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How Much Jennifer Lopez’s New Stripper Movie Hustlers Could Make Opening Weekend

As we enter the last full weekend of summer, we can begin to look forward to all the smaller films that would have been lost amid the tumultuous blockbuster season. One of those films is Jennifer Lopez’s new stripper movie, Hustlers. Tracking is now in for the star-studded film, and these ladies may be taking home a whole lot more than a wad of singles come opening weekend.

Hustlers is projected to make a strong $24 million opening weekend, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Given that the drama’s reported production cost may have only been around $20 million before marketing, it is believed that a debut in the mid-to high-teens would be a great start. Therefore, a potential $24 million opening weekend, as this tracking indicates, would we a major win and put Hustlers in a solid position to succeed right out the gate.

On the competition front, the weekend of September 13 is a mild one. Debuting opposite Hustlers is John Crowley’s The Goldfinch, which is tracking to make between $8-$10 million opening weekend. That doesn’t assure Hustlers first place at the box office though.

The week prior sees the release of the eagerly anticipated IT Chapter Two, which is tracking to have a massive opening weekend between $110-$150 million. So that horror film would have to have an abnormally precipitous drop to make less than $24 million in its second frame.

STX Entertainment could use a win after UglyDolls proved too unattractive for audiences and bombed at the box office this spring, earning only $27.5 million worldwide. Hustlers is poised to do much better than that and deliver a much needed victory for the indie studio.

Hustlers certainly doesn’t lack for star power to draw audiences in. In addition to Jennifer Lopez, the cast includes Crazy Rich Asians’ Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, Lili Reinhart, Lizzo and former stripper/current rapper Cardi B. The film is written and directed by The Meddler’s Loraine Scafaria, and is based on the New York Magazine true story “The Hustlers at Scores.”

This film follows a group of strippers who want more than the meager tips they get from their job. So they decide to rob from the rich, sleazy and seemingly untouchable Wall Street clients who have done them wrong.

Hustlers premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7 in advance of its wide release, so that’s when we should start to get a sense of how good the movie is and what kind of word of mouth it can hope for heading in to opening weekend.

There are still a few weeks to go for Hustlers to make its final marketing push, but if the tracking is on or near the mark, things are looking good for it to do much better than the last female-led crime film, The Kitchen, performed. I suspect the combination of star power, subject material and the more comedic elements make Hustlers a more compelling proposition for general audiences.

Hustlers dances into theaters on September 13. Check out our premiere guide to keep track of all the movies coming the rest of this year.

Mark Ruffalo Shows Hilarious Avengers: Endgame Set Photo As Half Of The Hulk

Is there anything more precious than seeing Mark Ruffalo smile in his motion capture pajamas during the filming of his Hulk scenes in the MCU? It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Since Avengers: Endgame became the biggest movie of all time, behind-the-scenes tidbits of the stars have been coming in left and right, Ruffalo is once again joining in with these hilarious images. Check them out:

On top of his typical mo-cap PJs and helmet (which records his facial expressions), Mark Ruffalo is wearing a large chest plate as well. His poor arms and legs are stuck looking like noodles in comparison, inspiring him to post the words: “don’t skip leg day”.

The chest plate was probably added to his costume to let the Hulk CGI artists gauge the proportions of the character for certain scenes when filming him in action. The process of the filmmakers transforming Mark Ruffalo in this look into the green beast is pretty incredible. Take a look at how it’s done below:

Wow! These behind-the-scenes sequences don’t show Mark Ruffalo with the chest plate. It’s probably pretty heavy to wear around in extensive scenes. The actor does look like he goes to set and says his lines with his fellow actors, even if he’s notably shorter than his character.

In Endgame, Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk finished off a planned three-movie arc for him that started with Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. Bruce Banner was struggling with his identity as both the scientist versus the monster he becomes. Endgame introduced “Smart Hulk”, which resulted when the Avenger figured out how to combine his intellect and charisma with his Hulk bod. “The best of both worlds!” as he explained to his friends in the diner sequence.

Although we were led to believe there was a no-phone rule on the set of Endgame, that clearly wasn’t heavily enforced. Mark Ruffalo wasn’t even the highest offender, despite his track record of spoiling MCU information. The Hulk actor isn’t even close to the highest offender of breaking the rule.

His co-stars have since released footage of themselves during the final battle and “wedding scene”. Now that just about everyone’s seen the epic, it’s fun to see the making of the film through the eyes of the stars.

