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This Deleted Game of Thrones Scene Would Have Explained a Lot About Cersei

This post contains spoilers for the final season of Game of Thrones. Consider yourself warned.

Game of Thrones has been over for a month—we’re doing Big Little Lies on Sundays now—but will it ever truly be over? That’s probably a no, and not just because a prequel is in the works. A show like Thrones lends itself to endless speculation, especially considering how unhappy many fans were with how showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss opted to close out the eighth and final season.

New details are still emerging about what could have been for some of our favorite inhabitants of Westeros. According to People, actress Lena Headey recently told the crowd at a German comic book convention about a deleted scene that showed her character, Cersei Lannister, having a miscarriage. “We shot a scene that never made it into season seven, which was where I lose the baby,” she said. “And it was a really traumatic, great moment for Cersei, and it never made it in.”

“I kind of loved doing that because I thought it would’ve served her differently,” she continued. “Of course, we’re not exactly sure what made the show’s creators scrap the scene, but we can’t say it isn’t interesting to at least think about how that moment may have changed things.”

You’ll remember that Cersei told her brother Jaime that she was carrying their child and had also convinced Euron Greyjoy that she was pregnant with his baby. Her other brother, Tyrion, tried to use the unborn baby as a motivation for Cersei to negotiate with him and Daenerys, to no avail. Fans were left to wonder what was really going on with Cersei. Was she ever really pregnant? Why wasn’t she showing more if time was passing?

Now we know that, at some point, the show’s creators had planned to offer an explanation. Also, we agree with Headey that we would have loved to see this sort of pivotal scene from Cersei, who was often underused in season eight. Headey recently told The Guardian that she has a “few of her own gripes” about the way Game of Thrones ended, in general, and that she wanted a better death for Cersei. “I will say I wanted a better death,” she said. “Obviously you dream of your death. You could go in any way on that show. So I was kind of gutted. But I just think they couldn’t have pleased everyone. No matter what they did, I think there was going to be some big comedown from the climb.”

Stray Kids Warn Of ‘Side Effects’ On Their Dark, Disorienting New Single

For Stray Kids, and their fans, the phrase “nine or none” is sacred. It’s a vow leader Bang Chan made on “Mixtape #4” — to move forward together, to approach obstacles as a team. But what happens when the path ahead diverges?

On their latest album Cle 2: Yellow Wood, Stray Kids find themselves at a crossroads, both lyrically and sonically. The boastful adolescent confidence of Miroh is nowhere to be found on lead single “Side Effects,” an industrial EDM track that, true to its name, unpacks the effects of such willful bravado. Self-doubt seeps over a heavy, thumping bass line, while the members confront the side effects of growing up — pain, anger, confusion, and anxiety, to name a few.

“I threw myself with trust in me,” vocalist Seungmin sings. “But why am I just being hurt?”

Like “Miroh” before it, “Side Effects” — produced by members Bang Chan, Han, and Changbin, otherwise known as 3racha — is a bold choice for a single. In fact, it’s the group’s darkest, weirdest track yet. It doesn’t follow any kind of familiar structure — there’s no real melody either — but it does take the more experimental elements of “Miroh” and amplify them: growls, chants, and electrifying spoken-word bits. In many ways, “Side Effects” is less of a song and more of an auditory experience. And the visual is equally disorienting.

Marketed as a “special album” with only two-and-a-half new songs, Cle 2: Yellow Wood feels like experiment, a place for 3racha to try different things with relatively low stakes. “TMT” is more palatable to mainstream ears, a healthy balance of hip-hop and playful EDM — with a bit of Autotune thrown in for good, stylistic measure. Meanwhile, the woefully short intro track “Road Not Taken” showcases Stray Kids’ relentless energy and boundless potential over another pulsing EDM beat. Fittingly, it’s also a song about following your own path. (Stray Kids are many things but subtle is not one of them.)

In addition to three new songs, Yellow Wood also includes the group’s four previously released mixtape tracks, featuring lyrics from all nine members. These special tracks speak to the members’ doubts and adolescent uncertainty on a more intimate level.

