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23 Best Movie Sequels of All Time

The phrase “best movie sequels” may seem like an oxymoron at first. Sequels, after all, are notoriously horrific. Jaws 2. Child’s Play 2. Sex and the City 2 (that’s the scariest of the three films I just listed). More often than not, sequels feel unnecessary and rushed—cheap cash grabs made hastily after the success of a film. But sometimes sequels are done right, taking what made the first movie great and making it even better.

That takes many different forms. Sometimes, it’s stripping away the clunkiness of a flick and focusing on fun (Magic Mike XXL). Other times, you have a story that’s somehow more compelling than the original (Toy Story 3). And sometimes, you just add Cher into the mix. Cher makes every movie better. It’s a fact! Consider this your order to stream Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again the second you finish this article.

Actually, be sure to stream all these titles, below, the second you can. They are some of the best movie sequels out there and prove that lightning can, in fact, strike twice.

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