One does have to wonder if Mark Ruffalo’s mo-cap pajama BTS photos are the last we’ll see of his character post-Endgame. He’s not been announced to be involved in Phase Four and doesn’t have his own solo project like many of his fellow OG Avengers with Black Widow coming in 2020 and Disney+ series Hawkeye and Thor: Love and Thunder in 2021.

Where would you like to see Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk return? Sound off in the comments below!

Birds Of Prey Won’t Feel Like A Suicide Squad Sequel After All

The film world was introduced to Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, a movie in which she teamed up with a bunch of other DC Comics characters to fight an even bigger bad guy. The character will next be seen in Birds of Prey, a film in which Harley will team up with a bunch of other DC characters to fight an even bigger bad guy.

While the new DC movie starring Margot Robbie may look a lot like the first DC movie starring Margot Robbie, Birds of Prey‘s writer says that the two films won’t actually have that much in common. Christina Hodson produced the screenplay for Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) and she recently told Total Film (via @HarleyMovie News) that, while Prey does follow Suicide Squad, she wrote the movie as if it were its own thing, rather than a sequel.

When last we saw Harley Quinn, she was being broken out of prison by her boyfriend the Joker. as far as we know, the clown prince won’t be in Birds of Prey, and if the new movie isn’t handled as a sequel, it’s possible that there won’t even be a mention as to why the pair are not together.

This fits pretty well with what we’ve been hearing as it regards what’s left of the DC Cinematic Universe at this point. Both The Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman 1984, despite having previous films in their series, have both been hesitant to use the word “sequel.” Birds of Prey at least has the benefit of only having one crossover character and an unrelated story, so it doesn’t need to be a sequel in a strict sense, just the next adventure for Harley Quinn.

For the most part it appears that DC is leaving their cinematic universe behind. Movies like Shazam! and Aquaman, while technically being part of that universe, did not trade on it much at all. Birds of Prey would seemingly also be part of that world, but it doesn’t sound like that is going to be important to the story at all.

In the end, what people are looking for in Birds of Prey is Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn, she was the standout of Suicide Squad that most fans wanted to see again, and they will certainly get that. The rest is just icing on the cake.

‘Hip Hop Hooray’: Fetty Wap, Naughty By Nature, And More Will Close Out The VMAs

When the MTV Video Music Awards air live on Monday (August 26), Missy Elliott won’t be the only hip-hop icon storming the stage. To celebrate the show being held in New Jersey for the first time in its 36-year history, we’ve called upon a murderer’s row of living legends who hail from the Garden State.

Fetty Wap, Naughty By Nature, Queen Latifah, Redman, and Wyclef Jean will all join forces for a collaborative VMA finale performance unlike any other. To say it’ll “blow your mind“? Probably an understatement.

This will be the first time performing on the MTV stage for both Fetty — who won the Best New Artist award after “Trap Queen” took over the world in 2015 — and Latifah. The rest of the pack, however, are all VMA veterans. Redman joined Christina Aguilera in 2003 for “Dirrty,” and past Best R&B Video winner Wyclef accompanied Shakira in 2006 to perform their hit collab “Hips Don’t Lie.” And Naughty By Nature, the legendary trio behind classics like “O.P.P.” and “Hip Hop Hooray,” hit the VMA stage all the way back in 1993.

The star-studded new pack of performers joins previously announced acts Bad Bunny, Big Sean featuring A$AP Ferg, Camila Cabello, H.E.R., J Balvin, Jonas Brothers, Lil Nas X, Lizzo, Normani, Ozuna, Rosalía, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, and Video Vanguard recipient Missy Elliott. The red carpet pre-show will also host performances by Ava Max, CNCO, and Megan Thee Stallion.

See it all go down when the VMAs air live from The Prudential Center on Monday, August 26, at 8 p.m. ET/PT!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Packing Serious Heat In New Terminator: Dark Fate Image

Science fiction has always been a tried and true genre in filmmaking, and there are few filmmakers who are quite a prolific within the genre as James Cameron. Cameron is responsible for massively successful properties like Avatar, Alien, and Terminator. The latter franchise is returning to theaters with Dark Fate, and will reunite original stars Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. And a new photo of Arnold shows his signature Terminator packing some serious heat.

Despite his apparent death at the end of Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 will be back for Terminator: Dark Fate. The first trailer didn’t feature a ton of footage as Arnold, so it’s unclear how meaty the role will end up being. Regardless, we should expect the iconic character to be heavily armed. Check out the new photo of T-800/Carl below.

Well, he said he’d be back. And if that photo is any indication, T-800 will be back with a vengeance for Terminator: Dark Fate.