Overall, Yellow Wood is disjointed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the intent. True growth comes from taking risks, from facing  obstacles head on — no matter how insurmountable or disorienting they appear, or how scary the path ahead looks. With “Side Effects,” Stray Kids continue to evolve as artists and creators. And in doing so, they’ve avoided the worst side effect of them all: complacency.

Dwayne Johnson Says Black Adam Is As Strong As Superman

It’s been nearly five full years since Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was confirmed to be playing Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe, but following the success of Shazam!, it looks like the Black Adam movie is finally taking some significant steps forward. Johnson has frequently talked about why he’s excited to play the Kahndaqian anti-hero, and one of the reasons is because Black Adam and Superman have similar abilities. In Johnson’s words:

With regard to super strength, durability and flight, Dwayne Johnson is correct that Superman and Black Adam are on roughly equal footing. However, contrary to what Johnson said during his conversation with MTV, Superman and Black Adam do not have all the same powers. In fact, if you look at what Black Adam is capable of overall, he’s actually arguably more powerful than Superman.

Like other Kryptonians, Superman’s powers come from Earth’s sun, granting him abilities like x-ray vision, heat vision and super breath. Black Adam, on the other hand, is magically enhanced, just like his arch-nemesis Shazam. And while Black Adam can’t shoot lasers out of his eyes or freeze things by blowing on them, because magic is one of Superman’s main weaknesses, that means that Black Adam has an big advantage when coming to blows with the Man of Steel.

These two have fought several times in the comics, and Superman had to deal with Black Adam Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam alone before Billy Batson was turned into Captain Marvel, his original heroic identity. But will Superman and Black Adam fight each other in the DCEU? Right now, nothing is in the books.

For now, Black Adam is set to lead his own movie, which Undateable’s Adam Sztykiel wrote and Jungle Cruise’s Jaume Collett-Serra is set to direct. According to Dwayne Johnson, production will begin sometime next year.

And then there’s the Shazam of it all. He and Black Adam have been at odds in the comics for decades, and while it seems likely that eventually they’ll clash in the DCEU, there’s no set time on when that will happen. Doctor Sivana was Billy Batson’s first foe in the franchise, and the end of Shazam! teased that Sivana will team up with Mr. Mind in Shazam! 2.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on what the DCEU has in store for Black Adam, but for now, you can learn what else this superhero franchise has coming down the pipeline in our handy guide.

Black Panther’s Vibranium Vs. Wolverine’s Adamantium: Which Is The Strongest Material?

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine with his Adamantium claws

Two of Marvel’s most beloved characters, Wolverine and Black Panther, are both dependent on exotic metals to aid them with their powers. For Black Panther, his vibranium suit is essential to his success and for Wolverine, adamantium is crucial to his indestructibility.

Both metals are used elsewhere in the Marvel universe, like Captain America’s shield, which is made partly from vibranium, and Ultron’s body, which is coated in adamantium in the comics, but they are most closely associated with Black Panther and Wolverine.

So with vibranium vs. adamantium, which is the more power metal? Which is more indestructible? What would happen if the two most powerful metals in the universe were used by their heroes against each other? There are some slight differences between the comic universe and the MCU, so we’ll highlight that a little bit as well. Let’s break them down and figure it out.

Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther in battle with his Vibranium suit

Black Panther’s Vibranium Suit

Vibranium is a rare metal found in very limited quantities around the globe, including and especially in a large stockpile in Black Panther’s home, Wakanda. It’s a virtually indestructible metal that landed in Wakanda on a meteor millions of years ago and has shaped life in the region ever since. Its presence there has had an enormous impact on the country and its citizens in all kinds of ways.

The most notable way it has affected Wakandans is their use of it to become the most technologically advanced county in the world. Vibranium’s unique qualities have made it essentially in Wakandan life. Not only that, but in the comics, Wakanda’s citizens have occasionally sold off small amounts for huge amounts of money to help them build their technology.

