7 Fun Ways to Wear Blazers for Women This Winter

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A blazer has the ability to elevate any look. Like, you could wear a cropped blazer over your pajamas and have an acceptable work outfit. OK, that’s an exaggeration, but you get my point: If you’re ever feeling unsure about an outfit, chances are throwing a blazer over it will make it 10 times more pulled together. This is doubly true if your blazer is part of a suit. (Or worn with matching pants or a skirt to give the appearance of one.)

It helps, then, to have more than one blazer in your arsenal. I, unfortunately, only own one, and while I love it, I definitely need to diversify. These recent celebrity looks, below, are providing me with plenty of shopping guidance. If I buy blazers inspired by all of them, will I become fancy? Will my next promotion be to CEO? Only one way to find out.

Theron’s oversized double-breasted black blazer and shiny silver leggings create a nice balance. (To copy her boxy blazer, walk over to the men’s department.) The simple white T-shirt underneath keeps things clean and simple.

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