This new goose bump-inducing image comes to us from Total Film, and should excite the generations of Terminator fans out there. The Terminator is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most iconic roles, one he’s played well swagger across his various appearances in the long-running franchise. After playing the villain in the first film, he arose as an unlikely ally in Terminator 2, creating popular catch phrases in the process. And through it all, he’s been showing using some serious artillery, firing endless rounds in the robotic villain of each installment.

The above image is certainly no exception, and Carl is rocking a weapon that seems to have multiple types of rounds. Explosives have always proven more effective on Terminators, and Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor causes a few major explosions in the first footage from Terminator: Dark Fate. We should expect Arnold Schwarzenegger to do the same, toting heavy ballistic equipment in the process.

In the first trailer for Tim Miller’s R-rated Terminator: Dark Fate, T-800 is shown living and aging in a remote cabin. But when the action of the upcoming sequel picks up, Sarah Connor will seek out her old ally in attempt to protect Dani Ramos (Natalie Reyes), Grace (Mackenzie Davis) and their allies. The gang’s getting back together, but what exactly have the characters been doing in the 27 years since they foiled judgement day in Terminator 2?

There are a ton of questions going into Terminator: Dark Fate‘s run in theaters, as the marketing has kept the trailers and spoiler-heavy content to a minimum. Sarah Connor has continued hunting Terminators in the decades since we last saw her, and appears to be even more hardened by the experience. John Connor’s fate is unknown, but Edward Furlong will be reprising his role in a brief appearance. Did he die after judgement day was avoided? Is that why T-800 is living in solitude?

All will be revealed when Terminator: Dark Fate arrives in theaters on November 1, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

No, Thor: Love And Thunder’s Script Isn’t Completed

Marvel’s Phase 4 is a pretty epic collection of movies and Disney+ series, but one of the most anticipated items on the slate may be the final one. Thor: Love and Thunder is the last movie that Marvel has officially scheduled for release, and it’s not coming out until November of 2021.

This made it a bit surprising when a rumor was going around claiming that writer/director Taika Waititi had already completed the script. Of course, if you thought you were shocked by the news, it’s nothing compared to how Taika Waititi felt.

It appears that any rumor that Thor: Love and Thunder has a finished script is more than a bit premature, as Taika Waititi says he hasn’t actually started it yet. The tweet that Waititi calls out shouldn’t get slammed to hard, that story only references a Deadline article which claims the script is done.

With the movie more than two years away, and Waititi only confirmed as the director of the new Thor movie just before San Diego Comic-Con — though certainly it may have been a done deal for some time — it seemed unlikely that the script for the movie would already be done. Even if you have a story in mind these things take time.

Of course, Taika Waititi can be a joker, so it’s possible he’s also exaggerating slightly here that he hasn’t completed more than the title page. He certainly may have more of the script done than that, but it’s certainly not completed.

While there may not be a script, there apparently is a story arc planned, as it was revealed at SDCC that Thor: Love and Thunder would see the return of Natalie Portman to the MCU and that Jane Foster would become The Mighty Thor. That means that Waititi has probably finished an outline of what the story will be, and he’s now in the process of turning that outline into a functional script.

Of course, it’s also possible that the writer/director really hasn’t even thought about Thor much recently. He has a new movie, JoJo Rabbit coming out later this year and he has another project, Next Goal Wins, which he’ll be directing before he even gets to Thor, so Waititi likely isn’t in a rush to worry about Marvel right now with all this on his plate.

There’s certainly no rush to get the script done. With a release date of November 2021 on the calendar, Thor: Love and Thunder doesn’t need to go into production until late 2020 or so, which means we have about a year before the script needs to be finished. Once it is, pre-production can really get rolling once it’s decided exactly what, and who, the movie ultimately needs.

Missy Elliott Is An Icon And A Moon Woman In Colorful, Referential ‘Throw It Back’ Video

Over the past 22 years, Missy Elliott has remained a fixture in the music video space — no easy task in the volatile terrain of an ever-changing industry. Her visuals, especially those created in partnership with directors Hype Williams and Dave Meyers, are iconic. On Monday (August 26), she’ll finally be honored for her vision as this year’s Video Vanguard Award recipient at the 2019 VMAs.

And to keep the excitement going until then, Missy dropped a new EP on Friday fittingly titled Iconology. Its kickoff track, “Throw It Back,” finds her imperial voice leading while keeping the mood effortlessly cool as always. That’s on full display in the color-shifting new video that accompanies it, featuring Teyana Taylor, another talented visionary, as a guide to a museum dedicated to all things Missy. It’s about time such a place existed.