One of vibranium’s most important characteristics, besides its indestructibility, is its ability to absorb energy of almost any kind. This characteristic is especially important in Black Panther’s suit, called his “Panther Habit,” and in Captain America’s shield. If you ever wondered how Cap could absorb a mighty strike from Thor’s hammer, your answer is found in the vibranium used by Howard Stark to forge the shield.

The forging of Captain America’s shield is slightly different in the comics. In the comics, a scientist named Myron MacLain obtained a small amount of vibranium and tried to create an alloy to make an indestructible armor. Instead, after failing to meld vibranium with iron, and by accident, he created a small amount of an alloy that he then used to create the shield. Interestingly, in the comic universe, adamantium was also invented by Myron MacLain when he tried to replicate the process unsuccessfully, so the metals are clearly related. This, however, they have not been connected in the MCU, though maybe that will change with the Disney/Fox merger and the possibility of more X-Men in the MCU.

The second important way that vibranium is used in Wakanda is in Black Panther’s suit. The Panther Habit is a suit weaved from vibranium that has been worn by kings and princes of Wakanda for hundreds of years when they become Blank Panther. Currently, it’s worn by T’Challa, the current Black Panther.

The suit a huge part of what makes Black Panther Black Panther. Sure, he’s trained from a young age to be a general, a warrior and an expert in hand to hand battle, and he takes the Heart-Shaped Herb to to enhance his physical attributes. Still, without the suit, it’d be a lot harder for him to be a superhero. The vibranium suit and its ability to defuse energy allows him to take punches, stabs, bullets and just about anything else that an enemy could through at him in a fight. But could it protect him from a swipe from Wolverine’s adadmantium claws?

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine emerges with his Adamantium claws

Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws

Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton and claws are not his super power. It’s his superpower that allowed him to survive the surgery that covered his skeleton (including the claws) with adamantium. It was Wolverine’s super healing powers that allowed the scientist at Weapon X to coat his skeleton in the nearly indestructible metal.

The metallic recipe to make adamantium is a closely guarded government secret in the comics and in the movies, but as we mentioned, it is known, at least in the comics, to be an alloy that includes steel and vibranium. In the comics, there are also a bunch of different kinds of adamantium but for arguments sake, we’re going to stick with the kind that Wolverine originally had covering his bones. In the comics, it’s called “True adamantium,” since there is no specific designation in the movie.

Adamantium is described as being completely indestructible, and indeed, it seems to be in the movies. Though, in Logan we learn that it is also poisoning Wolverine as his healing powers weaken as he ages.

Since there isn’t much more in the movies, sticking with the comic version of adamantium, we know that Adamantium is the strongest metal in the world. Which leads us to the big matchup…

Hugh Jackman with Wolverine's Adamantium claws and Chadwick Boseman in Blank Panther's Vibranium sui

Vibranium Vs. Adamantium

In a head to head battle, there really is no contest. In the comics, it’s clear that despite vibranium’s ability to defuse energy, Black Panther wouldn’t be able to keep Wolverine’s adamantium claws from slicing the Panther Habit and himself to ribbons. In the comics, there are a few times when it is show that the vibranium suit is not effective in repelling slices. When faced with slices from Wolverine’s adamantium claws, it wouldn’t stand a chance.

But that doesn’t mean that Black Panter’s vibranium suit wouldn’t be useful in other respects against adamantium. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, William Stryker shoots Logan with adamantium bullets, rendering him unconscious and with memory loss. Because of the energy absorbing properties of vibranium, it’s likely that Blank Pather’s suit would absorb all the power from the bullet and defuse it like it does any other bullet. The metal makeup of the bullet would be irrelevant.

Vibranium would be more or less useless against Wolverine’s adamantium body as well. It is not as strong and would probably shatter if it hit the adamantium with enough force. There simply isn’t a stronger metal in the Marvel Universe. That means that the takeaway from it all it is that adamantium, the stronger metal alloy, and the right superhero with it, namely Wolverine, would be able to defeat Black Panther and his vibranium suit.

