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The Suicide Squad Has Wrapped Filming, Here’s How James Gunn Celebrated

As for the newcomers, they include David Dastmalchian as Polka-Dot Man, Daniela Melchior as Ratcatcher and Steve Agee as King Shark. Idris Elba, John Cena, Storm Reid, Flula Borg, Nathan Fillion, Peter Capaldi, Pete Davidson, Alice Braga, Sean Gunn, Michael Rooker, Taika Waititi, Joaquín Cosío, Mayling Ng, Juan Diego Botto, Tinashe Kajese, Julio Ruiz, and Jennifer Holland have all been cast in undisclosed roles. Originally the plan was for Elba to take over as Deadshot from Will Smith, but it was later decided to have him play a new character instead.

Watch The Invisible Man Scare The Crap Out Of Journalists As An Epic Prank

A pen also flung across the room and voices started going off in the background. The leading actors of The Invisible Man, Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson-Cohen, were also part of the prank and they really freaked out too. One guy just started recording it calmly and Eric was really laughing it off and saying how “awesome” it was. (And come on, it really looked like it was.)

10 Stephen King Funko Pops We Can’t Believe They Haven’t Made Yet

But do you know what’s crazy? Out of all the Stephen King stories out there, only four of them (four!) have a collection of Pops associated with them—Carrie, It, The Shining, and The Dark Tower (but the movie Dark Tower, which means, alas, I’ll never get Eddie Dean, Susannah, or Oy the Bumbler.) That’s just no good. So here is a list of other Stephen King Funko Pops that need to be made, A.S.A.P!

After Jungle Cruise Woes, Disney World’s Tomorrowland Station Suffers Collision

Disney is a bit in flux right now considering that longtime Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger just announced he’d be stepping down from the position, and the chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, Bob Chapek, will be taking his place. This shakeup was made effective immediately on Tuesday, although Iger will still be overseeing the creative side of Disney until he officially retires at the end of 2021.

How To Become Invisible, According To The New Invisible Man And 5 Other Movies

While Monocane, the bleaching agent that Griffin uses to create his invisibility formula, does indeed help make him invisible, it also causes him to lose his mind. Due to the drug’s penchant for causing aggressive and megalomaniacal behavior, Jack goes off the deep end and starts planning some pretty extreme stuff. Needless to say, we here at CinemaBlend do not approve of the use of Monocane, be it recreational, industrial or in the name of becoming invisible.

Check Out Godzilla Vs. Kong’s Director’s Cryptic Post Following Reported Test Screening

This is a key movie for the MonsterVerse, and not just because it’s the first time Godzilla and King Kong are crossing paths in an American production. As of right now, no post-Godzilla vs. Kong MonsterVerse movies have been announced yet, and its predecessor, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, was met with mixed-to-negative reception and made around $386 million worldwide off a budget in the $170-$200 million range. Godzilla vs. Kong’s critical and commercial performance will surely determine the future of this franchise.

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard: A Timeline Of Their Professional And Personal Relationship

The Divorce – And Legal – Proceedings Start In 2016

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s marriage started out on a high note, but only continued to suffer from reports of abuse and the legal trouble in Australia. All of that seemed like nothing, however, when Heard filed for divorce on May 23, 2016, just 15 months after the couple said “I do” on Depp’s private island in the Bahamas. Multiple news outlets reported on the divorce, including Vanity Fair, who reported that Heard cited “irreconcilable differences” when she filed a divorce petition. Entertainment Tonight obtained divorce documents which stated that the couple had separated a day earlier.

Roddy Ricch Dunks, Races, And Dances In His Long-Awaited Video For ‘The Box’

After topping Billboard Hot 100 for seven consecutive weeks (and counting), Roddy Ricch‘s ubiquitous hit “The Box” finally has a music video.

The Compton MC released the action-packed visual on Friday (February 28), and it opens on a Fast & Furious-style street race starring Roddy himself. But before we find out how the race ends, the vid cuts to a basketball game, where the 21-year-old scores the game-winning shot with an impressive (and definitely far-fetched) dunk. The scenes only get shorter and weirder from there — we see Roddy repelling down the side of a burning building, chilling on a mattress while sharks swim around him, delivering a speech from the White House, and dancing inside a cardboard box factory.

Check out the vid — which he co-directed alongside Christian Breslauer — below.

“The Box” is taken from Ricch’s major-label debut album, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial. It’s also the first viral No. 1 hit of 2020, thanks to its omnipresence on TikTok, that brilliant squeaking sound effect, and Roddy himself. The track is still reigning supreme on the charts (sorry, Bieber), and you can expect the official video to give it a second wind.

Giannina From Love Is Blind Breaks Down Her and Damian’s Shocking Finale

Perhaps the couple with the most shocking ending on the Love Is Blind finale was Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers. No, their relationship wasn’t as smooth or ironclad as, say, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton’s, but they seemed downright smitten with each other. There were fights, of course⁠—who can forget when Giannina told Damian that even though she was the best sex of his life, he wasn’t hers?—but overall I expected them to say, “I do” come wedding day.

That didn’t happen. In the end, Giannina was all in, but Damian was out. He said, “I don’t” at the altar, causing Giannina to run out of the venue—in her wedding dress—and trip on the ground. The two ultimately talked things out, but there was no happily ever after.

Not that we know of, at least. The Love Is Blind cast reunion airs next Thursday, March 5, on Netflix, and Giannina and Damian will surely give us more details then. In the meantime, we caught up with Giannina and had her break down that shocking finale, explain what went wrong, and offer a little insight into her love life now. Read the candid chat, below:

Glamour: This must be such a crazy time for you.

Giannina Gibelli: It’s been really exciting. It’s definitely been a bit of a shock. I didn’t think that this many people were going to fall in love with the show, but overall the support has been great. I’ve been in a pretty good head space with everything. It’s just a lot to take in all at once, but I’m hopeful. I think this is great. I love that people are accepting it like this.

Can you walk me through what you were feeling in that moment when Damian said he couldn’t marry you?

Giannina: Well, you go into a bit of a shock, right? You don’t really believe what’s happening. I process a lot of things really quickly. So I went from a moment of denial, to acceptance, to sadness, to anger, pretty much just all at once. Embarrassed, because I’m in front of my family and friends. It wasn’t his fault. We had to go to the altar. We didn’t have to get engaged, but we had to have the wedding. And he told me that he didn’t know what he was going to say until he saw me. You’re always hopeful, especially when you’re in your wedding dress, and you’ve made up your mind. It was a lot to take in and a lot of sadness, but a lot of humility and awareness of like, “Okay, I’ve got to pick myself up. I need to feel all these feelings, but I need to pick myself up eventually.”

How long did it take you to heal from the heartache of this experience, and what helped you heal from it?

Giannina: So overall, there was a big trickle effect, right? After the experience, your whole world gets taken upside down, because a lot of the things that you’ve always valued, or things that you’ve probably hidden, or feared for a really long time, come up to the surface. You have no choice but to face them and overcome them in a very honest and challenging way. It took me about nine months after the experience to start feeling like myself again. I did so much. I did career changes. I went on so many trips back home. Definitely took some time for myself to heal and to grow and do some soul-searching, but it wasn’t easy. But I’m really grateful for it, because it definitely happened to me for a reason.