In the clip, Missy stands in the center bedecked in a pink suit, leading a crew of dancers and seeming commanding certain spells. She changes the colors of the world around her. She uses her long braids as jumprope for a group of girls. And before long, she’s (rightfully) being charioted around with a glass of brown liquor in hand.

Because it’s a Missy Elliott enterprise, there are enough costume and set change-ups to keep you on your toes and to convey an endless array of moods. It’s tempting to call all of it — vivid colors, head-spinning choreography, eye-bulging outfits — a buffet of Instagram fodder. But Missy essentially invented the IG aesthetic. She’s just reclaiming it.

Missy shared her jubilant mood on the eve of releasing her new Iconology EP on Twitter: “Let’s #ThrowItBack to a time when music just felt good and made us want to dance!” At the end of the “Throw It Back” video, she’s literally dancing on the moon with a flag bearing a familiar logo, though one she’s made entirely her own — an overt nod to her impending trophy acceptance at the VMAs.

Watch all the wonderful madness go down in the “Throw It Back” video above, and tune in to the 2019 VMAs live from The Prudential Center on Monday, August 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT to see Missy’s explosive Video Vanguard performance!

Joker Star Says Comic Book Movies Are For ‘Grown Male Nerd Childs’

Over the past decade of filmmaking, the superhero genre has become the most popular and profitable in filmmaking. Plenty of studios are getting in on the action with their own cinematic universe, leading to a plethora of comic book adaptations. While there has been fear over “superhero fatigue”, certain projects have been able to bring something wholly unique to the table. Todd Phillips’ Joker looks like one of those movies, but actor Marc Maron doesn’t seem to be a fun of the genre, or the fans who love it.

Marc Maron is perhaps best known for his podcast WTF with Marc Maron, but he’s also had some notable acting gigs, like his role in Netflix’s GLOW (which recently premiered its second season.) Maron will play Ted Marco in Joker, Arthur Fleck’s agent in the upcoming psychological drama/origin story. But he recently spoke about his disinterest in the superhero genre as a whole, saying:

Yikes. Despite appearing in Todd Phillips’ upcoming movie about a comic book villain, Marc Maron has an issue with the genre, and the passionate fans who consistently shell out their time and money for each new blockbuster.

Marc Maron’s comments come from his recent appearance on Conan. During that segment, host Conan O’Brien asked him about the comic book genre, where the podcast host/actor didn’t mince his words about his issues. It seems that he’s largely disinterested in seeing comic book movies, and doesn’t want to be bullied into the moviegoing experience through advertising and interpersonal conversation. Well, it must have been hard to avoid Avengers: Endgame talk when the blockbuster first hit theaters.

The part of his comments that fans might take umbrage with is his believes about what age is appropriate to be a superhero fan. Marc Maron maintains that he’s too old to watch each new comic book blockbuster. What’s more, he goes on to refer to the rabid fanbase as “male nerd childs”. But it’s this core group of fans that Maron and the Joker cast/crew will need to get on board of the upcoming blockbuster is going to have legs at the box office.

Considering just how profitable the superhero genre has become, it’s also clear that there isn’t one type of audience member attending these movies. Comic book movies appeal to a wide range of moviegoers, making insane box office numbers in the process.

You can see Marc Maron’s appearance on Conan below.

These comments are likely going to rub both comic book fans and casual moviegoers the wrong way, so it should be interesting to see if there’s any fall out. On the other hand, Marc Maron is known for his biting sense of humor, and his rant/bit ended up cracking Conan O’Brien up during the segment. So there’s also the possibility that he’s simply joking about the whole thing.

Regardless, Marc Maron will make his superhero movie debut when Joker arrives in theaters October 4th, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Alita: Battle Angel’s Robert Rodriguez Is Making A Superhero Movie For Netflix

Alita: Battle Angel was a movie that found a strong fan base, but failed to set the box office on fire. For his next movie, Robert Rodriguez won’t need to worry about box office numbers at all, because he’s making his next movie, a superhero project called We Can Be Heroes, for Netflix.

Rodriguez has written the script and will direct and produce We Can Be Heroes. The movie is a family adventure that will see all the world’s superheroes kidnapped by aliens, leading a group of children to team up to save their parents and the world.

If you’re familiar with the work of Robert Rodriguez, then the premise of We Can Be Heroes might sound familiar, as it’s pretty similar to the plot of the original Spy Kids. In that movie, a pair of siblings discover that their parents are super spies when they get captured, and must become spies themselves in order to rescue mom and dad.