Let us know your thoughts on the vibranium vs. adamantium matchup in the comments below, and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more news on the cinematic futures of Wolverine, Black Panther and all the other Marvel heroes.

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5 Lord Of The Rings Movie Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Elijah Woods - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

In terms of epic trilogies, The Lord of The Rings series is among the best and brightest. Peter Jackson’s meticulously crafted, wondrously extravagant adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved literature is one of the most impressive feats in cinematic history. It lavishly created a sense of grandeur, epic scope and overlapping emotional pathos that has rarely been seen in the movies before — or, at least, as successfully as it done here — and may never be seen again, at least in this same exact way.

As a result, movie lovers have combed over these films intensely and restlessly, hoping to glean any sort of information that can be found from the films’ journey to the big screen. Like the eye of Sauron, it’s hard to imagine anything slipping from their notice. Yet, there are a few movie facts about The Lord of the Rings trilogy that might have missed their gaze, shockingly enough. So we’re here to list some details and information about the making of these marvelous movies that might not be known by everyone, even some die-hard Lord of the Rings fans.

Cate Blanchett - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Filmmakers Used A Special Lighting Rig For Galadriel To Make Her Eyes Reflect The Starlight

If you want a great example of how the small details in The Lord of The Rings trilogy make it so impressive, take no further look than into the eyes of Galadriel, played by Cate Blanchett. As noted by Reddit user epicazeroth, to show how thoroughly the filmmakers took painstaking efforts to bring her story to life in just a few details, you can see that Galadriel is the last elf in Middle Earth to have seen the light of the Trees of Valinor by the reflection of wondrous light that is found in her eyes. Most filmmakers wouldn’t got out of their way to make a special lighting rig to accomplish this small visual trick, but there aren’t a lot of filmmakers quite like Peter Jackson.

In order to bring this effect to life on-screen, if only for a moment or so, the filmmakers used a special lightning rig that would create the optical effect. No doubt it took a lot of time and a lot of hard work, but it’s small details like this one that make the movie so visually stunning and narratively impactful for viewers all around the world. Peter Jackson made many efforts to bring J.R.R. Tolkien’s books to life on the screen, and this is one of those details that you might not notice at first, but it is critical to us learning or appreciating the expansive lore that is brought into focus in these films.

Ian McKellen - The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Gandalf Smashing His Head In Bilbo’s House Was An Accident

In movies, there are many happy mistakes made. Since directors can never completely control every element of a film, there are always bound to be mistakes and mess-ups that dramatically affect or impact the final product. And sometimes they are for the better. For instance, in the beginning of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, when Gandalf (Ian McKellen) smashes his head on the wooden beam in Bilbo’s house, that wasn’t intentional. As it turns out, that was actually Ian McKellen hitting his head on the roof due to its small size. Peter Jackson just decided to keep in it.

In the scheme of things, it makes total sense to keep that flub in the film. The scene has a lighthearted feeling, a sense of whimsy and levity that is meant to be charming and good-hearted for the dramatic stakes of the story are introduced to, and by, our central characters. This silly little mistake on set ultimately made the scene better, effortlessly helping to establish Gandalf’s enormous size compared to the hobbits and how he is unable to adjust to their cramped living quarters. The result, ultimately, was a splash of movie making, even if it was completely accidental in how it came to be.

Sean Bean - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Sean Bean Would Hike To Set In Costume Every Day

Actors are often dedicated to their craft. They have to turn into their characters, living in their shoes and becoming one with their plights, endurances and struggles. As it turns out, Sean Bean would often find himself getting into character each day by hiking two hours up the snowy terrain to do the scene, completely in costume. But apparently this wasn’t merely the actor staying true to character. In reality, it was because of his fearing of flying.

In order to make it up to the mountains, the cast would be flown up to shooting locations via helicopters. But because he was afraid of flying, Sean Bean refused to be taken up to set by winged vessel, opting instead to hike the mountain all the way to where they were shooting … only to act out a scene with a lot of footsteps in play. That’s definitely dedication to your craft, though it sounds like Bean just reallymdidn’t want to fly anywhere.

