. “So I’m not in the business of making voting recommendations, but these are the recommendations of Amy Schumer, one of the most consistent and earliest supporters of News Not Noise. Now read all the way to the bottom, you’ll see there’s some news down there. Congratulations, Amy.”

The next slide on Yellin’s IG Story shows Schumer’s list of congressional and gubernatorial recs, and at the bottom is just four words: “I’m pregnant – Amy Schumer.”

See the post for yourself, below:

PHOTO: Instagram

Schumer and Fischer tied the knot in February 2018 during an intimate ceremony in Malibu. The Trainwreck actress confirmed the nuptials on Instagram by posting a few photos from the day with a simple caption: “Yup.”

Congrats, you two!

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Of Course, Tom Hiddleston’s Favorite Improvised Marvel Moment Is From Thor: Ragnarok

When making a movie, an actor is primarily supposed to stick to the script, but occasionally opportunities arise for improvisation, which can subsequently lead to a scene or two being made better. Director Taika Waititi, however, decided to go almost completely off-book for Thor: Ragnarok, as supposedly around 80% of that movie’s dialogue was improvised. So when recently asked what his favorite improvised Marvel Cinematic Universe moment was, Tom Hiddleston understandably picked one from Ragnarok, specifically the ‘Get help’ scene. As the actor explained:

In case you need a refresher on Thor: Ragnarok, the ‘Get help’ plan was quite simple, and like the scene itself, came about at the last minute. Loki pretended to be dying and Thor demanded that the guards looking after Grandmaster’s ships to seek assistance for him. The God of Thunder then proceeded to throw the God of Mischief at the uniformed goons. It was a classic maneuver when they were kids and it paid off one last time, as you can see for yourself below.

‘Get help’ was among the MCU topics Tom Hiddleston discussed during his recent appearance at ACE Comic-Con alongside Elizabeth Olsen. And as mentioned earlier, this was just one of many moments that were improvised during Thor: Ragnarok, something that took Mark Ruffalo by surprise. In the end, this approach paid off, as Ragnarok was met with a lot of positive reviews and took home $854 million worldwide.

Thor: Ragnarok also marked Tom Hiddleston’s return to the MCU after a four-year absence (it would have only been two years if his Avengers: Age of Ultron cameo had been kept). Nearly six months later, Loki was back for Avengers: Infinity War, although he was killed by Thanos only minutes into the movie. It remains to be seen if Loki is truly dead or if he pulled off yet another one of his tricks and will appear in Avengers 4, but either way, Hiddleston has unquestionably left an enormous impact on this franchise.