This movie basically just sounds like the superhero version of the same story. Of course, the Spy Kids movies spawned sequels and were, generally speaking, pretty good, so if the idea isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it.

The movie is putting together a solid cast. Deadline has revealed that Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Christian Slater, Pedro Pascal, and more are on board to star as the adult heroes.

Robert Rodriguez is one of those directors who has shown he is capable of pretty much anything. He can do a family adventure movie like Sharkboy and Lavagirl as easily as he can make a gritty adult drama like Sin City. We Can Be Heroes follows his effort directing Alita: Battle Angel, a movie based on a Japanese manga and produced by James Cameron. The movie has built a passionate fan base, but it seems unlikely the movie will become the franchise that it was looking to become.

Rodriguez is just the next high profile filmmaker to jump on board the Netflix bandwagon. At this point it’s really not even unique to find out that big stars or directors are working for the streaming service. And with new players like Disney about to jump into the game, original content is going to be key to helping consumers decide just which services they plan to spend their money on.

Robert Rodriguez has shown how skilled he is with family content like this, so the movie sounds perfect. It’s also not the sort of thing that you can imagine Hollywood spending money on for a major theatrical release today, which makes it perfect for Netflix. It’s hard to imagine a major studio shelling out for the original Spy Kids in the current climate.

We Can Be Heroes is reportedly filming in Texas right now, so expect it to hit the streaming service sometime next year.

Marvel’s Disneyland Park Finally Revealed Details And It Got Me Pumped

Avengers Assemble… and head to Disneyland!

A huge reason why Disney has spent years acquiring recognizable and beloved brands on its film side – from Marvel and Pixar to Star Wars and Avatar – is to help extend the experience beyond the movie theater and into the theme park. The company has been making massive waves recently with the unveiling of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, and now it appears to be Marvel’s turn to get a massive, immersive experience. It will look like this:

And I’m here to echo Hope Van Dyne from the Ant-Man series and say, “It’s about damn time.”

On the eve of Disney’s massive D23 expo in Anaheim, where we expect to learn a ton of news about what Disney has in store for all of its properties, the studio lifted the veil on what will called Avengers Campus, and exist (for now) at Disney California Adventure and Disneyland Paris.

The plan is to have the land open in Summer 2020, and it will exist near the Guardians of the Galaxy drop tower, which used to be the Tower of Terror.

The plans sound extensive. There will be a large Spider-Man attraction dubbed the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (or W.E.B.) that will have been developed by Tony Stark. These interfaces, muck like Galaxy’s Edge and the Avatar-inspired land of Pandora, will aim to plunge guests into the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with merchandise, food and show opportunities.

How this hasn’t happened sooner is beyond me. Marvel always should have had its own world similar to the Galaxy’s Edge theme-park land that has been constructed in Southern California and is about to open in Orlando, Florida. Contemporary entertainment consumers are seeing their expectations climb in terms of being able to interact with the pop culture they follow on a daily basis. These theme parks, constructed around beloved franchises such as Toy Story and Star Wars, are the future, and Marvel is the next obvious choice.

It’s also mind-boggling the number of locations from the Marvel universe that could be translated into practical locations for a theme park. Want to visit Asgard? Care to tour The Baxter Building? How about a trip on the Guardians of the Galaxy’s signature ship, or lunch at Avengers Tower?

Lately, Star Wars fans have taken to “living” on Batuu, the fictional galactic outpost that was created as part of the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge experience. You’re trying to tell me that if there was a physical embodiment of some incredible Marvel locations that could be entered in Paris, California, Hong Kong or Orlando, that dedicated fans wouldn’t flock?

Truthfully, I’m looking to book my ticket already, and the damn park hasn’t even opened yet.

Want to see more concept art for this immersive Avengers Campus?

Much like Thanos (Josh Brolin), this was inevitable. The moment Disney invested in Marvel as a brand, plans had to be underway to introduce a theme park land that plugged guests into the world of the MCU. In fact, Orlando guests likely find it strange that – because of ancient rights issues – Marvel superheroes are prominently featured at Universal’s theme park down the road in Florida.

How about you? Were you a Marvel fan looking longingly at the Galaxy’s Edge being constructed for the Star Wars community and wondering when it would be our turn? Me too, and now it sounds like our turn is coming. Keep it here for the latest updates on Avengers Campus, which will be coming to Disney California Adventure and Paris in Summer 2020.