Treebeard - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

John Rhys-Davies Created Treebeard’s Voice By Speaking In The Lowest Pitch Possible Through A Wooden Megaphone

Beyond playing the lovable Gimli, John Rhys-Davies was also the voice of Treebeard in The Lord of the Rings series. But while most voice performances are made in a recording booth, sometimes using voice distortions to bring the character to live, Rhys-Davies’ method of bringing the wooden character to life was decidedly a lot more, err, natural. Namely, the voice was created by the actor speaking in his lowest pitch possible through a wooden megaphone.

Since the actor has a booming voice that is heard vigorously throughout his scenes as Gimli in the films, this voice work was decidedly a lot more subdued and nuanced, capturing the wood-based character he was playing in addition to his other role. The result allowed the actor the illusion of playing two separate characters in this expansive trilogy, all while creating the voice of this character through more appropriately environmental ways.

The Council of Elrond - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Leaves Blowing During The Council Of Elrond Scene Were Painted Individually And Blown Onto Set By Crew Members

It takes a lot of hard work to make movies seems natural. Because a lot of movies are filmed on sets, you can often forget that minor elemental things like snow, sand or wind is not the work of Mother Nature, but several dedicated crew members trying to keep the illusion alive for the audience. As such, while most audience members probably didn’t think much of the leaves that were blowing around during the pivotal Council of Elrond scene, the truth of the matter is that it took several dedicated members of the crew and the art department to bring that seasonal illusion to life.

While the leaves are only seen in the background, it took six crew members above the set to keep them blowing onto the scene in regular intervals. And if you think that’s dedication, think about the art department. They had to gather up a ton of leaves to have available during shooting, and when the leaves started to wither and die, they painted each of them individually to make sure that they could stay brown during the filming. That’s the sort of dedication that is critical to the lasting success of The Lord of the Rings series, even if you were paying attention to, say, the leaves in this scene.

The grandness and greatness of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings series wasn’t a fluke. It took a lot of patience, hard work and persistence from many of the cast and crew members in order to get everything right. And even when things were meticulously planned out, there were happy accidents along the way that informed the movie in a major way, giving it spontaneity, levity and sincerity that was crucial to each movie’s success.

It’s hard to imagine their success ever being recreated in this exact way. The Hobbit movies were well-liked, but not nearly as beloved. And Amazon certainly has its work cut out with its reported $1 billion Lord of the Rings series in the works. More power to anyone who tries, one has to reckon. But these films might honestly be untouchable in a lot of different ways, and it is all thanks to the key details found in these great movies.

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Boy George Wants Sophie Turner To Play Him In A Biopic, And She’s Down

Since Bohemian Rhapsody took the worldwide box office by storm with its “killer queen” $903 million haul, don’t expect Hollywood to stop now with the development of more biopics centering on the behind-the-scenes stories of more pop icons. A film about Boy George’s rise to stardom in the ‘80s is currently in the works at MGM and Sophie Turner’s name has entered the mix of potential stars.

Boy George revealed his interest in the Game of Thrones and Dark Phoenix actress to play a younger version of himself with these words to an Australian radio show (via Vogue):

And the resemblance is uncanny! It’s crazy how much the two compare when the icon’s ‘80s look is placed side-by-side with Sophie Turner. The musician isn’t bothered by a woman playing him either. After all, Boy George has often and famously donned an androgynous look. Following his recent comments, Turner isn’t being shy about her interest either. Take a look:

Hear that? She’s SO down! The actress has just finished her eight season-run as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, along with finishing off her role as Jean Grey in the X-Men franchise with Dark Phoenix. She not only looks like she could play a convincing Culture Club frontman, she’s close to the same age he was when he broke out to the music scene, and her schedule may have just cleared up. I’d say that’s a match made in heaven!

It’s not tough to see the Culture Club singer channelling an ‘80s Sansa in his performance of “Time (Clock Of the Heart)”. Check it out:

The untitled biopic announced in May will be written and directed by Sacha Gervasi, who worked on Hitchcock, November Criminals, My Dinner with Hervé and The Terminal. The English singer first made waves in London with his 1982 breakout hit “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” from Culture Club’s debut album, with three of the songs skyrocketing to the top 10 U.S. charts, which a new group hadn’t achieved since the Beatles did it.

As Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman explored, Boy George also publicly struggled with drug addiction and his sexuality in a time when the LGBT community was marginalized more often in the public eye. It will be interesting to see how the Boy George biopic decides to present his life. Will it take the PG-13 approach of Bohemian Rhapsody? If cast, would Sophie Turner lip sync or use her own vocals?

No release date has been set yet, but until then, would you like to see Sophie Turner as Boy George? Feel free to discuss this in the comments below!

James Bond’s Naomie Harris Doesn’t Think 007 And Moneypenny Have Slept Together

When the James Bond reboot film series brought back the character of Moneypenny, formerly an agent known as Eve and played by Naomie Harris, it felt like something happened between the two after meeting in Skyfall. Yet by the time Spectre rolled around, Moneypenny was out of active service and had a boyfriend in the picture.

And if that wasn’t enough information to confirm that James and Moneypenny hadn’t taken the time to become closer than work associates, Harris made it perfectly clear that, in her opinion below, the two legendary operatives aren’t going to change history in Bond 25:

The modern era of James Bond under Daniel Craig gave more than a casual suggestion that the two were about to sleep together. That shaving scene in Skyfall, with Moneypenny and James skirting the edge of their office relationship oh so carefully, certainly did a lot to hint that history would be changed yet again in the 007 franchise. And with Bond 25 currently set to see Daniel Craig return to shooting, and James in a relationship with Lea Seydoux’s Dr. Madeline Swann since the end of Spectre, that taboo won’t be broken in the near future.

Naomie Harris’ hypothesis has a lot of history on its side, as James Bond has always flirted with Moneypenny, but never consummated that flirtation. And as we see in that scene mentioned above, as well as in Harris’ interview with EW, the tension has always come from the two characters bantering right up to the edge of actually doing something.

In fact, it was pretty much a tradition for the original Bond franchise to see the two characters meet before Bond’s mission briefing, volley some wishful thoughts of romantic splendor and then go their separate ways. Though we haven’t seen this as of late, considering Spectre saw Bond’s big interaction with Moneypenny being over the phone, as he was investigating the antics of Blofeld and his SPECTRE associates.

As James Bond is lured back into action by Jeffrey Wright’s Felix Leiter in Bond 25, we probably won’t see that sort of scene in Daniel Craig’s presumably final turn in the role. Which means we may have to wait for a new Bond, and possible a new Moneypenny, to see those familiar sparks fly again.

Whatever happens between 007 and Moneypenny, in Bond 25 and beyond, Naomie Harris has left her own mark on the role as she’s been the first Moneypenny to be seen in the field, and the first to actually shoot James Bond. It’s a level of behavior that will undoubtedly raise the bar for whomever steps into this character’s position in the future.

Annabelle Comes Home Has Screened, Here Are The Early Reactions

Following the success of the first Conjuring movie in 2013, Warner Bros wasted no time in delivering a spinoff. 2014’s Annabelle explored the origins of the doll that demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren dealt with at the beginning of The Conjuring. Three years later, Annabelle: Creation turned back the clock even further on the entity’s past, but the latest movie, Annabelle Comes Home, takes us back to the Conjuring-era time period.

We’re a little over a week away away from Annabelle Comes Home being released in theaters, but social media reactions for the third Annabelle movie are now coming in. Starting off, CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg commended Annabelle Comes Home for both its story and scares, marking another solid entry for the Conjuring franchise.

Erik Davis from Fandango was also complimentary towards Annabelle Comes Home, calling it the horror equivalent of 1987’s Adventures in Babysitting.

Dread Central’s Jonathan Barkan didn’t go into as much detail with his take on Annabelle Comes Home, but suffice it to say he enjoyed the threequel too.

Silas Lesnick from Moviebill was also a fan of Annabelle Comes Home across the board, which is good to hear for the horror fans out there looking for some cinematic frights this summer.

Feel free to look around for other Annabelle Comes Home reactions online, but going off these comments, it looks like not only is the movie enjoyable on its own, it’s the best of the Annabelle trilogy and one of the most solid entries in the entire Conjuring franchise.

Set shortly after The Conjuring’s opening scene, Annabelle Comes Home sees the doll awakening the evil spirits in Ed and Lorraine Warren’s artifacts room and targeting the Warrens’ daughter, Judy, and her babysitters, Mary Ellen and Daniela. Along with Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprising Ed and Lorraine, respectively, the cast includes Mckenna Grace, Madison Iseman, Katie Sarife, Stephen Blackheart, Steve Coulter, Samara Lee and Paul Dean.

Annabelle Comes Home scares its way into theaters on June 26. If you’re curious about what other movies come out later this year, head to our 2019 release schedule.

A Walt Disney World Opening Day Attraction May Be About To Close

The one constant at Walt Disney World is change (and also prince increases), but while many attractions have been pulled out and replaced over the years, a few fan favorites have remained throughout the decades with little to know significant changes. It would be hard to imagine Walt Disney World without the Haunted Mansion, It’s a Small World, or the Country Bear Jamboree. However, it seems that the Country Bears might actually be on the way out.

The original rumor came from WDWNT which claimed that the closure of the Country Bear Jamboree had been decided and that closure was “imminent.” However, a follow up report from the Disney and More blog claims things aren’t quite that simple. While the blog was reportedly able to confirm that that the closure of the Country Bear Jamboree had been discussed internally at Disney Parks and Resorts, this report claims no decision has been made, and that there is, in fact, significant resistance to the idea within the company.

If the closure does happen, the rumor, according to the original report, is that the Country Bear Jamboree could be replaced by a Toy Story marionette show (which will actually include audio animatronics as opposed to actual marionettes) done in the style of “Woody’s Round Up,” the fictional kids’ TV show from Toy Story 2 which spawned Woody, Jesse, and Bullseye as characters.

The Country Bear Jamboree was an opening day attraction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom that proved so popular thanks to it’s impressive animatronic characters that the show was quickly built at Disneyland as well. The show was closed at Disneyland in 2001, and replaced by The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh dark ride. There was certainly an outpouring of support back then from fans who didn’t want to see the show go at Disneyland, but the fact that the attraction was still around at Walt Disney World was a comfort to many fans.

The show is essentially a variety show where a collection of animatronic bears sing songs to the audience. The show has received a handful of updates over the years, and has included special seasonal Christmas shows as well as a “Vacation Hoedown” in the past. However, the show has remained largely unchanged since 1971, receiving only technical refurbishments as needed.

As you can imagine, the idea that the Country Bear Jamboree might be leaving Walt Disney World is a rumor that doesn’t sit well with many fans. So many see the show as an institution. While fans know the parks are always changing, there are certainly some attractions that fans think should be untouchable, and the Country Bears would qualify as such for a lot of people.

While this is still only a rumor at this point as Disney has yet to confirm anything, it certainly has a ring of truth, which is part of why the rumor has so many fans nervous. Over the last several years we’ve seen a shift in Disney’s thinking in the parks, away from any attractions that don’t have to direct tie-ins to popular films or other media, and toward Disney’s well known IP. The Maelstron ride at Epcot was replaced with Frozen Ever After. The Universe of Energy was closed to make way for a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster. The fact is that a decision to replace the Country Bears with Toy Story certainly fits the pattern.

If there is any truth to this rumor, expect to hear about it this August. Disney’s D23 Expo has already announced its main presentation for the Disney Parks division of the company, and it’s at this event in the past where other major changes and additions have been revealed.

The decision to put a new Toy Story attraction in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom does seem to be an odd choice considering that Toy Story Land just opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios last year. A new table service restaurant is being built there and if Walt Disney World wanted to add the new show, that location would certainly make more sense.